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    Sensing Ethical Extravert: The Politician

    General Description:

    Confident, has aptitude for leadership. Enterprising, adventurous, and active, SEE strives to take practical actions within the sphere of communications. Prefers to solve problems immediately, otherwise he may cool off due to his variable nature. Gives a lot of attention to external appearance, marks of prestige. Talks on topics of culture, politics, and influence. Open to new impressions and experiences.

    SEE enjoys being the center of attention and evoking admiration in others. Presents himself as a promising person of great potential and with many open possibilities. Stresses his own personal originality and uniqueness. Easy gives out compliments, says that which he knows others would like to hear.

    Knows how to make useful contacts and utilize them. In political games often masterfully maneuvers between his contacts on the opposing sides. Reconciles with people just as easily as he quarrels with them. During down time likes to lament, to complain that he is not understood. In situations when he is well-informed, he will cite different quotes and facts by this demonstrating his erudition.

    Poorly discerns what needs to be done now and what can be postponed until later. Doesn't explain the reasons for his actions. Often makes off-topic comments. Cannot keep up order himself, and will violently protest if he is being subjected to any strict order or regulations. When he needs information, prefers to interact and deal with people face-to-face rather than read manuals and instructions.

    Detailed description

    SEE is perceptive of the balance of power. He quickly detects who is strong and who is weak, who can be pushed around and whom it's better not to touch. Looks for weak spots in people who are close to him. Exerting pressure on these points, he is able to change their behavior in a way that is most favorable for him. He himself is not susceptible to such manner of pressuring, will skillfully dodge it. Knows how to stand up for himself. Reacts boisterously when his freedom and opportunities are being limited. Orders around those who are less resolute and decisive and less confident in themselves. With a stronger partner talks on equal terms. Always finds a way to draw attention to himself.

    SEE is very discerning of the system of relationships that exist between people. He knows how to tell someone precisely that which this person wants to hear from him. However, he does not rush to fulfill his promises if he doesn't feel a particular need in this. Balances between interests of the opposing groups, successfully negotiating and bargaining. If it's in his interests, he easily reconciles with former adversaries. Knows how to mend and improve previously broken relations. However, most often he plays on negative relations and dislikes rather than on sympathies and positive relationships. He finds it difficult to break relations that have run their course. Instead he will let a person know indirectly that he or she is no longer interesting to him. Dislikes allowing people too close to himself, because he feels that this imposes certain obligations on him. Easily strikes up acquaintances and new contacts and feels better and more confident in groups of people rather than alone in everyday environment.

    Presents himself as an original, unusual personality which won't be fitted into any frameworks. Inclined to contrast himself with others around him. Often can maintain a conversation on any topic, little by little demonstrating that he is knowledgeable on a wide variety of topics. Captures new information quickly, but mostly on the surface. Periodically he is taken by reflections and contemplations, during which time he becomes self-absorbed. At such times, it seems to him that people do not perceive him as he really is. Quite capricious, moody and choosy. Will often highlight his broad potential, his opportunities and great prospects. Often argues and does not readily agree, will defend his point of view and values on principle.

    Dislikes it when others don't take his arguments and conclusions on a given situation or problem into consideration. Those who ignore his remarks he will consider to be his opponents. Dependent on the established order within the area where he lives or works. May complain about lack of organization and disorder, although won't enforce it himself, since he doesn't want to ruin his relations and his actions are often not methodical. He only responds to the already established hierarchy. With a person he communicates either from a lower position, as a subordinate, or from a higher position, as their superior. With subordinates he is not ceremonious. Cannot tolerate people around himself whom he dislikes, does everything in his abilities in order to remove them. Doesn't have any system of action.

    Feels enlivened and inspired when his time is taken up by matters. Otherwise, having an excess of time, may lead a sedentary, lazy lifestyle, despairing and criticizing everything. He enjoys constant change, development, contrariness. Often wants to leave for somewhere else and completely change his situation. Tries to impose time that is most convenient to him. Sometimes he is hurrying and rushing others, while at others times he slows down and strongly inhibits any quick decisions. If he needs to, will always find something to pick on. Likes when he is being persuaded, approached at some distance, told many examples and instructive stories from the past.

    His mood depends on how well things are going for him. To improve his emotional state, offer him some profitable or beneficial activity. Has an inclination to show generosity, up to extravagance, when his mood is elevated, and frugality and stinginess when he is emotionally depressed. In any case, emotions and personal relations are the most important thing for him. He cannot work if the occupation is uninteresting to him. Any activity or undertaking can turn into entertainment, make it feel like a show. Becomes very nervous and angry, if he is outdone in business or if rewards and material benefits have been distributed in a way that he thinks he is getting less than others. He can start a quarrel over this.

    Hates it when someone violates his peace and relaxation. Concerns very much for his financial and physical well-being. Will not allow anything to the detriment of his own leisure. Looks after cleanliness and the standards of hygiene. Squeamish. Criticizes the quality of products and value of goods if in his opinion they are not on par. Feels comfortable with his body and physiological processes. He is distinguished by his personal aesthetic taste, which doesn't always coincide which the accepted tastes. When taking trips out to nature, he is cautious, won't venture first to an unknown location. Conservative in his habits and home life. Sometimes falls to an extreme and becomes indifference of his own appearance.

    His productivity at work is highly dependent on his mood. When he is in high spirits, he will undertake even hard work, but when he is not in the mood, then even very important work will remain undone. Energetic in carrying out those tasks that can be done immediately. If there is no quick returns, and ahead lies a lot of hard work, he soon cools down and looks for another course of action. Excitement and emotional arousal increase his efficiency. Around himself he creates an atmosphere of a celebration, a feast. Best at resolving his problems and issues by informal means. Dissipates his energy in various directions: deals with several things at once, easily switching from one to another. If the number of his interests continues to grow, then his efficiency falls.

    Manner of communication

    The main trait that identifies an SEE in communication - is a turbulent reaction when he is being subordinated to rules that limit his concrete activities. In such cases, the SEE may behave in a very assertive and bold way. The SEE becomes irritated when he or she is being criticized for whims, illogical actions, when someone tries to figure out motivations for his behavior. Very self-confident, doesn't take logical arguments into account. In interaction, the SEE readily displays his or her feelings. Openly expresses personal sympathies and antipathies. SEE's feelings are very flexible and mutable. He can quarrel with a person and leave slamming the door, but after some time he can come back and reconcile, as if nothing has happened. From time to time, the SEE enters periods of relaxation and meditation. Likes to feel sad at such times, to complain that he is not understood, that in reality he is not how he seems to others. In such moments his gaze looks off into the distance, his eyes become shrouded by a haze and cloudy. In company, aims to bring out people's positive emotions. Doesn't like to entertain others, but will with pleasure support a free atmosphere of absolutely uninhibited communication. Sociable, likes to talk about anything. Often has a habit of talking on the phone for a long time. In a circle of friends, transfers his mood onto others. If he's in a bad mood, it's bad for everyone, if he is merry and cheerful, he can be up to anything.

    Features of behavior

    The main feature of SEE's behavior that becomes apparent after some time - is the ability to manipulate people's feelings. When he needs it, he is always able to turn people's attention to himself. Does this openly, without any embarrassment. Usually has a large number of acquaintances. The SEE doesn't always want to break up relations that have exhausted themselves and become boring, thus his circle of acquaintances is always expanding. Everywhere he acts in accordance with the existing possibilities. He never takes up projects that are unfeasible and unreal from his point of view. A tactic that is characteristic of the SEE trying to solve a problem: tries to solve them at once, with a single "onslaught". Wants to get a quick result for his work. If this doesn't happen his desire to do any work wanes. Impatient. Cannot occupy himself with the same task or activity for a long time. Rarely feels bored, as he is always able to find some activity or occupation for himself, depending on his mood. In everyday home life behaves himself carefree and carelessly. Forgets to turn off appliances. Dishes that don't require constant attendance often end up being burned. Inclined to show tenderness towards animals. He is emotionally moved by cute birds, kittens, and dogs, if he sees them on the street. However, not inclined to keep many pets in the house for reasons of cleanliness and hygiene.

    Recommendations for self-improvement

    Your strong traits - are decisiveness and resourcefulness. Your type of personality often has a tendency towards leadership. You are not afraid to take the initiative in managing people for solution of large problems. You always believe in yourself.

    You know how to stand up for yourself and how to defend your authority from unjust attacks. You actively take care of everyday needs of your loved ones to ensure a good standard of living for them.

    With your business and organizational skills you attract other people's attention to yourself. You have a large circle of acquaintances, among whom you are granted respect and trust. You have a good perception of work/business capabilities of other people, and know how to properly use them in the interests of business or a project.

    Your sensitivity and charm allow you to gain friends and to win the sympathy of others. Your many friends and acquaintances are willing to do much for you.

    In life you experience difficulties due to the fact that within the flow of activities, work, chores, and projects that you're engaged with, you cannot always separate the primary from the secondary. This ultimately leads to waste of strengths and efforts, tiredness and fatigue.

    You need to develop perseverance and patience in yourself. Try to bring everything that you have started to its finish before you start on something new. Do not try to solve everything immediately, in one fell swoop. Be consistent and use different ways and approaches to solving difficult problems.

    Spend more time on self-development and self-education. Raise the level of your theoretical understanding. This will allow you to avoid accusations of incompetence and support your authority.

    Concentrate your attention on big issues. Do not waste your energy on minor things and arguments over trifles.

    Do not make hasty decisions. Try to analyze the situation as a whole before springing to action.

    Be more objective in assessing merits of other people. Subjectivity in your estimates may lead to unwanted conflict situations in a work-group or a team.

    Your other problem is that you are too sensitive to criticism. Being vulnerable and touchy, you react badly to innocuous remarks, which complicates your relationships with other people.

    You have a tendency towards over-valuation of your own physical and mental abilities. Try to be more critical in evaluating your own potential, because over-valuation of your own strengths and capabilities can lead you to a nervous and physical weakening and exhaustion.

    Be more selective in your acquaintances to minimize the risk of being compromised.

    Nurture temperance in your desires. Remember that you cannot grasp the immense and un-graspable. To avoid feelings of guilt and remorse, try not to lose your sense of personal dignity even in the interests of your work or business.

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