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    Logical Intuitive Introvert: The Analyst

    General description

    The LII has a well developed ability for logical analysis and is capable of clearly distinguishing the primary from the secondary. Creating structures, classifications, concepts is in his style. He is objective and impersonal, at times even harsh in his assessments and principles. If he is not satisfied with some guidelines or regulations, he can simply ignore them.

    Poorly orients in people's feelings and personal relationships. Stubborn and inflexible in his relations with others, and obstinately attempts to retain the system of relations to which he has become accustomed. Reserved about himself. Dislikes uninvited guests because he doesn't know how to entertain and occupy them. Cautious in communication, often holds at a certain distance. The more he sympathizes with a person internally, the less outwardly demonstrative he is of his interest.

    Once he has sorted out the problem, he presents new solutions. Tolerant of other points of view and different lifestyles. His behavior is often confusing to others because he makes decisions on intuitive basis – by guessing. Frequently, he has one main interest in which he is constantly improving his knowledge and skills. Maintains a conversation only when it is on subjects that are of interest to him.

    At home LII is modest, often satisfied by a minimum of conveniences. Daily chores have a depressing, tiring effect on him. Despite his stubbornness, qualities such as pushiness, demanding and domineering attitudes, are weakly developed in him. He cannot subordinate people to himself if only by reasoning with them. In critical situations can be somewhat indecisive. Cannot be made to do anything by coercion.

    Detailed description

    LII knows how to logically and convincingly express his thoughts. He creates schemes and conceptualizations, distinctly separates the important from the secondary. Once he develops a general idea of schematic, he works on reifying it and bringing it closer to practice. Pure theorizing, philosophizing, discussions that are completely removed from the life are not for him. The correctness of the system he evaluates by its internal logical consistency. Easily modifies the formal framework of a system. Prefers compact information that has been formulated as concisely as possible, although may expand it in volume if necessary. LII is well aware of the potentialities and possibilities of ideas, concepts, models, schemes and systems. Gives an objective, impartial assessment of a their potential. Knows how to tie in details and particulars to the whole.

    Seeks to improve or enhance any theory or development. Persistently fills the missing links of any system that is of interest to him. Alternative ideas do not escape his attention. He is well capable of generating ideas and proposals and brainstorming. Thinks very independently. Once he understood a problem, he puts forward innovative solutions. Ideas come to him intuitively – by guessing. Logic for him is only a way of framing information that he obtains intuitively. He is able to disentangle a confusing, ambiguous problem. Intuitively searches for hidden relationships. Lack of evidence replaces with imagination. Penetrates deeper and deeper into the object of study.

    Not very sociable. He finds it difficult to build relationships with people. Makes an effort to behave kindly and enter into close contact. Hides his personal life from outsiders. Does not like uninvited guests, doesn't know with what to occupy them. In communication very careful. Contributes to the conversation only when it concerns matters that are important to him. Treasures relationships that have been already established. Stubbornly retains the system of relations to which he has already become accustomed. He won't break established relationships, but neither will he cling to relationships that have outlived themselves. Indifferent to criticism from the outside. Not afraid of a negative attitude directed towards him. With strangers and people who confuse him becomes restrained, internally clams up – he doesn't know how to behave himself around them.

    LII assesses relationships between people by degree of their ease and lack of constraint. Strives for simple, democratic relations. Heavy, tense relationships take away his energy and make him passive. Most often LII is a gentle and pleasant person, not pushy or domineering. Balanced and self-sustained. Has an critical need for independence and territorial autonomy. Poorly subordinates people to his will and defends his everyday interests. In critical situations, may become indecisive and sluggish. Although he will remain cool, he needs some advice on what to do and how to act. May ignore abuse and pressuring. One cannot achieve anything from him by coercive pressure.

    Friendliness and positive emotions calm him down. With pleasure he responds to them, becomes sociable and witty. Tries to bring joy for people close to him. At close distance, becomes more positive, cheerful and friendly. His optimism is transferred to people around him. If emotions are negative, then he respond to them only if he considers them valid and reasonable. Otherwise he distances and tries to extinguish them by logical analysis. Expresses his own emotions only when he is at close distance or feels that he is in a familiar environment. Otherwise behaves in a cold and detached manner.

    At home he is modest and agrees to be satisfied by a minimum of facilities. However, effective care for his health and comfort lifts his spirits and makes him optimistic. When his domestic and financial problems are solved, his energy increases and he takes on resolving the problems that have been postponed until better times. Strives to dress harmoniously, without frills and artificial jewelery. However, he is not quick to find his style. Feels uncomfortable if he is dressed non-functionally, in a way that is not inappropriate for the situation. When he experiences discomfort for a long time, it leads to accumulation of negative emotions. Over time, his patience may burst; all that has been simmering inside may spill over.

    Good at estimating prospects of new undertakings and projects. Gives advice on how to "fine tune" a new, unusual project, what should be considered in order for it to be successful. However, LII himself is not distinguished by entrepreneurial spirit. In business activity he vacillates, thinks for a long time before he decides on something. Often he is too cautious and inactive at first, then, all of a sudden, starts taking risks hoping for luck. In concrete work, he is either too meticulous and specifies everything to the last detail, or he's too much in a hurry to finish it soon to start on the next job. Raw result doesn't baffle him: if needed, he will come back and redo the steps. In areas of ​​interest to him, he asks questions on what do people typically do, what technology is in use. Based on this information, he decides how he should act himself. However, he quickly loses acquired work skills.

    Feels his dependence on the flow of time. To events and meetings usually arrives on time; may even feel proud of his punctuality and organization. Knows how to evaluate his capabilities accurately to finish the planned work by the deadline. However, he usually delays in the beginning and accelerates his working pace towards the end. Due to this, the quality or volume of his work may suffer. Has greater chances of having success if he starts on his assignments in a timely manner. Looks for methods and tactics that can save him time. Hates it when time is spent uselessly. Warns others if he is very busy and has much to do that cannot be postponed. Feels that he is ruled over by fate about which he cannot do anything. Quickly forgets past failures, but also does not expect anything good in the future.

    Manner of communication

    With unfamiliar people the LII behaves with some reserve and aloofness, and keeps a psychological distance. Usually he's not the first to take initiative in getting acquainted. His speech is very clear and logical. He presents material in a coherent way, showing tendency to stress important words with intonation. In the beginning gives a generalized or abstracted overview, then later moves to supporting concrete example. The reverse order is also possible: first, a number of actual examples, followed by a general conclusion. The logic of his speech, especially when defending any idea at the time of the dispute, can be rather rigid and categorical.* He cuts off unnecessary details, he's interested only in the general pattern. During a conversation or presentations shows emotionality, which was difficult to see in him before. His emotions acquire a strong, dramatic nature corresponding to the degree of his excitation. His eyes start flashing with a fanatical gleam. Nevertheless, he tries to behave himself in emphasized correct manner. Supports a conversation only when it is interesting to him. Doesn't voice his views on matters towards which he's indifferent, prefers to remain silent in such cases.
    [*Editor's note: This is more descriptive of Ti-LIIs than Ne-LIIs. The intuitive subtype usually shows a lot more flexibility and spontaneity, and less firmness and categoricalness in conversation, to the point of considering themselves to be ILE, IEI, IEE, and other irrational types.]

    Features of behavior

    Considerate of people, always gives a person an opportunity to speak. As he believes that every person has some kind of abilities, he tries, at least, not to interfere with a person developing them. Usually tolerant of other points of view. Does not immediately reject any proposal, tries to check it in practice first. In his behavior he's usually private: does not readily share information about his affairs and his personal matters. From a side it may even seem that he has no personal life. Characterized by a very strong need for independence. He is satisfied only by complete freedom. In business and work activities, this desire for freedom is coupled with a sense of responsibility for him. Undemanding, often indifferent to food and decorations. Being captivated by his work may refuse dinner. At home he is modest and suffices with a minimum of facilities. Often has some interest, engagement, or hobby which he fanatically follows for a long period of time. At the same time, he doesn't care what others say about him. Doesn't advertise or draw attention to his position in life, lives by his own interests. Any rules or orders that are unsatisfactory to him, he may simply ignore. To most people the LII is not understandable, thus they keep some distance from him.

    Recommendations for self-improvement

    Your strengths are an analytical bent of mind, an aptitude for structural thinking, and the ability to see the general laws behind any phenomena or events. You are oriented at objectivity and fairness in your assessments. In providing evaluating for people you pay attention to their contribution to the common cause rather than personal sympathies. In any task or project that you take up, you always distinguish the main parts and discard any unnecessary and irrelevant details. You also know how to convey anything in a strictly logical manner and get the basic idea across to the audience.

    After analyzing an idea and evaluating its importance and prospects, you become a strong supporter of it. Your creative intuition nourishes it, continually feeding it with new outbreaks of perceptions and insights.

    You are endowed with the ability to treat other individuals with care. You are able to take note of a person in action, then help him reveal uncover his abilities and instill self-confidence.

    The main problem in your life is your inability to actively defend your interests, little confidence in yourself and in your ability to handle concrete affairs of life. You are characterized by indecision. You do not have an instant reaction to changing situations. Lack of operativeness, effectuality and low dynamicity can hurt you. Try to be more bold and energetic in asserting your rights if you believe in their validity.

    Take up those forms of sport that encourage decisiveness and speed of reaction - tennis, skiing, motoring, boxing. Be sure to alternate mental work with physical work. Take up exercises that improve your ability to concentrate your attention, as well as activities that develop this quality, such as fishing.

    You are in need of moral support in your endeavors. Try to associate with people who are determined and optimistic, who would from time to time encourage and help you to overcome your pessimism and lack of faith in yourself.

    Your other problem - difficulties in communicating with people, setting of large psychological distances, which is perceived by others as dryness, harshness, and alienation. Sometimes you knowingly doom yourself to loneliness. Try not to be gloomy and morose. Smile and be kind more often, but don't go too far with this because you'll find it difficult to turn down people. Carefully select a circle of contacts that are necessary for you to avoid unnecessary strain and ethical issues. Try to not lose well-established emotional ties. Remember that you can help many people by your good judgment and deep understanding. Keep in mind that not everyone is just as adept at analyzing events and ignoring emotion as you are.

    Try to cultivate in yourself a sense of norms of social interaction and practice them every day. Be more considerate of the interests of others. Try to go deeper into the problems of other people if you want them to work with you. Remember that a person feel offended by a superficial, careless attitude.

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