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    Ethical Intuitive Extrovert
    EIE – ENFj – Hamlet (Artist)

    To the EIE life is filled with meaning when it contains emotional heat and dramatic experiences. He guesses which idea will take the imaginations if people and shape their feelings in the correct manner.

    Descriptions of the activity of the strong functions:

    Fe – Program function. Life for EIE is the sphere of emotions, which he, as a conductor, skillfully orchestrates. He is capable to act on his surroundings by a wide range of his own feelings – from powerful explosions saturated by his dramatic nature, by tragedy or by enthusiasm, by the ability to keep silent for several days and go about with a stone face; his entire form despising and “punishing”, in an unmistakable way, the person whom insulted him. People admire his bright emotionalism, the dramatic nature of his experiences, and his ability to respond to the most trivial changes in the moods of those around him. His rich world of feelings contains different hues of emotions, which in observing this psycho-type are immediately demonstrated by those surrounding.

    If others act indignantly towards him they qualify themselves as loathsome, malicious, and envious, and action is taken. His source of enthusiasm and delight, without fail, is anything directed to the highest spiritual ideals… In the emotional sphere EIE has a certain standard of expression he uses to discover how the public reacts, to him, emotionally.

    In connection with this the EIE places an important role on morality, taken aback by society he himself strives into those spheres, where, in his opinion, this criteria is best matched. Being a very emotional man he easily may be made victim of strange misfortunes. Towards others he is capable of exemplifying warmth and sincere sympathy, he is very courteous and inclined to prove to be of service, at least when prolonged participation is not required. Wonderfully knows how to manipulate others by their feelings. At the same time feels greatly wounded himself, sometimes seeming like “a man without skin”. He strongly depends on the opinion of those that surround him, they, without fail, take the role of student or spectator.

    In reacting to something he always feels himself to be an actor, located on set. Because of this his behavior frequently contains a noticeable theatricality about it, an increasing excitability, enthusiasm, exaggerated gestures, poses. His behavior contains a demonstrative nature, which seemingly signals to those surrounding him whether he is unhappy, sick, insulted, sincere, flattered, ingenious, needy of nourishment…

    He knows how to magnificently appear before an audience, to ignite and fascinate the crowd through his ideas, which he preaches. He requires interaction with someone at least everyday in order to satisfy his everyday emotional manifestations.

    Ni – Creative function. To take the attention of those that surround him, to hold it in himself; leading others aids him in experiencing an indefatigable fantasy. He is able to dedicate himself to serving a high ideal, especially if such activity aids him in recognizing his own sense of nobility and uniqueness. The demonstration of his uniqueness serves to stimulate and inspire him.

    As a rule he reads a lot. Not alien to having a literary gift, loves poetry, music, painting, and cinematography. Holds close to himself the ideas of humanism and general human values. He’s drawn towards the image of a noble person; sometimes he’ll be tempted by the desire to enter into a “secular society” where his talents would be properly noticed and his value properly evaluated.

    The fact that his own imagination is what makes him appealing to the world leads to his attention being primarily directed towards global problems. Thus flashes of mutual anxiety and sympathy to those close by can just as easily “come to naught”. He may suddenly involuntarily insult another without understanding this. His heightened sense of vulnerability forces him into adopting a self-defensive stance; in which case through his sharpness and intolerance he can easily deliver (with words) a calculated “strike” against his target.

    His strong intuition of time permits him to foresee the course of events, and in time to feel as well as conduct himself as one man or another. He thus has the ability to operate in the political arena. He eagerly alerts those, whom he respects, of threatening situations and other dangers. He straightforwardly states possible troubles to others for it is always deemed preferable to act in an already established situation.

    EIE is magnificently capable of detecting the psychological characteristics in others, to comprehend their strengths and weaknesses. Makes an excellent psychologist, however, he does not always use this talent for good. Frequently there appears a desire, in EIE, to manipulate close ones, and the nature of this manipulation depends on his concrete relations he has with the individual.

    EIE finds it boring to live the measured, routine life, he is motivated and inspired by extreme situations. If such situations fail to present themselves, for long enough, he will create tension around himself, forcing something to happen.

    Descriptions of the activity of the weak functions:

    Si – Vulnerable function. If he does not doubt in his own abilities and uniqueness then he is utterly capable of taking care of his health and household – spheres where the EIE often feels the need for the help and council of other people. As a rule he is clean and squeamish. But he poorly recognizes his body’s needs, thus he may either constantly run to the physician or react in the exact opposite manner and not visit medical institutions until he literally collapses.

    He often lacks the ability to discern the appropriateness of his observations before communicating them. Thus he appears to lack etiquette and this is reinforced by rough or vulgar manifestations in his behaviour. He often yields to his immediate mood, when this is positive, often because he’s been incited by public attention, he can present a commendable sense of generousity and charity. Such traits are dependent on his mood and, likewise, when effected negatively he may treat others meagerly, as if pitying them.

    EIE often experiences difficulty in selecting clothing for himself, which adequately fits his frame. Some are able to overcome this shortcoming, however, and develop a good taste in selecting an appropriate outfit. Conscious of his ability to make an educated guess, in regards to the essence of what is happening around him, and confident in his correctness because of this, he is capable of acting with volitional pressure. Specifically if before him is someone, whom EIE considers “below himself”, whether in regards to age, level of culture etc… he sometimes desires to humble this person, to “put them in their place.”

    Te – Role function. Emotional enthusiasm plays an integral role in the EIE’s fitness for work. Without such influence he can wonder about, deeply drowning in his troubles, and thereby justifying his own inertia. But if his work fascinates him he burns with a bright flame. In such a situation it is difficult to sway him from his course; it’s even difficult for him to stop, in such a situation, and acknowledge other vitally necessary tasks (i.e. preparation of food). He relates, as a rule, to creative work, and conversely disdains any sort of manual labour. When he finds himself forced into a “course cloth” type of labour he prefers to work on people instead of the task at hand, he utilizes his ability to convince, to inspire, to operate the emotional levers present in the situation (he thus compensates by acting with his strong function).

    EIE enjoys realizing himself in the intellectual arena. He takes pleasure in demonstrating the implications that philosophical problems present. He loves discussions with abstract themes.

    EIE at work and in the home:

    Generally EIE exerts a noticeable amount of effort in regards to his career. In such cases his thoroughness and accuracy of execution earn him deserved praise. He prefers there to be structure/order in his work. He suffers when forced to divide his attention between his career and domestic duties for he runs the risk of overworking and tiring himself. Nonetheless when forced to choose he gravitates towards his career, especially if under the constant attention of his associates. Domestic duties truly only serve to irritate him, here he prefers to divide them with close ones.

    When in a leadership position EIE, more than anything, draws upon his moral leadership skills, his ability to entice and inspire associates with heightened expectations. Understands the strategic prospects of the enterprise, knows how to generate new ideas and how to find nontrivial approaches to the situation. His understanding of psychology combines with his ability to manipulate people and contributes towards allowing him to easily force others to execute the necessary actions. Rather than isolating himself in a high executive position he prefers to work alongside his associates, whom likewise provide him with admiration and acknowledge his high morals, ethics, working qualities and uniqueness.

    All the characteristics of the EIE’s psyche are also visible in his familial life. When he shares warm relations with others in the household he frequently demonstrates cordiality and sensitivity. When positive relations are absent, on the other hand, the negative properties of his nature manifest themselves: capriciousness, foolishness, and intolerance.

    EIE worries, and exerts much effort, in insuring the material needs of family. In household interaction he places little value on the observance of formalities and/or traditions; these to him are unimportant. He takes close to heart any risk of his significant other abandoning him and if faced with such a situation he’ll not hesitate to cause a commotion, expressing the moral terror of his predicament.

    In other situations EIE requires the attention and concern of the family in which he belongs. If ignored he’ll begin to harbor jealousy in regards to the relations shared by other members of the family.

    When true love presents itself in his relations everything is for the better. His rich fantasies and emotionalism are directed towards the creation and maintenance of a loving familial atmosphere. In this case the EIE presents himself as the excellent family man; the sensitive, understanding, and thoughtful husband and parent.

    Summary of Functions:

    1. – Life for EIE is focused within the sphere of emotions, which he skillfully controls like the conductor of an orchestra. Without the surge of a periodic dramatic experience he finds himself unable to work. He attempts maintain a certain standard, in regards to his emotions, which serves to inform those around him his current condition.
    2. – He foresees the possible course of events and possesses a sense of fantasy and artistic taste. Wonderfully reveals the possibilities of what may have been and what never was, knows how to inspire people with fantasy and to manipulate them.
    3. – Not confident in determining physical needs and not always capable of organizing a routine manner of living; spends money reasonably. His volitional efforts are of an unpredictable nature and their essence is directed towards the people in close proximity. He may push too hard without any definite reason.
    4. – Finds it difficult to work on large tasks; prefers delicate, thorough, and scrupulous work. Finds it difficult to strictly follow a definite system, in such cases it is necessary to find help.

    Profession Assessment:

    EIE works most effectively in areas where required to fascinate an audience (i.e. theatre, teaching), the possibility of controlling the emotions of crowds also leads them into politics. Frequently possess a literary gift, musicality, love for painting, dances… can achieve success in these fields. Also can work successfully as a psychologist.

    Career Possibilities:
    • Politician
    • Psychologist / Substance Abuse Counselor
    • Career Counselor / Recruiter
    • Optometrist / Dental Hygienist
    • Journalist / Newscaster / Novelist / Translator / Editor
    • Travel Agent / Recreation Director
    • Social Worker / Nonprofit Director / Fundraiser
    • Restaurant Owner
    • Clergy / Minister
    • College Prof.: Humanities / Teacher: Art/Drama/English
    • Actor / TV Producer
    • Sales Manager / Marketing Manager
    • Entertainer / Musician / Playwright

    Potentially Favourable:
    LSI (ISTj), SLE (ESTp), LII (INTj), ESI (ISFj), SEE (ESFp), ILE (ENTp)
    Potentially Adverse:
    SLI (ISTp), SEI (ISFp), ILI (INTp), LSE (ESTj)

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