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    Sensing Ethical Introvert: The Mediator

    General Description

    The SEI is usually friendly and pleasant in communication. Very considerate of his own conveniences and those of others. Attentive and caring in relation to his close ones. Often takes the position of the "golden mean" in a work group. Loves beautiful objects and images, and a familiar, comfortable atmosphere.

    Emotional, internally attuned to others, responsive. Seeks to cheer up others with jokes, games, witty comments, and clever retorts. Tries not to get drawn into debates and arguments, wants to be in good relations with everyone. Knows how to negotiate with people in an informal environment.

    Hides his own problems. Shows courage and optimism. Won't make promises if he's not certain that he will be able to carry them out. Wary of people who are intrusive and who could take away his time.

    Works at a pace most convenient to himself. He works productively only if he is working for himself and for the people he's interested in. In other cases, the SEI won't burden himself too much and will try to avoid strenuous expenditures of effort. His productivity is heavily dependent on his mood. Will try to evade boring but necessary work.

    Detailed description

    The SEI is a person of habitual pleasures and simple joys of life. Very considerate of habits and conveniences of other people. Won't trespass on someone else's calm state. Shows concern for the health and well-being of people close to him. Surrounds himself with little pleasant things. Dresses simply and in good taste. Rejects extremes in appearance. Generally stays out of the limelight - doesn't distinguish himself as the best, but neither will he lag behind. Knows how to get along with many different people, as he's usually takes the middle position. Explores the world of objects - likes to take an object into his hands, to touch it, to sense its physical qualities. For a long time remembers his impressions. Easily manipulates and works with objects, gravitating towards those things which are at least somewhat familiar to him.

    Understands the reasons and causes for people's emotions. Knows how to cheer up or to anger a particular person. In communication of informal nature, SEI is usually friendly, demonstrates optimism. Loves to have fun in a close circle of friends. Seeks to cheer up others with jokes, hints, allusions, and pranks. Considers different ways of getting positive emotions. Prefers to abstain from disputes and controversies, as he wishes to get along with everyone. Collects various stories, rumors, sensational or otherwise interesting information, and shares them with his friends. He's usually aware of the social happenings of his circle.

    SEI's movements seem non-hurried, measured, gradual. Interacting with others, he doesn't spare his time, knows how to prolong pleasant meetings and conversations. Does not like people who are always busy, always in a hurry. Has good memory for holiday dates, birthday days of his relatives and friends, and does not forget to congratulate them in time. Time usually works for him: that which he can't do now, he will make up in the future. Dislikes being tied to deadlines, neither is he distinguished by punctuality. Does everything at a pace that is most convenient to him. Will always find reasons for being late. Delays with making the final decision until the last minute. Internally, the SEI is quite changeable and vacillating person. He needs to be encouraged and prodded to start and finish his work on time.

    Works productively if other people are waiting for his assistance. Very much needs for his efforts to get noticed and appreciated. If he is not praised, if the results of his work are not distinguished by positive relations, he feels offended internally, though may not show this. Industrious person. With pleasure takes on the role of obtaining and providing the necessary supplies, furnishing any space. Tries exceptionally hard before administrative checks or receptions of guests or visitors. Resourceful and active in designing and setting up his own living space. Likes to experiment in this area, to come up with something of his own. Solves business questions through friends and acquaintances, through informal channels. The more enterprising and venturesome he is, the more ties and connections he makes. However, his natural laziness puts a limit to the number of his contacts. Keeps only those contacts that bring him some benefit. Very attached to his occupation, his field of activity. Has a hard time changing professions and disrupting his habitual rhythm of work.

    The SEI poorly tolerates monotony. He needs alternatives to boring everyday life, a possibility to make a choice. Greatly enjoys himself if he finds a way out of dead-end, seemingly hopeless situations. Interested in unusual and extraordinary people who have many ideas and make bold proposals. Boring, mundane people strain him; he tries to avoid their company. He is tolerant of eccentrics and inventors, all those people who are "not of this world". He views them like children, looks after them graciously forgiving their antics.

    The SEI receives and understands chaotic information poorly. It makes him confused, throws him off track, may even spoil his mood. The SEI likes it when someone makes a connections between specific events and general concepts. His self-esteem improves from becoming aware of his own usefulness, that without him it won't do. Likes to correspond to the place or role allotted to him. Activates when he is given a clear goal and explained the trajectory of action. Ways of achieving it he will find himself. Doesn't need "bare" facts, instructions, explanations. The main thing for him is to like the system, that it would evoke a positive response in him. Then he becomes collected and organized.

    The SEI is dependent on how the forces have been distributed in a given situation. Capable of foreseeing possible hostility or acts of aggression, disturbances in balance of power, the loss of stability. Critical of people who are sluggish, inert, apathetic. Tries to mobilize them, to make them active, calls them to take decisive and rapid action. Sensitively reacts to volitional pressuring. In a crude, power-oriented situation responds with analogous degree of aggressiveness. Won't allow himself to be abused, or for someone to take advantage of his generally agreeable nature. Knows when to put pressure and when to ease up, but does not seek to control anyone. The burden of power for him is too heavy load to carry. It is enough for him to be able to defend his own interests.

    In relations to individuals whom the SEI likes, and who reciprocate it, he is very attentive, considerate, and helpful. Demonstrates his sympathies not by word but by deeds. The SEI feels uncomfortable to demand or seek something for himself. He feels much more motivated if he is doing something based on requests and needs of others. But while at this, he won't forget about himself either. To set things into motion the SEI needs to understand who is relates to him positively. Everything else - are technicalities. Apprehensiveness, tension, poor relation, deprive him of the wish and the ability to do anything. The SEI is a good intermediary in negotiations and trade transactions. Knows how to distribute goods through informal ties. His relations are closely intertwined with questions of work or business.

    Manner of communication

    The SEI interacts with people at close personal distances. Usually he is sociable, charming, has friendly manners. Knows how to become liked, how to gain people's sympathies and trust. The nature of SEI's communication is very democratic. Despite the fact that externally the SEI may seem like a mild and soft person, he can exert pressure on others through emotions and words. Sometimes notes of harshness appear in his voice, and the expression on his face becomes austere. Inclined to give advice of the kind: "Don't sit around in one place", "Achieve everything by your own work", "You have to hustle, spin around ...". If a person doesn't go for contact with him, he doesn't impose himself. Usually makes only one attempt. Seeks to interact with people who are interesting. Cannot make himself interact with a person who evokes antipathy in him, even in the interest of shared business. In such conversations, he loses all his charm and friendliness, his speech becomes muted, vague, inexpressive. Likes to collect interesting bits of information and rumors and pass them on to others. Cannot re-tell a story or repeat something exactly many times, will add something from his own imagination. Due to this may seed emotional instability. Interested in magazines of tabloid nature. Doesn't impose his problems on anyone else. When asked how he is doing, will answer that everything is fine. Can talk for a long time on same topic. Talks about what he sees around him, what has happened to him, about everything that was enjoyable and fun. Dislikes giving promises. To help requests usually replies in the following manner: "I cannot promise you, but I will try ..." or "If I have the opportunity, I will do it". If he doesn't fulfill his promise, apologizes until he senses that he has been forgiven.

    Features of behavior

    The most important feature of SEI's behavior that is easy to notice if observe him for some time - is inclination for various pleasant pastimes. The SEI wishes to experience everything in his life, all the best from the surrounding atmosphere, from beautiful items, from great food and pleasant ways to spend time. Very much enjoys spending time talking with his friends. Can get a rise from them by a variety of humor, hints, allusions, and ruses. Doesn't like to spend time where he ends up being in the shadow. With his independence and paradoxical behavior often baffles and confuses others and evokes negative emotions in them. Because of this he may considered a lightweight, non-serious person. Does not like long business meetings and various other boring events. Has a tendency to reach agreements and strike up contracts on an informal basis. While at this, he uses only tried-and-tested and reliable connections. Very economical and industrious. Likes to make repairs, to do something with his hands, to take on other household matters. Likes taking various objects into his hands and sensing their physical properties. Another feature of behavior that allows to identify an SEI - is the propensity to keep in the middle, to not distinguish himself among the best, but also not be among the worst. For this reason he dislikes criticizing people aloud, does not intervene in arguments, tries to keep away from his bosses, and to be friendly with all. Can work productively only if he is working for himself, towards his own goals. In all other cases, doesn't over-burden himself with work, avoids strenuous physical exertion, doesn't force himself to anything. In the later case, the SEI may earn the reputation of being a "talented slacker".

    Recommendations for self-improvement

    Your strong point is the ability to select for activities and occupations that you truly enjoy, which bring joy, enjoyment and pleasant experiences. You are irreplaceable for organization of leisure and relaxation with friends. Delicious food, beautiful tableware, interior design, as well as a warm, relaxed atmosphere of communication - this is where you show yourself creatively. You know how to derive joy from life and how to share it with others. You prefer a beautiful natural landscape that resonates with internal state of your soul to more active ways of spending your time.

    You are generally a diplomatic and agreeable person. Therefore, you are able to avoid arguments and conflicts. You are tolerant of other people's shortcomings, gentle and responsive in communication, you dislike applying crude pressure on anyone. Your behavior evokes pleasant emotions in others. You possess a good sense of humor, cheerful, easy-going disposition. You know how to take a growing conflict and turn it into a joke.

    Your main problem—lack of consistent performance, inability and unwillingness to force yourself to do uninteresting, difficult, but necessary work. You dislike formal settings, prefer to negotiate with others privately, relying on tried and tested contacts. Develop in yourself a more proactive attitude towards life. Refer to the saying: "Business first, pleasure afterwards".

    Concern and think more about the interests of other people, help them with deeds and not words. Ensure that your personal interests coincide with the interests of the common cause.

    Try to overcome inertia in yourself. Don't hesitate to spend some of your efforts on doing socially beneficial things that do not promise immediate returns or benefits to you specifically. Then people will develop more respect for you and view you as an trustworthy partner.

    Another one of your problems—insufficient farsightedness. You cannot always properly evaluate distant, future prospects of present moment undertakings, such that you often end up "sitting on the fence" and waiting, focusing only immediate, guaranteed returns. In such cases, you risk to win in small things but miss out on larger, more substantial chances and opportunities.

    Be careful when giving promises—don't offer something you wish for as something you can actually do. Don't overestimate the potential of your projects, don't try to excessively advertise and praise them, or others won't consider you to be a serious person. Be consistent in your decisions, plan more regularly, don't limit yourself by your instincts and improvisation. Bring started tasks and projects to their completion so as not to let down yourself and others.

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