• Energy model of a socionics object. Structure and Function. (by V. Gulenko)

    Energy model of a socionics object. Structure and Function.

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    Author: V.V. Gulenko
    Abstract second report at the 23rd Conference on sotsionics
    Publication date: 17 September 2007

    # 1. Why was developed energomodel?
    # 2. How is formed ensemble roles in the course of evolution?
    # 3. The distribution of power between the positions of each ring sotsiomodeli
    # 4. Description manner energy management positions on a gas / brake
    # 5. Position analysis energomodeli
    # 6. Names of individual positions
    # 7. Example brief description sotsiotipa LSI through energomodeli
    # Notes

    1. Why the energy model was developed?

    We begin with general considerations. We estimate the value of poles dichotomy "energy / information" in the modern world.

    In the information society especially valuable resource advocates energy. Information becomes excessive, accumulated a lot of information "garbage." A lot of extra energy spent on it to find the desired information. In addition, the more complex technical device or the more developed the economy, the higher their dependence on energy sources. Energy deficit requires expensive equipment to develop its economy. Not far off the crisis of food and drinking water, not to mention the depletion of oil and gas reserves.

    Impact of the word as a carrier of information to a person or group of people is ineffective, if not produce energy training, that is to excite or interest the person (translate to a higher energy level). Practicing psychologists, PR-specialists and political scientists have long realized this. Energy psyche begins to bring to the fore.

    NB! The brain consumes about half of the energy delivered to the body with food.

    Creative people are capable of generating new information, if they are not energetic or if they do not support controlling energy sponsors, in most cases, remain out of work, are in a trance. Remember the perennial question: "If you're so smart, why are you so poor?"

    In any successful business share information - about 20-30%, the rest - energy, efforts to implement the application and promotion. Naked enthusiasm dries quickly, it is necessary to pump in a lot of energy to "the process has begun," and is not stalled in the future.

    'll Conclude. The focus of modern socionics should stand modeling of energy and information processes as energy generates information - new order, valuable experience, proven knowledge. After all, knowledge (information arms) even the most trusted in themselves, without, worthless. And in order to begin to apply them, need energy. How to get it or save?

    Building a model of an object as a chain sotsionicheskogo extroverted and introverted interleaving functions so far no one has tested experimentally. If you make such an assessment by energy costs, the unfavorable functioning sotsionicheskogo object in frequent changes of extra - and introverted states is obvious. Model with such operation would be "cool" and quickly "fails" like a car that goes all the time on a bumpy road. For this reason, I have developed another model of the psyche - the energy that is more than meets the criterion of optimal life in the material world.

    Energy sotsionicheskogo object model does not negate the Model A, but complements it to a single model of energetic metabolism (EIM).

    2. Formed as an ensemble of functions in the course of evolution?
    Familiarize yourself with this process with visual diagrams of four stages.

    1. Scattered and mixed function in the chaotic traffic.

    2. The force of attraction (Order), stronger force repellence (audit), it features one vertnosti pulled in two groups.

    3. Inside the function vystraivayutsya groups emerged in posledovatelno-napravlennom manner, resulting in the formation of two rotating around its center of the ring.

    4. These rings rotating sync in its activity. (like sistoly-diastoly in cardiac rhythm) - type weights or swings.

    3. Energy distribution between the positions of each ring sociomodel

    1) maximum - function energy leader selects the lion's share of total energy consumption sotsionicheskogo object;
    3) at least - a function that supports the operation sotsionicheskogo object in the lower energy level;
    2) Optimum - function selects as much energy as needed to solve the current problem;
    4) pessimum - function "NC", frantically spending a residual energy only in the most extreme case.

    4. Figurative description of energy management products on the basis of the gas / brake

    energomaksimuma function - strong gas, but a weak brake (+ -)
    energominimuma function - a strong brake, but weak gas (- +)
    energooptimuma function - strong gas and brake strong (+ +), most managed function

    5. Item Analysis energomodeli
    Major energy fission model are:
    mental / vital positions
    master / slave position
    stable / unstable position
    value / tool position.

    The main dividing energy model following:

    mental / vitalnye position
    leading / vedomye position
    sustained / unsustainable position,
    values / instrumental position.

    6. Names of individual positions

    1. Management 1 - "captain" of the team, the function of decision-making and resource allocation.
    2. Background - the main tool for solving complex non-standard problems.
    3. Role - deliberately coached according to social norms.
    4. Activation - starts or accelerates activity (point of imprinting - Share pulse programs).
    5. Credits - suddenly pulsed action attracts the attention of observers.
    6. Suggestive - energopodpitki position, defines a smooth way to control type.
    7. Brake - point energy losses, the least adequate result, the greatest resistance to corrosion.
    8. Parent - the point of least resistance, the most painful position (problem of the difference of words and deeds - "I know, but I can not.")

    7. Example brief description sotsiotipa LSI through energomodeli

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