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    Logical Intuitive Extravert: The Entrepreneur

    General Description

    LIE is an enterprising person who can literally "light up" with what he's doing. He is given to innovation - takes notice of new ideas and theories and aims to find them a practical application. Active and restless, often interested in travel and active types of sport: hiking, climbing, running. Loves nature, endows it with a special meaning. Always know what his is aiming for and explains this goal to those around him.

    He boldly experiments, disproving ordinary notions. Not afraid to take risks, relying on his intuitive foresight to orient in various situations. Often he is endowed with a rich imagination and is able to come up with the most unusual ideas. Distinguished by having intellectual interests in various fields. A good inventor, experimenter, and technician. Seeks to act in advance, because he knows that tomorrow will be too late.

    Optimistic, possesses a good sense of humor. His jokes, however, are not always appropriate. Experiences problems with reliability of human relations. Because of his lack of discernment in making contacts, he can be pulled into questionable ventures. Restless, talks a lot without paying attention to lack of time.

    Does not assign much importance to order and comfort around him. Nature usually endows him with health and stamina, which he is committed to support by various methods. He does not tolerate idle pastime, due to which he cannot relax even during vacations. He is not very much worried about the outer appearance, if only his plans and goals do not suffer.

    Detailed description

    LIE is very perceptive of positive possibilities of new projects and undertakings. He knows how to turn things around so that they bring him tangible benefits. Criticizes those who, from his point of view, are engaged in useless theories. Adventurous, easily takes off at any moment. Often takes up dynamic types of sports - running, hiking, climbing, etc. Not afraid to travel and to change his place of residence. Bravely forwards objective proposals and presses for their implementation. If the possibilities of the project have been exhausted, quickly changes direction and switches to something new. Takes care of his finances and if he has a sum of money tries to keep it turning over, playing on the price differences. Tries to concentrate the levers of material interest in his hands.

    LIE intuitively captures the main trends that develop over time. He is not afraid to take risks, relying on his intuition. He is proactive and tries to act in advance, because he knows that tomorrow it will be too late. LIE is usually one of the first people to take advantage of new technologies and methods of organization. In his thoughts, he is constantly referencing the past, analyzing past events and drawing lessons from them for the future. LIE is attempting to find the basic laws of life and fate by analyzing that has occurred over time. He is interested in all the unusual and mysterious phenomena. He tries to test them, to find their rational basis.

    An optimist - does not get discouraged under any circumstances. Life upheavals and stressful events only toughen him and make more confident. He likes to laugh and entertain people. Enters contact with someone by involving him with a humorous remark. His humor is often sly and contain hints and double meanings. Easily enters into arguments and bets, especially if he is challenged. When arguing his points is often ironic, ridicules the views of his opponent. His irritability and hot temper may be unpleasant to others. However, he himself is not perceptive of this and believes that he is simply exchanging opinions.

    Can live and work in conditions of discomfort and lack of amenities. Nature usually endows him with stamina and good health. Not picky about food and design of the his living space. Little worried about his appearance. Has a tendency to wear the same clothing once he has gotten used to it. Dresses up only when it's likely to have an impact concerning his personal or professional relationships. Positively relates to those who relieve him from having to take care of day-to-day matters and routine chores. Dislikes those who hide behind their weakness and poor health. Behaves carelessly, may be frivolous by nature. A time falls to extreme in relation to bad habits: either he openly engages and flaunts them, or he actively counters and fights against them. These extremes apply to his sexual life.

    LIE interacts with other people at close psychological distances. Democratic. Predisposed towards positive attitude and friendliness on his territory. Feels relaxed in an atmosphere of warm, sincere, soulful communication. One should settle disagreements with him in an informal atmosphere, first persuading him of good intentions. He is much in need of reliable, stable human relations. Due to his inability to immediately recognize falsity can allow himself to get drawn into poor company and questionable enterprises. Appreciates reliable, time-tested friends. Usually aware that he can be too insensitive and inattentive in relation to others and is wary of this trait in himself. Ruining his relations with someone searches for methods to make amends. To this end, gives gifts or shows a particular concern for his partner.

    Becomes active in extreme situations. Able to stand up for himself. Rejects emotional pressuring. He is directed by the desire to direct, to lead, to achieve his goals using other people to this purpose. However, he is adept at directing only those who are of the same mind as him. In moments of emotional uplifts, he feels himself a strong personality, capable of resolving any problems. However, if he doesn't find emotional support, his fighting spirits quickly dwindle. Bold in romantic matters. Enjoys some measure of competition. Venturesome and persistent if he is being turned down and resisted. Likes to throw a challenge. A life that is calm, even, and unemotional makes him soft, clumsy, and ridiculous.

    Does not attach much importance to things being orderly around him. Among the scattered things he will always find what he needs. Monitors operative discipline and compliance with the projected plans. However, he is usually not effective in regulating and controlling processes. Obstinate in his understanding of the situation or problem. Predicts future development of events too mechanistically, due to which his optimistic plans often fail. Either usually a supporter of one strict system, deriving all the possible consequences from this same system, or, conversely, does not structure information at all, giving in to an arbitrary, random sequence.

    It is difficult to him to tolerate situations where there are no solutions, hopelessness and futility. Takes up any activity with enjoyment only when he is confident of its success. Likes to test himself at various activities. Thus often changes hobbies, profession, place of work, etc., until he finds what he is looking for. Curious. Often acts contrary to what is expected of him. He likes to experiment, to follow the unbeaten path, to fill the role of an inventor or explorer. Wholly gives himself to his favorite occupation. Vain. If his abilities are not appreciated, he inclined to put himself in opposition and contrast with others.

    Manner of communication

    The surest sign of LIE's manner of communication that makes it easy to notice this sociotype - is the manifestation of sly humor, love of making jokes, often with sexual undertones (usually for LIE males). The slyness of LIE's jokes is due to the fact that they have a certain ambiguity, double entendre nature to them, and can be interpreted in various ways. Another side of LIE's humor is irony. He has a tendency to ridicule and mock the opinions of his opponent, sometimes even making fun of and mocking the person rather than his views. May insert replicas and comments at unexpected moments, by which often he often makes other people laugh. Easily comes into contact with persons who are of interest to him. In communication always keeps at close distances. The LIE considers any ideas or proposals from point of view of their usefulness and application. Seeks to obtain actual returns. Strives for pragmatism. Likes to discern, figure out, check everything for himself. Very distrustful of any kind of mysticism and irrational phenomena: biofields, karma, telepathy, ufos, etc. Likes to direct and manage, gives directives and guiding statements indicating what should be done and when. Calls and appeals to use everything that is the most forward-going in the given field. American type of businessman.

    Features of behavior

    Among the peculiarities of LIE's behavior notable is his ability to "light up" with some project or undertaking. When the LIE wants to get engaged in something, he forgets about everything else. Starts with small things and switches to something larger - his interest circle is constantly expanding. Due to his restlessness and curiosity he often experiments. Gets involved in issues that were taken up by others, but not resolved. His logic works well when he is in the process of searching. By his behavior he may exert pressure on other people, be obtrusive, demand things from them. At times, he is quarrelsome, demonstrating a willingness to fight when words are not enough for him to prove his correctness. Distinguished by "cowboy" methods. His actions at times run ahead of his analysis of the situation (especially true of logical subtype of LIE). In a dangerous to his life situation, he mobilizes all the forces of his body. Very life-loving and enduring. Men of this type are often interested in trekking, hiking, climbing, running long distances. Inclined to have some fun, get involved in various adventures. Behaves himself as a carefree and careless person. Doesn't think about the long-term consequences of his actions. In such moments, doesn't bother himself with observing moral and ethical norms.

    Recommendations for self-improvement

    Your forte is active entrepreneurship. You start on a new venture or project with much enthusiasm, not sparing your efforts in achieving results.

    You are a person of practical and pragmatic bent who knows how to direct and orient any theory or idea to practical use. You take an active part in the implementation of new technologies into life. You do not waste your time on minor things. You are particularly attracted to large scale goals and projects.

    You can be called a person action, since you do not put off the implementation of your decisions for too long. You quickly and without delays assimilate into a new job or project and try to bring it to fruition. You are an optimist who believes in the success of any venture that you have started. You willingly share your plans with others, enjoy to try yourself in various spheres of activity, freely take risks, and readily overcome any difficulties.

    You are often faced by problems of organizing your everyday life. Often you don't have enough time for vacations and leisure time. Despite your commitment to a healthy lifestyle, you do not take care of your health in a regular manner. Try to combine business with pleasure and not concentrate excessively on a single task.

    Observe a rational rhythm of life, combining business with pleasure. Engage in running or other active types of sport. Be more attentive to your appearance. Do not ignore opinions that others voice about you. Pay more attention to your domestic affairs. More often show care for your family, devote more of your personal time to them, make pleasant surprises for them, and try to delve into their problems.

    Try to cultivate an aesthetic taste in yourself. Do not sacrifice your appearance even in the name of your projects and goals, which to you seem more important. Do not engage in extravagant antics. Try to be more sensitive when it comes to intimate topics - don't try to draw attention to yourself in this manner: others can misunderstand you. Unwittingly you can break the relaxed atmosphere of communication, placing yourself and your friends into an awkward position.

    Your other problem lies in ambiguous humor and jokes that can not always be correctly interpreted and understood. Be tactful and modest in your statements. Do not seek to lift the mood of the people at any cost. Remember that not everyone likes the joking tone, and more so - irony and ridicule. Avoid excessive emotional familiarity in communication. Develop in yourself politeness and good manners. This will boost your self-esteem and instill greater level of respect that others have for you.

    Don't seek confrontation over issues that are non-existent, unneeded and irrelevant. Through this you can lose respect of many people. Don't show your emotions too quickly. Don't let your actions run ahead of your thoughts. It is better to move away from the object of your irritation, and after some time, when you have clamed down and thought things thoroughly, express your decisions and opinions at the next meeting.

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