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    Intuitive Ethical Extravert: The Advisor

    General description

    Insightful: keenly discerns the motives of other people. Gravitates towards the capable and the extraordinary personalities. Knows how to cheer up someone, how to instill hope. Advises on ways out of difficult life situations.

    Altruistic: for people towards whom he is sympathetic can do more than what was expected of him. Light and kind in communication. With his sincerity and warmth inspires trust. May become offended if he doesn't obtain an emotional response. Seeks to manage the feelings of others.

    Mobilizes and becomes active in extreme situations. Provides resistance to and repels unjustified attacks. He is often unable to make himself do what is objectively needed. Poorly combines what he wishes for with the concurrent reality of the situation. First demonstrates initiative but then seeks people who will ensure implementation of his ideas without his participation.

    Becomes easily tired of the routine, thus frequently changes his hobbies and occupations. Doing meticulous, detailed work is not for him. For him, it is difficult to follow schedules and timetables. He doesn't take well to strict discipline, has little respect the formal subordination.

    Detailed description

    IEE has an excellent intuition for people. He adeptly assesses motivation of others from disparate phrases, intonation, facial expressions, and peculiarities of behavior. Easily guesses what another person is striving for. Learns quickly, for he is able to grasp the main points of the issue. Has well-developed faculties of fantasy: often thinks up stories with entertaining plotlines, creates imaginary scenes and events, easily envisions and conceptualizes. Gravitates towards talented and unusual personalities. Knows how to encourage and inspire people, generously gives compliments, enthusiastically describes future activities and prospects. Offers multiple solutions for addressing the same problem. Finds it unbearable to occupy himself with repetitive work; repetition generates boredom which strongly depresses his spirits.

    IEE, like no other, is discerning in the logic of human relations, especially acutely he sees the causes and motivations that create complications and conflicts in intimate relationships and friendships. It is easier for him, however, to maintain the present relations that are running smoothly than to mend old breakups. He sensitively reacts to any antipathies and animosity. Charming and sociable; will build relations with anyone, if this person is interesting to him. Perceptive of which distance he needs to keep with which individual in social interaction, although he doesn't always hold it. IEE knows what needs to be done to maintain a favorable psychological atmosphere within a group. He gives advice on how to interact and communicate with someone to become invaluable to them.

    In extreme situations, IEE mobilizes and acts quite resolutely and decisively. Provides a rebuff and resistance to any types of encroachment and invasions. He will respond to any dictatorial and coercive attempts and retaliate with force. Very independent, but also won't attempt to compel and drive others. Not afraid to speak out against a superior force. He can go to an official or a manager of any rank and demand a resolution or implementation of measures to address his problems. When he gets involved in arguments, IEE will actively and sometimes aggressively assert his opinions and views. Suffers from irritability and edginess. For this reason often has trouble with building up bodily tension.

    IEE is unable to work effectively within a rigid system that imposes too many restrictions. He dislikes it when his relations with others are controlled and regulated from the outside. Find it difficult to perform meticulous work of the type of formal accounting. He often doesn't go into the details but will instead grasp the general meaning. Due to this, he doesn't always listen to another person to the very end before coming to a conclusion and voicing his advice, which results in others feeling misunderstood. In his reasoning and formulation of objective conclusions, he often errs on the side of subjective impressions and subjective ethics and may ignore or dismiss the facts that contradict his own personal impressions. Though he will put in an effort and take objective factors into account in cases when he doesn't want to leave a poor impression of himself.

    IEE is able to fully relax only in a thoroughly comfortable environment where he can feel himself at home and not worry about complications. He needs substantial doses of pleasant experiences; personal enjoyment plays a big role in his life. He loves it when he is surrounded by comfort, domestic coziness, help and care shown in concrete actions. Due to his preference for this kind of leisure, sometimes he makes an impression of a superficial, high-spirited and carefree person. It is possible for him to get sucked into the vortex of pleasant life which could lead to unpleasant consequences. He doesn't take care much of himself and can do with very little, however, physical and emotional discomfort will eventually undermine his health. He seeks the kind of lifestyle that isn't be too heavily burdened with contention and the need to fight for one's existence.

    His internal state and mood are dependent upon the nature of work that he has to do. If it's not interesting or seems useless, then his mood drops. For this reason, IEE is not prone to performing regular upkeep and maintenance of his living quarters. He has weak sense of pragmatism and is not economical. If he becomes involved in organizing something, he does it out of his creative interest, for the soul, for the idea, and not for profit. The best reward for his labor is admiration, excitement and conveyance of positive emotions. The interplay of connecting pleasure with business constitutes a large part of IEE's life - he tries to turn work or studying into a kind of a game.

    IEE concerns with and seeks to manage the time expenditures of those around him. He does not tolerate people who don't act effectively or take away precious time. At the same time, often he poorly manages his own time and is prone to tardiness. When explaining or telling others about something, he follows his own tangents and associations, cannot relay information in a brief compact form, because of this doesn't always fit into the allotted time. For Advisor, it is important to monitor the ongoing development of the situation. Without inspiration and hope, without changes for the better, he feels depressed. Easily believes in optimistic promises, even though he understands that major changes take a while to implement. He himself is not characterized by patience. If his attempts to contradict his fate fail, then he gradually resigns himself to the inevitable.

    IEE knows how to take the initiative and inspire people to action. But when his desire is lost, he tries to find other people who will drive the project to completion without his direct involvement. Internally, he is filled with conflicting thoughts and sad emotions. In order to escape and distract himself, can bury himself in work. In this he often doesn't feel a sense of measure and can overwork himself. In communication, he is emotional, independent, and somewhat naive. However, these qualities help him to achieve success in seemingly hopeless or very difficult undertakings. In a good mood, he effectively resolves the current operational difficulties and obstructions. He quickly finds how to substitute a missing item, or even how to completely do without it.

    Manner of communication

    It is very easy to identify IEE by his manner of communication. When it comes to men, this is the style of Don Juan, who easily conquers women's hearts by his soft, suave manners, his ability to make compliments, and unobtrusive, flexible courtship. IEE woman, for the same reasons, and especially when the ethical component is emphasized, is often viewed as frivolous and easily accessible, provoking men to make active attempts. However, she suddenly gives a resolute rebuff, up to use of physical force if the situation has taken a serious turn. Independence, immediacy, emotionality are characteristic of IEE's manner of of communication. He or she knows how to find an approach to virtually anyone. Very easily comes into contact, a pleasant conversation partner. Helps people with advice on how to get out of difficult ethical situations. Instills hope with phrases such as: "It will all be right," "Everything is still ahead," "There are no hopeless situations", and so on. To logical types this style of communication may seem chaotic, superficial. However, it is because the IEE does not bother with deep study of details that he or she can easily explore new areas of knowledge, grasping all that is the most interesting in a given sphere. Because of his desire for a beautiful life, this sociotype is commonly encountered in large cities, where there are many opportunities for a pastime and entertainment.

    Features of behavior

    Observing the IEE for a while it is easy to notice the most characteristic feature of his behavior - the ability to create around himself a close circle of friends, and be in center of their attention. Moreover, the IEE forms the needed relationships in this group gently, unobtrusively, with a sense of tact. The IEE very much values the opinions of surrounding people. Actively defends himself if someone questions his abilities, insults or otherwise offends him. The IEE is characterized by volitional mobilization in emergency situations. When there is panic and chaos around, the IEE suddenly becomes active, resolute, can take command into his own hands if there isn't another strong-willed person around. However under everyday normal circumstances, he is rather disorganized and slack. Deep, detailed study of concrete questions is boring to him. Learning all that is most interesting in one field or topic he switches to another. Often changes his hobbies and involvements. Poorly prepares documentation: reports, tables, reference charts. Mindful of his appearance, for example, he will check how he looks before going on stage. In behavior the IEE is inclined to adventurism, impromptu actions, thoughtless recklessness. Only the IEE can, being swept by the influence of his desire, take the train and ride off into unknown direction with only one purpose - to unwind. Likes to spend some money on his needs and whims. Men of this type have a tendency to revel in restaurants in a showy manner. Often consider their purpose to be a "beautiful life" that is not burdened by boring everyday concerns. With age, of course, this may pass.

    Recommendations for self-improvement

    The strong side of your personality is your well-developed intuition that allows you to accurately identify intangible opportunities and concealed abilities in other people. You especially acutely note the negative personal traits in others. Trust your first impressions more, since your kindness and leniency can make you somewhat idealize people as they become more familiar to you.

    You are able to be tactful and considerate towards others, attempt to help them resolve their personal problems, do something pleasant for them. Denoting other people's talents, you can make befitting compliments, with this trying to raise self-esteem of each person, as well as instill confidence in achieving the desired result.

    Your other strong trait is your ability to establish personable and trusting relations with others and thus predispose them towards sincerity and confidence. This sincerity you try to use for their good, to give diplomatic advice to help them disentangle difficult life situations, to avoid making hasty and ridiculous decisions, which they will come to regret later.

    On the other hand, if a person did not fully justify your confidence or aroused your antipathy, you will set up a barrier between yourself and him and attempt to distance yourself. Your dislikes are as strong as your sympathies, but you are more skillful at maintaining harmonious and even relations with others and can be an excellent diplomat.

    Your weak side is your inability to bring yourself to do laborious detailed work, to follow rules and regulations, to carefully maintain records, to work in very close quarters with many people, to respect the official chain of command regardless of individual qualities of people in leadership.

    It is difficult for you to provide a dispassionate logical analysis, to separate the primary from the secondary, due to which you tend to drown in pointless unfruitful affairs and numerous hobbies spreading yourself thin. You also find it difficult to properly allocate events in time, which ultimately leads to physical and nervous exhaustion and dissatisfaction with the quality of your life.

    You may be recommended to establish a clear but flexible schedule for the day and try to follow it. When planning activities for tomorrow be sure to evaluate the objective importance of each. Trust your powers of observation, but remember that they extend mostly to people, while in business it will do you good to listen to the advice of the experts. Read more and read thoughtfully, write down the most important rules and information. Remember that to move forward you'll need more than improvisation, enthusiasm, and generalized opinions.

    Your other weak spot is underdeveloped ability to focus and poor ability to control yourself in various circumstances. You are given to wavering when making important decisions. Unexpected flashes of aggressiveness can ruin your relations with others. Your courage and determination often help you out in extreme situations. However, when everything is still and calm, you can start feeling apathy and lose your drive.

    Cultivate restraint and consistency, make yourself to do your tasks more scrupulously and try to drive projects you have started to their end. Try not to pressure people in your vicinity without a reason for it, do not impose your advice or demand immediate execution of something. Try to rule in your emotions.

    If you feel that conflict is inevitable, try to immediately stop communicating as to not regret later for what you had said. Don't get anxious over unimportant and inconsequential things. Don't focus on your own negative feelings, as this can adversely affect your health.

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