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    Intuitive Logical Extravert: The Seeker

    General description

    ILE is adept at seeing distant prospects. Inventive: always has numerous ideas and new projects. Indiscriminately interested in everything in hopes of finding something unique. Depreciates past achievements. Works on what is of interest to him, even if it doesn't guarantee any real returns.

    ILE is rather scattered and inattentive - often loses small items. May spend a lot of time thinking to himself and looking for regularities in phenomena. His logic seems paradoxical to others. He is not afraid to go against conventional opinions, if he considers them outdated. Tries to make major breakthroughs and discoveries.

    He is yielding in matters of everyday life and needs. Will actively resist any attempts to subordinate himself to routine or a strict schedule. Despite the fact that he is busy looking for alternatives to conventional mundane life, in difficult situations he often shows impressive ingenuity and hastiness. He cannot be reasoned with with the language of force.

    ILE does not feel well interpersonal distances i.e. how close or far he is with someone. He often tries to be equally friendly to everyone. Ensures that his conversation partner expresses an interest for what he has to say. In communication, ILE is accessible and democratic. Absolutely needs periodic emotional shake-ups and upheavals; his mood is depressed within routine.

    Detailed description

    Has a variety of interests, gets interested almost in everything in hopes of finding something unique and original. Clearly sees the promise of new ideas and projects. Quickly rejects ideas that have proven to be futile and switches to something new. Often has hobbies that are not related to his main occupation. Strives to collect all discoveries and innovations on a problem or question that is of interest to him. Persistent and expansive in dissemination of his own developments. To "light up" with an idea he needs to make it "his own". Generates bold, alternative ideas on any topic he is faced with. If the business or work that he has to occupy himself don't interest him, will give it a completely new turn. Can offer many applications for an invention or discovery. Poorly tolerates routine and shackles of tradition.

    Seeks to explore and explain complex topics or phenomena for which there aren't yet any definitive concepts or logical theories. Compares different systems to each other. Clarifies relationships between different schemes or structures. It's important for him to find causal relationships between specific aspects and the overall general scheme. If an idea doesn't match the compiled by him design, he is able to change it and present it in such a way that it will fit into the needed framework. Performs complex analysis of any problem, analyzing it from several sides. Explains in what situations or cases one or another aspect of it works. Builds his structures alike a construction toy, putting them together from already available components or parts. Connects interesting observations or conclusions to his own theories. Seeks to find one comprehensive explanation to disparate phenomena.

    By nature he is not aggressive, but will actively defend his way of life and his ideas. Boisterously reacts to any attempts to subordinate him to unreasonable, in his view, limitations or rules. If volitional pressure is exerted on him, he immediately goes on a brief, but very strong counter-attack. While at this, he grows so excited that for a period of time loses control over his own actions. Although he can respond to a challenge, he doesn't endure prolonged confrontation, because he cannot keep himself in a mobilized state for a long time. Therefore, he avoids direct confrontations.

    Interacts with other people at short psychological distances. Evaluates relations by level of their democratism. The less there is of formalism and ceremoniousness, the better for him. Can be quite inconsistent in relations with his family and friends. At first he is democratic down to familiarity, then suddenly stern and unapproachable, as if they are strangers. In a conversation tries to get all attention of a conversation partner. May gesticulate avidly, speak in a loud tone, fiddle with some object in his hands, and even touch his conversation companions. Can selflessly provide assistance to people who come to him for his help. He finds it very difficult to introduce damaging notes into his relationships by denying a person a chance to communicate with him. Feels his own connectedness and responsibility through his relationships with other people. Does not hesitate to share his personal problems with others. Inclined to discuss particularities of people's behavior or lifestyle.

    Often uncertain in assessing physical qualities of objects. May stare with a studying gaze, try to touch, to smell. To get a sense of taste of food or beverages needs to try out a considerable portion. Easily spends not concerning with saving or stocking up. Places his own convenience in the first place. Doesn't give any attention to organization and order around himself. Leaves things where he has last used them, then spends much time looking for them. Interested in topics of health and sickness. If he gets sick, may take higher doses of medication, seek radical treatments. However, does not take up daily preventative measures. Maintains his vitality by using external stimulants. His external appearance is often sloppy, untidy. Wears clothes poorly, it quickly wears out. Dislikes changes in the surrounding environment when he is used to it. Conservative in his tastes and everyday habits.

    Loves company, parties, emotional communication. If he's not charged by positive emotions, remains in a lazy apathetic state for a long time. Always ready for an active exchange of opinions and views, interesting debates and arguments. To emotion responds with emotion, thus it's important not to overdo it with the degree of engagement, else in a gust of inspiration he will forget the starting point of disagreement. If he's in an emotionally excited state, he talks rapidly and chaotically. His thoughts begin to overtake their expression in words, and from this his speech becomes unintelligible. Occasionally has sharp changes of mood. Noise, humor, activity, cheerfulness alternate with depression and uncommunicability.

    Constantly tracks the amount of available time. Hurries others, but disposes of his own time and the time of other people as he sees it fit. Not seldom runs late or forgets his promises to do something by an agreed deadline. At times he is fussing around, and other times acting with emphasized leisureliness. He cannot attain an average pace of life. Lives by his own understanding of time. Has a tendency to start discussions on questions that interest him at a time that is inconvenient to others, but himself won't listen to something that is not said to the occasion. Can predict trends and future developments based on the most recent turn of events. Expresses an interest in catastrophes, natural disasters, massive losses and deaths, and other life-changing events.

    Has good command of techniques of parallel actions. Can launch and take care of several different on-going processes simultaneously, aiming to combine the maximum of functions. In monetary sphere of business, shows acumen, starts up many things at once, tries to keep track of them. But often suffers from incompleteness and ineffectiveness. Likes to command others around, to give them assignments. Needs objects of influence that he could move around and reposition at his own will. From small business venture follows a larger one, that for its realization requires major expenditures of energy. Great experimenter and adjuster of unique equipment. Effective in the sphere of new advanced technologies. Discovered ideas aims to apply into practice.

    Manner of communication

    The ILE cannot keep the right distance in communication for long; first, he is friendly with a person, then, conversely, he is hostile and demonstrates a poor relation. He is undiscerning in people's attitudes towards himself, thus often makes mistakes in striking up friendships, acquaintances, and romantic ties. In interaction often behaves unceremoniously, may tactlessly intervene in a conversation, likes staring with a studying gaze while not considering other people's reactions. Rarely admits his own guilt. Even if he formally apologizes continues to behave as he did before. Puts forward far-going but often unrealistic within the circumstances plans. After a while forgets about them, then offers completely different, not logically related to the previous suggestions plans that are no less grand. Dismissive towards past achievements. Interested in and likes to talk about anything extraordinary and unusual from any fields of interest. Attracted to all the newest far-reaching theories: psychics, yoga, aura - everything that cannot be explained in terms of logic and common sense. Cannot explain his ideas logically, for they are always intuitive and vague in nature. Most people cannot understand them, they either believe or don't believe in them. Likes giving advice on how to get out of a difficult situation; with this often offers radical solutions.

    Features of behavior

    The main defining feature of ILE's behavior with which one can confidence identify belonging to this sociotype - is significant scatterdness. The ILE is inclined to leave things where he/she has previously used them. Often loses small objects (such as keys). At his workplace and in his personal belongings there is often somewhat of a mess. Forgets what has already been done and what remains to be done. Despite this, can show the necessary resourcefulness and ingenuity in everyday affairs, drawing from everything even a smallest benefit or favor. This activity in spirit of recombination is similar to the character of Ostap Bender, due to which some may consider him to be clever and elusive. This quality is much less pronounced in the intuitive subtype of ILE. He cannot do many things at once at a fast pace, and delays carrying out uninteresting work to the last moment. Finding himself in situations where there isn't enough time to think through all the steps inspires and activates him: all the work and chores that have accumulates he does in a short period of time, through the quality of work suffers through this.

    Another characteristics feature of ILE's behavior: mobilization in extreme situations. If someone exerts volitional pressure on him, the ILE immediately switches to a counter-attack; with this, his response might be stronger. Things may even progress to use of physical force in such situations. Another characteristic of this sociotype: introduction to any case, activity, or business that he's involved in, an element of irrationality, disorder, chaos, negation. This is most clearly seen in cases of already firmly formed groups with strict discipline. This, for him, happens creatively: by destroying - he creates. Around him start to gather supporters of his far-reaching intuitive ideas. In extreme cases, this may manifest as a real "attack on windmills" - a kind of open challenge without any real chances for a change.

    Recommendations for self-improvement

    Your forte is, undeniably, well-developed learning-oriented thinking. Often, various interesting and promising ideas come to your mind. You are able to see the general essence of events and anticipate how they will unravel further. Your developed intuition helps you to make the right decisions. You read a lot and are interested in all that is new and unusual. But therein lies a certain danger of scattering your interests and losing the main interest that defines you as a person.

    The instrument for the realization of your intuitive ideas and guesses is logic. You seek to rationalize your ideas and thereby convince people around you in the correctness of these ideas. Due to this quality, similar-minded people gather around you. You are the enemy of all that is stagnant and outdated. In this lies the danger of a stance of total nihilism. Your main problem is the inability to properly understand the relationships between people. It is especially difficult for you to assess the true attitudes towards yourself.

    Once you have intuitively figured out a person, he or she is no longer interesting for you. You don't know what to do with this person next. This can work to make people dislike you. You also don't see your true enemies and opposition. Try not to jump to conclusions in your assessment of people around you. To make such assessments, try to orient yourself by people's objective, observable actions. Then you will be able to figure out the people who are unfriendly, antagonistic, and unsympathetic towards yourself.

    You have a difficulty establishing stable, positive relations with people who are close to you. You can accidentally be tactless and disrupt the established harmonious relations. Try to hold back on your immediate reaction towards the various statements or actions of a person who is close and dear to you.

    The following recommendations may also be useful to you. Don't get carried away with excessive democratism, which inconspicuously for you may meld into unneeded familiarity. This could undermine your credibility and your authority. Exercise more tact in your behavior to not shock people with your honesty and straightforwardness. By this you can acquire ill-wishers, without aiming for it yourself.

    Another one of your problems is inability to be organized and low self-discipline. Due to this, you lose track of daily chores and upkeep tasks, which may result in disruption of events and future plans that you had in mind. Try to take care of things in timely manner.

    If you are the supervisor or manager at work, try not to slip into excessive exercises of your will. Avoid pressuring of your employees unnecessarily. Know where to draw the line. Such an inadequate response can you put into a ridiculous position. Switch your energy into taking up sports, to allow it an outlet. This will raise your vitality, improve your well-being and endurance. You'll become more collected and disciplined.

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