• Dual Nature of Man by Ausra Augustinaviciute (translation needed)

    Dual Nature of Man by Ausra Augustinaviciute

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    A. AugustinavichiuteSubmitted by: "Socionics, mentologiya and Personality Psychology," 1996, № 1-3;
    as well as in the book: A. Augustinavichiute Socionics: Introduction. - St. Petersburg., Terra Fantastica, 1998, sec. 103 - 193.

    1. The nature of erotic feelings

    What is the cause of erotic love?

    In humanized sexual instinct?

    So think very often. But love does not comply with one, but two, completely independent of each other's needs: the need to relieve sexual tension and the need for mental connection with another person. Both are dependent on intelligence, culture, social conditions are interrelated, but not the cause of each other. The most convincing hypothesis seems to us, in which the phenomenon is explained by the nature of human love as the pair being.
    This was reflected many philosophers.

    "One person - not a man" - Feuerbach wrote, "only in a pair, he finds harmonious whole."

    "The true essence of love is - read Hegel - to abandon the consciousness of himself, to forget yourself in the other and I, however, the same disappearance and oblivion for the first time to find yourself and enjoy myself (Gegel. Op., XIII, 1940, p.108).

    Similarly, says Erich Fromm:"Love can be themselves and to preserve its integrity. Love is a paradox in which two beings become one and yet remain two. "

    To explain this is not very intuitive phenomena by the ancient Greeks used the myth of the androgyne, which tells Aristophanes to Socrates in Plato's dialogue "The Feast". The myth that once people have the double body - all pairs of hands and feet, two faces. And just angry Zeus cut them in half. Therefore, each person is now a half, always eager to restoring its former glory.

    It seems sound lines Yu Rurik:

    "It's a natural feeling of unity with another human being - feeling absolutely fantastic. We know that in the normal state a person can not feel the feelings of another person, to experience them, and only at the height of a strong love is a strange psychological illusion, when the various "I" as it were, disappear, merge with each other, and people become psychological androgyne, .. this is almost a literal "reincarnation" - as if part of your "soul" moved into the body of another man, has merged with his nerves, and now you can feel his emotions the same way as their ... why it happens only love, only close friends - is unclear, psychologists and physiologists have yet to solve this puzzle.

    "If erotic love is a consequence of the psychological structure of man, it is possible to speak not only in the language of art, but the precise language of science. The belief that men enter into marriage, not only in order to have children and sex life, what a lonely life, like psychic loneliness in a marriage - an abnormal phenomenon, forced to look at marriage more seriously.

    2. The problems of complementarity

    If the person seeking mental additions, which means that it complements, not every physically pleasing a partner, but only with certain individual mental qualities. These qualities and want to install. To some extent the right to assert that the need to complement the opposite qualities. But our research shows that not every contrast can be called complement. There is opposition, giving the constant tension or conflict settlement activity of one another activity. And there are complementary opposites, leading to a balancing of the human psyche, to the activation of his life. The answer lies in each typology used by psychiatrists from PBGannushkina, E. Kretschmer, Jung, A. Kempinski, ending with AE Licko and K. Leonhard. For each ! Just have compatible and incompatible types of people. And anyone who knows at least one of these typologies can for yourself to check it. In general - as with all discoveries - the answer is so simple that it boggles the mind why so far no one before has thought neither we nor abroad.

    The most mature to understand the compatibility and incompatibility of different types of people is a typology of CG Jung. This is facilitated by the author's approach to the human psyche as a target structure, whereas all other typologies are descriptive in nature. We shall begin it. As for other typologies, then for those wishing to give a comparative table (Table 3), which shows how the same types of people are called by other authors.

    One may wonder why the authors mentioned above did not see the law of complementarity of man by man. First of all, perhaps, because they - psychiatrists, who, by the nature of their occupations, work with individual patients, deepen the knowledge of the characteristics of individual types of people and could not observe their interaction in constant mikrokollektivah: at home, at work. In addition, a long time conventional wisdom that completely mentally healthy people - the same type, that certain typical features appear only at a certain deviation from the norm. That all people are "average" and only in patients with a deflected behavior can be seen the typical features of some of accentuation or psychopathy. Although, for example, AE Licko says explicitly that certain accentuation appear on the basis of a certain type of personality. We may add from myself, that determines the type of individual human tendency not only to different mental, but also to a completely different somatic diseases.

    3. Advantages of the typology of C.G. Jung

    On one of the advantages we have already spoken. This is - a structural approach. Furthermore, the author classifies healthy, not sick people, why not enjoy such nasty names, but others (like sm.tabl.3). For his name not psychopathic, but the strongest part of the human psyche, the author referred to mental functions. The main functions - is the ability of a person with a special ability to understand certain aspects of the world. We will call these functions are elements of information of human metabolism.

    Unfortunately, the name of Jung we do not quite fit. Therefore, what he called thinking we conventionally call the logic of what he called emotions - ethics. Not assert that our names are perfect, and there will not be able to find anything more suitable, but they are more precise than Jung.

    For example, when K. Jung contrasts the types of mental emotional, it seems that the first "think" and second "live emotions." In fact, they all think, just think about something else: the first of the objective, the second in a subjective world around them. Therefore, if we are talking about the latter, "these people have dominated ethical thinking," this does not sound so absurd as if we were to say "these people have dominated the emotional thinking." People with "ethical" thinking tendency to evaluate and judge the surroundings in terms of ethical - unethical attitudes and actions. People with a "logical" thinking primarily interested in logic, illogical attitudes and actions.

    So on the one hand, we are left with the principle of CG Jung to construct names based on the most developed part of the human psyche, and, on the other hand, these names have changed a bit, so instead Jung: thinking, emotion, sensing, intuition, there logic , Ethics, sensing and intuition.

    The second amendment, which we had to make - twin names. And Jung himself claimed and we have seen in my practice that a person's character is defined by one, but two "functions". For example, when talking boolean, we do not know which logical: the one with the sensory, or one with intuition. And they are very different. The one with the sensory - a practical and active person. The second is more a strategist than a tactician, is prone to theories, philosophizing, the construction of what are called castles in the air. They differ in all the everyday, in every detail. The first is always neat, knows what is beautiful, what is not always collected. Second - scattered, and while trying, as it can be clean and focused, but he is not always possible.

    Jung's terms "extroverted" - "introverted", we have replaced the now-popular extrovert - introvert, but believe that the more appropriate term would be extrotim - introtim made by analogy with krechmerovskimi schizotim terms - cyclotim, because after the work of Eysenck, according to tests which extended the trend of every social person, call an extrovert, and each closed - introvert, these terms are ambiguous.

    4. Sense of humor and 16 types of information metabolism (IM)

    Due to the fact that differences in personality type - is not nothing but a difference in the exchange of information signals from the environment, personality types will be called types of information metabolism. In short - the types of IM.

    And here the information metabolism?

    It turns out that the human psyche the world around us differentiate certain parts or aspects. And every type of person one of these aspects differentiate gets very, very well aware of the information, and information about other aspects of perceived undifferentiated, in compressed form.

    Therefore, different personality types, having been in the same circumstances, remember, and tell completely different and in different words. The story is accompanied by various facial expressions and emphasize other aspects of the incident. The main reason why one man is pleasant, like the other - unpleasant, tiring, and is exactly what he slovooborotami expresses his thoughts, what facial expressions, gestures, tone of these words is accompanied, when one person touches another, it does not so much by his actions, but rather by how he explains these acts, which brings out their motives. Therefore, one is forgiven for one that another way - no.

    It may be recalled that the term information metabolism we have taken a classic Polish psychiatry A. Kempinski. Apparently, he first said that the basis of psychological discomfort is a violation of his human information metabolism. Now we know that this disorder is not nothing but a shortfall in just the right signals-stimuli from people with complementary mental overload and unnecessary, exhausting, irritating to people with whom contact is difficult because of its type for them, they thought their express an obscure and unacceptable way.

    People with improper type of IM is often hurt by any comments or jokes that do not give any information or reassurance, but just annoying. Every joke comes to us as a joke only if it is as if by accident, gives an answer to some pressing questions and calming. Each sense of humor is limited, because everyone wants to rest in something else. And so often when someone is offended by our joke, we just think that this man has no sense of humor. The truth is that his sense of humor is simply different from ours: he is inclined to joke in other words, and quite a different story.

    In total there are 16 types of information metabolism (IM). Some of them are better than one taken from the environment signals, other - other. That one is available, unavailable to others. Some scattered and forgetful one, others another. As these types come from? Apparently, the long road of development rights of the individual psyche is specialized, acquiring at the same time some one-sidedness. Formed a kind of a pair of competing mental properties: if one child develops rapidly, the growth of another delay. Therefore, the psychic structure of each individual, his character and asymmetric one-sided. People - a social being, not only because the production is in the public, but also because of a certain way for a one-sided development of mind he needed mental addition, he gets in his social environment for communication and cooperation with persons with other mental structures.

    Several people are working together more purposefully, more decisively and effectively when they have a psychological support to people with other mental warehouse. This is one of the secrets of simple co-operation.

    In the communication between people and their understanding of important issues are intelligence and culture, to which individuals belong. But when we talk about mental addition and mental compatibility, most importantly - the type IM. It is determined by the order of selection and processing of information received by the psyche. This order defines many mental qualities of man: propensity, abilities, interests, forms of activity, purpose and motivation of behavior, relationships with others, aesthetic and erotic tastes. Each other is desirable to conduct a loved one. Every need is not at all "oh, love," and forms a loving sympathy for the individual, which are acceptable and convincing satisfy the psyche.

    5. Who is interested in what and who is good at what

    In order to meet their own needs to the person about the whole idea of ​​reality. In the service of society people co-operate. The mechanism of this phenomenon on our current understanding, is quite simple: some aspects of reality are reflected in the brain with varying degrees of differentiation and awareness. Those aspects, which uses only the individual himself, reflected relatively generalized, stored as images, experience, and skills. Those whose information is transferred to the community, are perceived differentially, with great precision, allowing to interpret this information and pass it in words.

    What are these aspects?

    Adaptation of the organism to the environment - never-ending chain of acts of physical activity. All that is happening around the person in the objective world, too, is nothing but a chain of acts of physical activity. We can say that everything that happens to us and around us - the same chain of acts of physical activity. A chain of acts of physical activity is not nothing but a four stroke internal combustion engine:

    1) the potential energy;
    2) the conversion of potential into kinetic energy;
    3) the kinetic energy;
    4) the use of kinetic energy.

    This is the four aspects of perception of the world, which, because of its tipnoy nature, a person perceives a different awareness, one better understands the potential of another person's abilities (1 cycle), the other in his emotional life (2 cycle) third - how it works (4 cycle). Each of these aspects and assign the symbol we call them the elements of information metabolism extrovert person:

    I - the potential energy;
    E - the transformation of potential into kinetic energy;
    F - kinetic energy;
    P - the use of kinetic energy.

    With these elements a person receives information about:

    I - the potential energy of the observed object and the subject's physical and mental capabilities;
    E - excitement and excitability of the object, moods and emotions;
    F - mobilizovannosti, will and strength and beauty of the observed objects and subjects;
    P - the activity of object and subject, their ability to work.

    However, the world around us consists not only of moving bodies, but also the fields of their interaction. They can be called a psychological fields. The components of these fields - the relationship between objects and processes which are perceived by people as a certain feeling. So there are four measurements of the outside world, which, because of its tipnoy nature, man, too, takes a different awareness. Each of them also assign a symbol, and we will call them the introverted elements of information of human metabolism.

    S - the relationship between the processes occurring in the same time - space;
    T - the relationship between successive processes - time;
    L - the objective relationship between two entities and their separate properties - the relation of objects or object measurement object;
    R - a subjective relationship between two objects or subjects - attraction - repulsion.

    With these elements of IM, the person receives the information:

    S - the qualities of space, that is, that it occurs on well-being are in this space, people;
    T - the relationship between processes, events and actions in time, the presence or absence of time, danger, or safety of the future;
    L - the objective relations between objects, their weight, size, value, etc., that is of any commensurate parameters;
    R - on attractive or repulsive force of objects and subjects, their relevance and irrelevance to each other likes and dislikes, love or hate.

    A few words about the origin of graphic symbols.

    Extraverted sensory denotes the circle F, a figure which gives the impression most full contact with all of the outside world. Intuition - a triangle I, which fits perfectly into a circle. Logic and ethics - is the external form and internal content of the same process. Therefore, if the logic outlined square P, as a symbol of the severity of thought, to the inner side of the same phenomenon - the emotional intensity you need to choose a symbol that fit into the square. So there was not one corner of the square of E.

    Homogeneous introverted elements assigned to the same characters, only - other colors: S, T, L and R.

    So, in the process of information metabolism man uses eight elements of informational metabolism, each of which reflects one of the objective aspects of the world. Now each of these elements will assign the code name, which in the future and will be used:

    Table 1.

    A dimension Name of the quality of the human psyche or the element of IM, through which people receive information about this aspect of the world Aspect of the world and a symbol of the corresponding element
    Potential energy Extravert intuition I
    The transformation of potential into kinetic Extravert ethics E
    Kinetic energy Extravert sensory F
    Using the kinetic energy Extravert logic P
    Space Introverted sensing S
    Time Introverted Intuition T
    The relationships Introverted logic L
    Attraction-repulsion Introverted Ethics R

    All eight elements of IM are located in the psyche of each individual. That is, Each of us has the same forms of perception and information processing. But in complex situations that require intellectual effort, people tend to trust only one pair of elements: one extroverted and introverted one.

    It was they who determine the type of IM, and give us the right to call it a logical, ethical, etc.

    We can say that two elements are seemingly more intelligent and more aware than any other. So a person who wants to be and to seem sensible as possible, make efforts as much as it will, in all its activities to use only these two elements. For example, a person with logical thinking avoids talking about his feelings.

    Now we can get acquainted with the list of types of IM in those names that we use in all his works (see Table 2).

    It was interesting to find out what mental properties, and what types of mental prevalent among the population (Lithuanian SSR). To do this, surveyed 100 men and 100 women, the survey data are presented in Table 2 of the same. There is no doubt that such a small and completely random sampling of people (200 people) can not represent the republic. But it is enough to understand that there is no one type of IM, only common among men or women only.

    Hence the relativity of concepts such as femininity and masculinity: each type of them to invest in these words a different meaning. Real extrovert femininity sees introverted girl extroverted introvert in, the identity of a Boolean IM - in ethical thinking, ethical personality type IM - in logical thinking. There is no absolute femininity or masculinity absolute. There are men and women with various mental institutions, which not only seem, but are perfectly feminine or masculine ideal, when properly complement our own psychic structure.

    Therefore, further when talking about combinations of mental structures, for the sake of avoiding unnecessary confusion, we will not consider gender. We talk about individuals with sensory, intuitive, logical and ethical type of infarction. In instances where for the sake of speaking figuratively, "he," the same way you can say "she." In some specific samples, however, the ratio of psychological types is a high polarity. In one group of Vilnius Pedagogical Institute in 1978-79. was 28 students with leading ethical elements and only one of the leading logical element of IM, introverted extrovert 20 personality types - 9.

    Table 2.
    Distribution of types of sociotype among men and women of the Lithuanian SSR

    Type Name
    The symbol type
    Men Women
    1. Logical-sensory extravert PS 5
    2. Logical-intuitive extravert PT
    3. Logical-sensory introvert LF
    4. Logical-intuitive introvert LI
    5. Ethical-sensory extravert ES
    6. Ethical-intuitive extravert ET
    7. Ethical-sensory introvert RF
    8. Ethical-intuitive introvert RI
    9. Sensory-logical extravert FL
    10. Sensory-ethical extravert FR
    11. Sensory-logical introvert SP
    12. Sensory-ethical introvert SE
    13. Intuitive-logical extravert IL
    14. Intuitive-ethical extravert IR
    15. Intuitive-logical introvert TP
    16. Intuitive-ethical introvert TE
    Among them:

    6. Awareness of love

    Love - conscious or unconscious phenomenon?

    When one loves the fact that on their own chosen among others because it is different with some advantages, is more interesting, valuable or accessible, subject to the consciousness of love. It is the love of your choice. If the object does not provide hope, and it is possible to find another site more suitable, from a fairly quiet refuse. But not all are so fond of. So just like individuals with sensory-ethical type of infarction. Who sensory elements, and ethics are not developed (all of the logical intuitions) do not love because we have chosen. They choose what they love. Love = not what they do, and what happens to them.

    There are people whose feelings are conscious and unconscious desire (all intuitive and ethical). And there are those who consciously desire, and feelings are not subject to mind control (all sensory-logic).

    All ethical (ethical element in the first or second place) is not versed in both their own and the feelings and emotions of others. They were not shy, it is easy to talk about them (this applies to all kinds of feelings: love, fear, admiration), unless the object of love, friends, because feelings and emotions - is something that ennobles man, makes it more valuable. All the logical sense of replacing and silent, since any sense of weakness believe the opposite reason. So it is because their feelings a little conscious, they do not come under the control of reason.

    All sensor is well understood for itself and others' physical needs. Able to assess your physical abilities and use them. That they are elegant, graceful movements openly attract the attention of a partner. Intuitive , at best, believe in what they say. And just as long as they say. Therefore, always afraid of becoming dependent on the speaker's compliments. How logical is not inclined to believe that he loved so intuitive constantly in doubt about whether that is attractive, handsome, fit. Touch is stylish to be noticed. Intuitive often more elegant, but only in order to not stand out, be less noticeable. He seems to hide behind its elegance. touch of his attraction easily recognized not only for themselves. Attraction - an ordinary, understandable phenomenon, part of his beautiful sound of nature. Intuitive shy about his desire, no right to impose this attraction to another.

    Summarizing, we can say that some want to love others - to be loved alone - much to others - to be desired. Some with full justification be called the subjects of love, others - objects. So there are people who take all the initiative entirely in their hands. There is susceptible to partial initiative and those who leave it all the partner. Here begins the selection of mentally supplementing partners. Because, when both are equally enterprising and equally reactive for friendship easily break off. Or tired of the competition in the initiative, or is produced tensions over the feelings of distrust Double-sided partner.

    The fact that one type of IM calls love, so feel loved and respected, the other may seem a proof of lack of feeling. Therefore, if there are grievances in friendship (which is often unwise to hide), appears to have mental inconsistency, which need to think ahead. When partners are fully compatible with each other, they can not hurt by a careless word or gesture, because they see the motives of every action, word and sentiment. This is the color red, which nature has provided man, that he was able to choose a suitable partner for him. Man these signals often do not want to see, hiding his true reaction to think that in the future things will change. But can not change the fact that it follows from the mental structure, which was formed in childhood. Contradictions only worsen.

    7. Characteristics of a person you should consider when choosing a partner
    Part 2 - http://socioniko.net/ru/articles/aug-duality2.html

    As we have seen in Table 2, there are sixteen different types of people. In its basic qualities, that is - properties that define the type of person or type of IM, they are divided into eight opposite:
    1. 8 rational - 8 irrational
    2. 8 extroverts - 8 introverts
    3. 8 logic - 8 ethical,
    4. 8 Touch - 8 intuitions.

    The first of these qualities - schizothyme - cyclothyme - innate. Others are purchased by children under five years under the influence of the nearest educating people, most of all - the mother.

    Despite all its imperfections, we use the terms have the great advantage that we can determine the name, someone who complements. If an extrovert, the other necessarily - an introvert. If one logical, the other - ethical if some sensing, then the other - intuitive. So, in a well-coordinated couple - a dyad in which people complement each other, are the DW in the names of both, we necessarily find all titles, that is - logic, ethics, sensory, intuitive, and in addition, extraversion and introversion. Here is one of these dyads:

    Logical-sensory extravert - Ethical-intuitive introvert (LSE-EII)

    However, there is another rule: the two co-player always schizothyme or cyclothyme. But schizothyme of cyclothyme also distinguish by name. All schizotim in the title in the first place have the logic or ethics, and all cyclothyme - intuition or sensory. So, for example, that a pair cannot be called a dyad, although the terms are obvious:

    Logical-sensory extravert - Intuitive-ethical introvert

    These two people are bound not to complement, and the ratio of the conflict, which is not suitable for any joint activities.

    In Table 3, all types of IM are paired in dyads. It is also shown how the same Timy IM called by other writers, that is, for what they psychopathy accentuation or they are hidden.

    A study of married couples shows a desire for a full complement. There is an excellent partner as we know, only one of the sixteen psychological types. With random selection of pairs this would amount to about 6.25% (100%: 16% = 6.25).

    In fact, among randomly selected fifty marriage Seventeen (34%) were found to be optimal. Apparently, as in the behavior of nature and human behavior, there is less random than we have hitherto believed. After all of the above focus on the question of the specific qualities, which are paired opposite qualities of man, as they manifest in your life?

    rational- irrational,
    extraversion - introversion,
    logic - the ethics,
    sensing - intuition.

    a) Rationality - irrationality (shizotyme - cyclotyme)

    What is an innate difference between people? According to our data, it is determined by the location of the cerebral hemispheres. One hemisphere person perceives and processes information obtained by observing the static objects, objects at rest, the other - when observing objects that are in the dynamics, that is - of moving objects. Therefore, one hemisphere may be called static, more - dynamic. It is easy to check each, covering one or the other eye. When a person is driving or just through the car window watching the fleeing homes, it is much more dynamic works hard eyes. When the machine stops working the other - static. When something on a moving look at a static eye - begins a little ripple in his eyes, and you can even feel a little dizzy. This can be seen and when we watch TV.

    Since the static and dynamic hemisphere in schizothymia and cyclothymia are different, in cyclothymia the object in a static monitors left eye (right hemisphere), the object in the dynamics - the right eye (left hemisphere).

    In schizothyme - contrary to the object in his right eye is watching static (left hemisphere), the object in the dynamics - the left (right hemisphere).

    If the information on the dynamics takes the left hemisphere, the individual's own dynamics also controls the left. Therefore, a consistent right-handed, according to our observations and surveys are only cyclothymia. Rationals by nature left-handed, although about 50% of them are on a completely ignorant.

    Rationals of cyclothymia in some way can be distinguished by the addition and especially the movements. Rationals, even if they are gaining weight, is inherent in some gauntness. Cyclothymia and when they are bad - the softness and roundness of lines. Especially, the softness of facial lines. As for the movements, they have schizothymic commit. Moreover, each type of IM are different. Of angular and jumpy as if moving up. In schizothymic extrovert (dynamics) angular gait. In schizothyme introvert (statics) angularity disappears, there are elements of the slide, but they also kept a very straight, with dignity. However, the "slip" of which we speak, it feels stiff, inflexible it. In cyclothymia movements are soft, always more or less impulsive. As to the element of impulsivity, it no longer have cyclothymia extroverts that are static, than introverts, who are speakers. And the facial expressions and movements.

    Here is what about the gait schizothyme P. writes Gannushkin:"Usually they attract the attention of stiffness and angular movements, lack of smooth and gradual transitions between them, and, in some, in addition, it is striking mannerisms and pretentiousness, among others - the desire for style, and finally, the third - just the extreme monotony and poverty of movements. There is a schizoid who had never been in military service, but amazing with almost military bearing, this bearing them comes to the fact that they seem wooden ... Especially a lot of originality in their gait: some go without bending his knees, while others - like jumping, a third dragged his feet when walking, etc. "(" Selected Works ", Moscow, 1964, 143)..

    True, the author writes about here schizoid, that is - schizothyme accented with a fixed or behavior, but according to our observations for perfectly healthy people - it all fits them as well. And the fact that they seem to be "wooden" or "dragging feet", is determined solely by their personality type. The most "wood", in our opinion - logical-sensory extravert, the most "dragging feet" - its opposite - the logical-sensory introvert. The most "jumpy" - logical and intuitive extravert. These differences in gait more pronounced in men than in women.

    The same can be said about emotions: emotions cyclothymia much more impulsive and less controllable than emotions schizothyme.

    Why cyclothymia seem impulsive, and CG Jung called even irrational? Because of their movements, actions and emotions are always a consequence of some feeling, some kind of mental state. The answer to the emerging sense of comfort, discomfort, serenity or uncertainty. Cyclothymia internally before swinging, and only then react to a situation or emotion act. The emotions and actions of others they did not immediately respond. More precisely - not react to their actions and emotions, and by these actions caused feelings. Therefore, their reaction would be as slow, smooth, very adapted to the situation, but no pre-thought-out, "creative". Many actions simply "out of habit," to the established guidelines. Schizothyme react to the emotion of emotion to act an act not swayed at once. React very wisely, thoughtfully, on the basis of past experience. Therefore seem to be more rigorous, decisive, "rational", their movements faster and more angular, sharper and emotions cool. Feeling for schizothyme - a consequence of the act, rather than its cause: after proper action or emotion feel better, is good, after an incorrect action it worsens. Therefore, both the actions and manifestations of emotions and to think carefully studied. If schizothyme feel bad, they think, what was done wrong, dig into the past to have experience in the future. When cyclothymia feel bad, they think not about the past and the future: what should be done to change the mood.

    Table 3. Comparative Table of dyads

    Types of informational metabolism (A. Augustinavichiute)
    Names of personality types of CG Jung
    Personality types, and accentuation of psychopathy:
    Dyad Names of types of MI The symbol type A. Kempinski AE Licko K. Leonhard at
    Schizothymia (rational)
    I Logical-sensory extravert extroverted thinking - - defiantly stuck-
    Ethical-intuitive introvert introverted emotional psychasthenic a sensitive emotive
    II Logical-intuitive extravert extroverted thinking paranoydichesky - stuck-paranoid
    Ethical-sensory introvert introverted emotional - asthenoneurotic anxious-hypochondriac
    III Ethical-sensory extravert extroverted emotional - gipertimny gipertimichesky
    Logical-intuitive introvert introverted thinking - psychasthenic dysthymic
    IV Ethical-intuitive extravert extroverted emotional hysterical hysteroid demonstrative-hysterical
    Logical-sensory introvert introverted thinking sadomazohistichesky schizoid excitability dysthymic
    Cyclothymia (irrational)
    V Sensory-logical extravert extroverted touch - cycloidal excitability-pedantic
    Intuitive-ethical introvert introverted intuitive - conformally gipertimny pedantic gipertimichesky
    VI Sensory-ethical extravert extroverted touch epileptic epileptic excitable-epileptic
    Intuitive-logical introvert introverted intuitive anankastichesky conformal pedantic-anankast
    VII Intuitive-logical extravert extroverted intuitive impulsive labile affective-labile
    Sensory-ethical introvert introverted touch - gipertimno-unstable defiantly-gipertimichesky
    VIII Intuitive-ethical extravert extroverted intuitive - labile-hysteroid affective and exalted
    Sensory-logical introvert introverted touch - unstable -

    In cyclothymia actions are impulsive, are nothing but as soon as an adaptation to the real situation and their own feelings. We can say that cyclotron works when he needs to get out of some situation, some states, but schizothyme - on the contrary, when you need to create some state, some feel. For example, the cyclotron cooks to do away with the unpleasant feeling of hunger, schizothyme- that as a result of their activity to get a pleasant feeling of satiety (cyclotron eat because tasty schizothyme - even when it is gourmet - to be fed). Interestingly, the hunger for cyclothymia mood reflected a much more powerful than the mood schizothyme: hungry schizothyme can safely wait longer than the cyclotron.

    But in dealing with the subjects and objects is reversed. As cyclotron can not act until it was seized by any sense, so schizothyme can not communicate with the person until he does not feel to it some sense, until there was some kind of installation. Without such a facility or mature feelings he can not buy even a simple household items. There is a same "swinging." Cyclothymia communication begin without the "swing", ie without plants, with direct contact, during which people and their quality are carefully studied. Only after the installation there and emotions that define their relationship. Therefore, although the contact with people cyclotome ties quickly, they do not say anything about his feelings towards them. As schizothyme easily, "rational" behavior and changes its form of manifestation of emotions, if they are not reasonable, so cyclotome "rational" changes people, with whom he communicates, if they do not match their qualities to their needs. The same applies to household items and other objects.

    b) Extraversion - introversion

    Extroverts from introverts are not only their mental properties, but also externally. In an extrovert is always active right hemisphere. This can be seen on the face and eyes. More than half of the developed faces extroverts, as a rule, the left half of the face and left eye, the introvert - right side of face and right eye. When we talk to the person, usually chained the attention of the active eye, that is, not so much looking at all the person's face as the active eye.

    The active side of the face often appears and is narrower and longer, active eye - a large and seemingly more meaningful. But in the diagnosis of myocardial infarction in type eyes to the error is particularly easy to produce eye-schizothyme extroverts, because when they look at a fixed object such as a camera lens or other person - they are expanding their passive static, that is - the right eye. In general, these external differences should be viewed only as a trend - there is a very deceptive person.Persons extroverts are more mobile, less constrained by them shows that a person can command and demand. In particular introvert quiet different forehead. Sometimes it seems that they follow the world of the third eye. Interestingly, the warmest, coldest, and how, individuals - in introverts. Warmest in the sensory-ethical introvert and Intuitive-ethical introvert, cold - in the ethical-sensory introvert and Ethical-intuitive introvert.

    What we believe the main or one of the main mental qualities of extrovert? Propensity to change the outer world in favor of the subject. Tendency to worry about the subjects and objects, changing their relationship, as opposed to introvert tendencies to change subjects and objects in favor or in favor of relations between them. In an extrovert relationships between people in relation to the people themselves - Secondary: the relationship must be what people want. In the introvert, on the contrary, no relationship should be adapted to people and people to the relationship, if there were contradictions, must change people or their behavior, not attitude.

    We can say that for an extrovert constant in the outer world are the subjects and objects. For the introvert this constant is the relationship between subjects and objects, and the resulting sense of these relationships. People - a social being. And as it is formed of two parts: the active psychophysical I (a man - it is an object) and their relationships with people and other objects (a man - it's his attitude.) Extraversion - introversion of consciousness to one of them give priority to, and it becomes a cause of the second part. Extrovert give priority to psychophysical "I" of man, an introvert - relations. Extrovert sure that the "quality of an object" is always quality. That is to say that the attitudes and feelings to the world around him are determined by the value of his personal qualities, or its activity, and because in many ways these qualities is trying to improve. Introvert, on the contrary, I am sure that his personality will be judged based on relationships with others, depending on what feelings in others it causes. Introvert in his own eyes is worth as much as are his relations, so that all their conscious powers he tries to improve these relations, tries to be accommodating, avoiding quarrels. The sum of all relationships, feelings can be called the psychological field, and say that introvert primarily concerned about the quality of the psychological field, as well as the psychological field of other people.

    For the extrovert social relations - a consequence and a sign of social value, quality facility. Ordinary course of his thoughts: each entity can improve their relationships with others and to call to his positive feelings of self-improvement method. If the subject in society is a modest place, so it lacks some socially valued qualities.

    For the introvert, the basis of the material world is the relationship. Quality-of man as an object - is a consequence and a sign of social quality, value and its relationship of those feelings, which he calls other people. His train of thought: everyone can increase their value in the eyes of society, improving their relationships with others. If the subject is not noticed and is not valued - so, not enough has established the right attitude.

    In light of these considerations it becomes clear that a common definition now that the man - this is, above all, his attitude is progressive in the mouth of an extrovert, which in this case will not forget that society - not only people but also relationships. At the time, as in the mouth of an introvert, who are so inclined to exaggerate the role of relationships and underestimated the object, this definition becomes dangerous, inclines to undercount the qualities of human personality. From this mistaken idea that there is no one is irreplaceable, that every man is only a cog, that person needs to be changed as soon as he breaks the harmony of the psychological field - unable or unwilling to adapt. Opposite the bend, which can make and do extroverts - the assertion that there is no essential relationship, any relationship that does not fit the personality and individuality, can be replaced. Person as the individual need and the confidence that he enjoys the respect and the right to be oneself, and confidence in the constancy of desirable relations with the environment, stability in life.

    For an extrovert object orientation in the external world are the surrounding objects and subjects. Therefore, they have certain rights concerning the inviolability: the other object has a right to be what he wants. If it prevents me, I change the relationship with him, but not the object itself.

    This is because for an extrovert objects and subjects - the fulcrum of consciousness. Arbitrarily modify these objects - is to lose a foothold. In this crumbling world that threatens the collapse of consciousness. This is the same that cut the branch on which you sit. Because of this, all extroverts painfully react to different "re-typing" change the subject against his will. Each extrovert and so sure that everyone wants to self-improvement. And every extrovert feel it my duty to help in this voluntary self-help everybody else. Object orientation in the external world for an introvert is the relationship and feelings of others. Therefore, on the one hand, they are very attentive to them, but on the other - are sure that everything in this area tend to the same goal, and therefore, as much as they can help other people to build those relationships.

    Everyone is different some concern extrovert feelings, a certain activity, something that drives him to act in situations in which only the introvert is watching. Observes, creating the impression of immersion in himself. It is important to understand that the focus introvert - is not an immersion, and the ratio of the outer world. That is, the observation of relationships between subjects and objects, which he - in contrast to the extrovert - will not and can not violate. If an introvert in his "immersion" of something thinking, it is not about the problems of his inner life and the problems of relationships with other actors and objects. Impression of a "self-absorbed" - the result of the fact that any relationship to the outside world as people perceive their feelings.

    For all these reasons, in cooperation with the extrovert introvert extrovert dualu gives a sense of confidence as an object with certain qualities. Introvert his dualu - a real knowledge of what kind of feelings for him nourish others, and, if needed, and how these feelings change.

    As we have already spoken, extrovert, adjusting to the real subjects, objects, and their different manifestations, or to what is in them or with them going, produces acceptable for these subjects and objects of the relationship. Thus extrovert - the creator of new relations and new feelings about logical and illogical, unethical and ethical, aesthetic and unaesthetic, timely and untimely . Thanks to the creativity of an introvert, there are subjects that differ new properties and facilities, new designs, new kinds of emotional and internal agitation, qualitatively new methods of work . The creative element is the second element of the IM, for example, for it is while for it is .

    Qualitatively, the new design appears only in the mind introvert. Therefore, the most advanced in terms of news ideas among the known Soviet aircraft was Roberto Bartini - logical and intuitive introvert (). But to be creators of a qualitatively new social relations can only be extroverts, however, and had all the classics of Marxism. But the creator of a new type of state (the object) is an introvert, for example, Thomas More ().

    When you need something to reproduce the existing models, that is to reproduce what has already been invented, or where something was - just the opposite. If the inventor of a brand new product is the introvert, the organizer of its production to an existing instance - only an extrovert. Here, the first IM element manifests itself.

    The production company is a manufacturer of products and systems, staff working in it people. Type of manager's personality defines the relationship of these two aspects of reality. Extrovert personality types are the main aim to see the expansion and development of production, increase output. Collective and its interests should be subject to this goal. This plant is productive in the need for rapid development of the industry in search of internal production reserves. Introverted personality types are the main aim to see the improvement of relations both within the team and between staff and management. With this setting, plans surpassed only insofar as it is necessary for the team. This plant is productive in the uniform of the industry, when coming to the fore the problem of stabilizing the team, ensuring the sustainability of each of its members. This setup helps to stabilize and society. Just do not forget the fact that each type of MI manifests itself with its own way: we here give only a general line of extraversion-introversion.

    Extrovert likes an active life. About him we may say that he, showing initiative, always to some extent "climbs on stage." But the climb is not so much to see him much to see and assess yourself more "objects". He was happy to assess and raises others. Introvert does not present himself or so more than others. Others he did not notice. Evaluates only on how they activate it to their attention and improve the overall psychological climate, do not interfere. And quite honestly says that the leadership does not work on it. But if it is put forward - can not give up, do not feel the right. And taking a position, it remains so for many years, feels indispensable. Extrovert and can leave himself an extrovert can be removed for any errors. Introvert in a planned economy does not error, because the plan as the ratio is always in trouble, never razminetsya. No relations violates anyone's feelings are not annoying, its passivity and indecision can always be explained by objective factors. To anyone who is active it looks like in dealing with self-promotion. After all, at heart, he also tends to be more active, but take the initiative, while from him that in each case is not required, it can not. Afraid to be out of place active. And this is called "inappropriate activity" audacity or stupidity, already determined by the type of MI person.

    Extroverted works to become more valuable and necessary to society, to be of higher quality object, if you can - irreplaceable (because he constantly questions the good feelings of the people), and for the opportunity to take the initiative, which is also nothing else than just a way to induce positive feelings other.

    Introvert acts only out of necessity, carrying out duties and responsibilities. In order to not go to someone the way, do not spoil their relationship with humans. And by all means - to stay on everyone's mind. Because if he would not mind him will not require the activity, confined to his duties, he will be out of business. It is often said that the introvert allegedly operates only in order to be left alone. This visibility. He does not want it. And why can not refuse any executive position, though, and sees that the work fails, there is a fear that after his "left alone" will not notice, it will be useless. This creates an unhealthy self-absorption and monopolistic tendencies by all means, by hook or by crook, to stay "in power". Even if it undermines the health. Fear of becoming invisible stronger than common sense.

    Extroverts do not like debt and obligations, love - responsibility. For everything that's going around, they feel a responsibility, which activates them, forcing them to act. Accept responsibility for the work of people and for all that you want. Responsibility is understood as a privilege. But the notion of duty, responsibility for them are associated with violence. Introverts, on the contrary, do not like responsibility, like responsibilities. I am pleased to do what is their duty and responsibility that allows you to be active and struggling to get away from what's called responsibility. The word "responsibility" to them like sentence, punishment.

    Exactly the same extent as an introvert avoids excessive activity, extrovert avoids unnecessary feelings show, that is, their attitudes to different objects and subjects. Because it is afraid to be an extrovert and immodest to interfere with other feelings, introvert - its activity. This they consider bad taste faux pas.

    For psychological comfort to surround yourself with extrovert-oriented relationships introverted, that is, people who can be with other people's feelings. Introvert feels the same need to be surrounded by knowing how to notice and evaluate the people themselves and their extroverted activity.

    The company pays attention to the extrovert of others, trying to rouse them, happy when people like this. If no one is paying attention, bored. Introvert, on the contrary, draws attention to itself. He was bored, if no one on notice.

    By seclusion more often introverted tendencies. But this is not a good life, but only in cases where they feel unwanted and unnecessary when they are no one pays attention to them as desired. In total, we has 8 types of introverts. Undoubtedly, each of them to the attention to some other aspect of the manifestation of their personality. One must attend to his work, the other - his emotions, ability or will. In a calm and happy only when others notice and say exactly that he needs.

    Extroverts also need such attention. Only to the other - to his senses. He needs a belief in voluntarism of his feelings. In fact, he cares about other people that he loves them, correctly assesses that he is not selfish, etc.

    Briefly the difference between all extroverts and introverts can all be defined in this way. Extroverts in relation to the world are constructive, active and have a strong need to achieve goals. Introverts, even when they are very active, probably get away and failures. If an extrovert constantly unhappy that did not even something that could be done, the introvert feel bad if you did something that was later proved to be unnecessary. He is afraid of being an upstart in the eyes of their own and others, to violate the existing relationship. According to his deep inner conviction to do what is not necessarily necessary, be refused.

    A typical example of a student's life. After successfully passed examinations are extroverts are almost always a little unhappy that did not have time for something to read. Most introverts with the same displeasure think about what they read, and the exam was not required.

    With criticism for slowness, laziness introvert can stir up. Any incautious remark that he overdid it showed extra activity for a long time consuming desire of every activity. When an extrovert has been criticized for a lack of activity, he becomes aggressive, angry, feels misunderstood. Criticism for being too activity is perceived more as a compliment.

    Extrovert - the initiator, inspirer and organizer. Introvert covers the rear position - finish up other things, if even at the beginning and showed no enthusiasm. He is more shy and quiet, at least believe in the significance and importance of what he is doing more self-critical. At the same time, more self-centered.

    a) Logic - ethics

    Logical types of IM are different from ethics in their attitude to the objective world and to other people.

    The strength seen in the ethical treatment of people, the power of logic - in relation to the objective world. Ethics are not sure what they can do something objectively valuable, logical, do not know what they represent in the eyes of other people, what rights they have.

    Logic is trying to do everything himself. Their necessity to others proves its own affairs, look at the deed myself, evaluate, and deserts. Ethical feels his tenderness to others, is able to establish a relationship with them, to manipulate their feelings or emotions, no doubt about their rights to them. And always not confident in his own powers and abilities that are long, painful and passively contemplating when left alone.

    Usually the logical types are perceived as more independent. But this is only apparent, because in dealing with people of such different ethical autonomy. Logical independence is manifested in the solution of the problems and challenges of the objective world, independent of ethics - in dealing with human relations and adjustment of their emotional life. All logical effort to be positive, strong, good people, based on a desire to please the ethical, to earn recognition. Logic often surprised lack of independence of ethics when it is necessary to solve the problem objective, ethical - just as the former do not know how to use people who do not understand their influence on them.

    A very important difference from the ethical logic is that logic usually proves his innocence, and ethical - to persuade, it is easy to ask. Logical nor persuade, or do not know how to ask, but on the other persuasion often be easier. Logical promises can be trusted more than the promises of ethics. Because the first by all means try to keep his word, and if something can not say in advance, "not to deceive people." Ethics is not so important not to deceive people, as not to spoil relations with him, so he often promises to not be able to run, and something from it as from a "good man" others expect. He does not feel like a liar, and a careful diplomat.

    Evaluating the actions of others, uses more logical criteria: logical - illogical, right - wrong, it is wise - foolish, rational - irrational. The good news is that reasonable, rational can not be bad. Ethics: good - bad, you need to - not to people or individual, humanely - inhumane, honest - honest.

    Ethics can care about people, about themselves and their loved ones, to make them pleasant. But really honestly cares only about those who are considered to "own". Knows how to ask for them and, thus, to shift this care and to strangers. So close they are valued and loved, forgive all the errors. Logical at best, when he touch, can get what he supposed to "as of right." For ethical, there are no rights of one person among other people, but what is really possible to "knock out" to get what you can win, "sell on" any other human persuasion, requests, and emotions. Best pusher - the ethical, of course, when he touch.

    Ethical manipulate feelings and emotions of other people, so true and not true for them have a relative sense. Often the truth is that other people makes a pleasant, captivating them, and it elevates, it is also makes a pleasant one. Be nice and loved - something that everyone wants a virtuoso ethic. He knows how to create a good impression can account for their deeds, and, moreover, to write reports - all praise, above all, himself. Excellent feel in any company, among any people, can easily become the emotional center of the company. Logical records in inclined to talk about yet unfulfilled, of their own and others' mistakes and shortcomings, disadvantages, because it tries to understand the real situation, to see and show the real situation or perspective.

    It should be noted that all logical ethics - the normative, they strictly fulfill installed by someone other ethical standards and no creativity in this currently not allowed. In the performance standards and strive for perfection never sure what it achieved. Therefore, in these endeavors are often disappointed. The ethics of ethics more or less creative, they are not so much with the regulations as to their specific circumstances. Is it ethical that improves the situation of ethics makes it more charming, more essential, more powerful among others.

    The same can be said about the logic. The logic of ethics - the normative. They strictly follow all logical standards, it is very important that a scientific or at least accepted, because neither the new logic of relations, or new methods of action, they do not open and do not invent. In their actions and logical reasoning are very careful and never sure of their perfection. For the same reason their logical horizon of interest is wide, well-read they are more logical, well talk about various scientific truths. Logic is usually distinguished erudition in literature, which makes it possible to know the code of ethics.

    Ethical subtlety different feelings and emotions, although they are not sensitive logic, absolutely not smarter as logical ethics. The essential difference between them is that the ethical see and understand not only their own, but also the feelings and emotions of others. In a relatively unspecific actions, random words, facial expressions, ethical sees the complex world of the senses of another person is better than seeing itself logical, for which his own feelings - a little understood puzzle, and we need to found someone who will solve it. Ethical behavior and all types of other people's feelings as measured by their own. Love - the sphere of ethical thinking. His job and his talent. The main talent of logic - the logic to evaluate others. Once they correctly assess the ethical and logical mind and explain himself. They can assess the activity of another in the same manner as ethics - goodness of man, the depth of his feelings. Ethics itself can not estimate the amount of labor, tends to drown in any business, including, in the household, is never sure whether the moral right to rest or not. Therefore, the mutual friendship of individuals with a logical and ethical way of thinking (though not in every combination) both enriches and increases their self-satisfaction. Ethical next logical doubts the logic of their actions, the logic - that all his actions are the actions of a good man. This is a continuation of one person to another.

    According to our research, logical type is more common among men, ethical - of women. But try to be more ethical such as the need, as it is. So often emphasized courageous in a good sense of the word, there are men with ethical thinking. The most feminine women, too, with ethical thinking. Logical type is allocated a lack of any demonstration elements. Therefore, men often seem to be "no", and women, unless they are introverted, relatively "masculine." Logical thinking prevents run for a rapidly changing fashion and do a lot of non-rational, practical meaning without details (short haircuts, manicures, shoes uncomfortable heels) because it gives the ability to appreciate their efforts and energy costs.

    As already mentioned, people with logical thinking can not talk about their feelings, avoid it. The feeling makes them act in favor of the loved object, but does not talk about it. If your relationship with your loved ones are not quite tender, make mistakes, it is only because that is not familiar with other behaviors. Such a man is often easier to ask "Do you go out for me" than to say "I love you." Feelings of the individual with logical thinking gentle, fragile, easy to scare. In order for them to become stronger, it takes time and active sense of the second. In the same manner and behave in a girl with a logical type of infarction.

    Feelings of logical type are more stable because it takes longer for a decision, while a sense of logical reasoning are tested. More time is needed for the cancellation of the decision. Therefore logical that dared to associate with someone their own destiny, that his decision is inclined to keep more stable.

    Ethical love consciously, loves because he wants to love. Love - the conscious creation of pleasant emotions to themselves and others. If the other most important thing is love them, that - whether they like: "You do not love, but I love ..." This expansion is most successful, as is directed at people who are supposed to advance, must surrender. If the object of attention does not give up on it very seriously say that he was unworthy of love and because - let blames himself. Who did not respond to feelings - ungrateful, unreasonable, or thinks he needs more attention than was given. This means that he wants too much, wants more than deserved. The life of these people are often difficult because the objects of love there is too much, do not know when to stop, that love is like, and this supports the other person does not. That for some reason tiring strange feeling of anxiety that needs to change partners, and that none of them are not what they would have made the object of constant love and, finally, would give peace of mind.

    For a person with an ethical type of IM love - one of the most important issues in the world. But he needed a partner with the logical type of IM, which did not show his feelings, but to them, these feelings - is stable. His composure and draw logical logic. If a girl with ethical thinking for some time been friends with a very smart in her view, a guy, all his other friends, it will compare with it. And until he finds one that will seem more intelligent, will feel hapless and unhappy. The same can be said about the individual with logical thinking.

    Ethics is not afraid of any type of feelings. Like love and hate. He loves what is good, but with no less force hates the evil that causes unpleasant emotions. And do not hide it. Therefore, if disappointed in love, can become dangerous. He wants to love. Even when his feelings are irrelevant.

    It can be a sense of exchange for something else: a positive feeling to another object or a negative to the same, but do not give up the most sense. When he is convinced that the favorite is "bad," "unworthy," "change", ie Although nothing new, in fact, did not happen, but some drop overflowed the cup of his patience, positive feeling turns into a negative, love to hate. If your partner thinks that the services and concessions ethical endless, that self-denial - of his character - is wrong and is digging himself a deeper hole. Not able to measure their deeds, ethical, in the end, you still see clearly. That is, there comes a time when he can no longer conceal from themselves the "ingratitude" is not evaluating its service partner, and is furious.

    d) Sensing - intuition

    Sensing types of IM live in the fullest sense of the word senses: able to perceive the nature, art, enjoy all the visible, audible, palpable. Very accurately feel your physical "self" and its needs, have clearly expressed the rhythm of life.

    Touch lives as if only this afternoon. All that will happen tomorrow, for a little surprise. Thanks to the undeveloped abstract thinking, he has no sense of anticipation and hopes only for their strength and will. He too is active or (extrovert) and complicates the lives of himself, or too passive (introverted), is afraid of errors, not sure what once seemed to do - to do. Afraid to overdo it - it would make him ridiculous in his own eyes, as well as in the eyes of all the other introverts.

    Feelings of intuitive types they do not have enough brightness, they are constantly distracted. Even his physical "I" is perceived by them indefinitely. Often confident in their materiality, it is sufficient only for as long as they look in the mirror.

    Touch lives a different life, otherwise eat, or breathe, or feeling for nature, beauty, that is a different interpretation of the fullness of life that intuition is available only next to his loving and respectful touch. At the same time, the touch thanks to his friendship with an intuitive, can more calmly contemplate going to trust the future to avoid surprises. Intuitive happy to adapt to the required rhythm touch him, if he goes to other parameters (intelligence, interests, culture), at the same time giving a vision for the future and enrich the sense of the relativity of each activity and an endless number of new features.

    Touch, in the fullest sense of the word, attentive to all his physical needs, evaluate them as an integral part of the physical "I". Therefore, the drive - an inalienable right to self-actualization and a means to influence other people. Intuitive to drive, as well as all the specific environment and his "I" is not fully perceived and not very reliable phenomenon. They are always skeptical and unsure - reality or just a product of fantasy fiction. So do not take the initiative in their hands, waiting for it from others. Touch looks for an object of desire and tries to achieve its physical implementation. Intuitive feel the need to become the object, as it allows you to be yourself - gaining the right to their own needs and desires. Attracted a partner - proof of its materiality, that is, the moment of mental addition. Means of reification, the materialization of the "I". The attraction for them to need, and it is desirable, however, is dangerous. They are inevitably drawn into the rhythm of life as a partner in a whirlpool from which themselves can not escape. Hence - the fear to get into obedience and prudence.

    Consequently, the only sensory rather than intuitive object are trying to attract attention. In their hands, and the initiative faded out of feeling, if it turns out that the second satisfies not all mental health needs is not a real addition to the individual. In other sensory needs consistency and a kind of dependence, obedience. So can only be intuitive, which supports the initiative of touch, but in their own hands to take it can not. Intuitive quickly realizes that is desired, but after that shows no activity. Own sexual activity is taboo for him. Not because of shyness and a good upbringing, but this creates additional difficulties, but because of the specifics of their sexual activity. If you show an activity greater than the activity of the partner feel very bad, positive attitude to the former partner turns into a negative. Any closer to the intuitive difficult, so he is more reserved and, despite his free-thinking, which often differs generally not inclined to enjoy sexual freedom.

    An interesting feature of jealousy in the relationship and intuitive touch. Intuitive knows - nothing will change from random acts of partner. Jealous of touch, which is judged by his own experience. On a small dose of jealousy intuitive effect is positive, giving it value in his own eyes. Recalls that he needed, and we wish irreplaceable. This is the most convincing proof of its value.

    Every successful intuitive cares about others than about himself. Touch understands your financial interests and knows how to defend them. Intuitive expects that remain of the other or care about it as long as others.

    Sensor intuitive normative, he adheres strictly to the established aesthetic norms, such as fashion, is not ready to any revelations. However, if it is not no Sensorik complements their efforts on these tires is lost and can reach a total of neglect and disorder in everyday life. The aesthetics usually knows a lot, but in his aesthetic taste is not sure. Not sure about the aesthetics of the body, clothing, and movements. So intuitive often look awkward, certainly, if there is no direction from supplementing. In the presence of "director" reach perfection and surpass a happy sensor systems.

    These same standards apply to well-being. Sensorik trust your instincts and do not doubt, when he was healthy when ill: he - "feels." This physician must submit his specific, real feelings, but he was not unfounded diagnoses of a doctor. If a doctor "found nothing", he gets her and goes to another. Intuitive sense of their own seem to be less objective than the diagnosis of a doctor. Diagnosis - is the "norm", and it behaves according to the diagnosis, but is not adequately being.

    In sensory regulatory "intuition", so it is extremely cautious in the use of his time, as well as the use of potential energy, potential sites, subjects and events. Sure, there's no creativity does not work. Therefore, the touch - tactics, and intuitive - a strategist.

    They differ in appearance and: eyes, gait. Intuitive eyes - the eyes that look and not see. Touch your eyes, on the contrary, the eye is very good seeing and noticing all the people. The gait of each of intuitive less confident, as it would be a bit floating in the air and everyone is ready to give way. The gait is different sensory clarity, self-confidence, obstinacy.

    Another interesting aspect. The most narrow face appear in people with introverted intuition. The most extensive - people with introverted sensing. Take, for example, intuitive extroverts and sensing extroverts. Both are statics, so no innate differences, if we take the average of one representative of another type, should not be. However, those intuitive extroverts tend to appear elongated. This is mainly due to wrinkles around the mouth and forehead. But the face of sensory extroverts - round. This is mainly due to the development of these strong-willed people cheekbones. Compressed jaws are particularly striking in the sensory-ethical extravert.

    In the eyes can be judged not only on how the sensor or intuitive person, but also about how extroverted or introverted its sensing and intuition. This is determined by open eyes: the most wide eyes in people with extroverted intuition, I, the narrowest, most screwed up, people with introverted intuition T. This is most noticeable when the person in the meditative state. Distributed sensor systems in the middle, and people with sensory extroverted they are wider and less sharp than that of people with sensory introverted. This is because the first attempt to cover all the observed space, and second, only a few objects. On the disclosure or half-closed eyes, all other things being equal, that is, when a similar addition of individuals from all types of IM is possible to form such a series (from the broadest to the most narrowed):

    1. Intuitively logical and intuitive-ethical introvert
    2. Logical-intuitive and Ethical-intuitive extravert
    3. Sensory-logical and sensory-ethical introvert
    4. Logical-sensory and sensory-ethical extravert
    5. Logical-sensory and sensory-ethical introvert
    6. Sensory-logical and sensory-ethical extravert
    7. Logical-intuitive and Ethical-intuitive introvert
    8. Intuitively logical and intuitive ethical extravert

    We said earlier that ethicals types can not assess the value of their labor. Intuitive same can not assess its quality and therefore also are drowned in endless affairs. They just do not believe that the work is done well enough, and therefore can not finish it.

    e) Statics - Dynamics

    The world around us is formed from the moments of the statics and dynamics. Some elements of IM reflects static - it is and , and in others - the dynamics - it's and . Those types of IM, one of the first two elements, which is an element of statics, called static, the other - dynamic.

    Any incident is really well can tell you only the speakers. According to their story always easy to recover the sequence of the process in time. Statics do not know how, they always get an analysis of the situation or story about the people involved in the accident and subjects. Static analytical thinking, inductive, thinking the speakers - is a synthetic, deductive.

    This difference is clearly seen in the figures. In the dynamics of each line - a pulsating motion in statics - complete rest, rigidity. For example, Roerich father - static, Roerich son - dynamic.

    Statics always know what they need, easily come up with a life purpose and goals for daily activities. Complexity in them - with coming up with methods to achieve these goals. In speakers, on the contrary - always a choice of creative methods, but the goal is desirable that someone suggested from the outside.

    e) Other qualities

    There are other, less obvious opposite qualities that distinguish partners in the dyad. Some people usually say in the question-and others - in the affirmative intonation. First like to get an explanation, others - to explain, tell, declare different truth. A long dialogue two people with a question mark tire each other with their problems with declarative - its useless instincts.

    These types speak in questioning tone: LII, ILE, EIE, IEI, ESI, SEE, LSE, SLI.

    This, as we see, all the same social extroverts rings and all other social introverts ring. (More on this in the "Theory of intertype relations.") In their eyes and faces quite clearly see a question mark. Especially in the eyes of the SLI and LSE.

    8. What complementarity gives to a person

    No man can be both extrovert and introvert, intuitive touch screen and a logical and ethical. His mind is like a magnet, formed of two individual poles. Only the poles of a magnet are always together. A man - asymmetrical, his second pole is a different person.

    The relationship between the two types of IM, when the second has the necessary complement of quality, called for additions, the process of additions - dualization.

    The life of man in society is complicated by its duality and, especially, his shestnadtsatitipnostyu in which to get his second pole is not always possible. And without additions - nedualizirovanny people - restless, hungry spiritual being that has no representation of what the essence of his hunger, and who is to blame. Such a person feels that he is "not understand", but who's to blame - he, "difficult childhood", the spouse or a society - not sure. In this state, it is difficult to live in peace with the world, pile up all sorts of conflicts, contradictions, and wanton aggression. The man reaches out to others for answers, and often even more confused in themselves and their relationships. It is hard to find, if not themselves favorable conditions and a suitable microenvironment.

    For human well-being and functioning as it is extremely important social individual psychological structure of a spouse. No single harmonious personality. Harmonic existential man, when he has not only loving but mentally and complementary partner-dual. Marriage - not only entitled to a sexual partner, but also on mental addition and extension of his personality in the other and dualization of his psyche.

    Therefore, one of the moments of preparation of youth to the family - learning to recognize differences in psychological structures for the selection of a suitable partner or fully adjust to not entirely suitable. With the understanding that unacceptable behavior is not determined by his partner's ill will, but an objective psychological structure, it is possible to at least partially conscious adaptation. In addition, in the knowledge that it is not completely satisfying partner and myself could not be fully satisfied, it is easier to find a compromise.

    A deeper analysis of the relationship of young people showed that psychic structure not only determines the behavior in marriage, and premarital sex behavior in friendship. The way a person is fighting for the initiative, or avoids it, as it attracts, flirting, nor is the manner in which stresses its restraint, independence is a complex defense mechanism. This mechanism, in some measure, shuts the attention of the psychologically unsuitable partners and attract the right. Each has a different psychic structure-making system and show sympathy. In other words - the mind itself can take care of themselves, unless circumstances do not interfere with her. Unfortunately, this mechanism is adapted, apparently, to act in an environment where young people are familiar from childhood, that is, from the time when there was no danger to confuse mental and sexual needs. Or when the error occurred and corrected, without paying a marriage. Today, to the innate need to add a little apprehension of psychological knowledge.Only the ratio of additions and gives a complete sexual compatibility. But such marriages, as we have seen enough. You can not say that marriages are made too early. Rather - people learn too late, when there is no verification of the nature of the conditions. And because of too narrow circle of acquaintances, friends, and because of ignorance of the laws of psychological compatibility. It is too late to choose suitable person by nature or not, when people learn that just time to get married, have only to do and learn. Sexual attraction in this age does not sleep, it is always ready and easily taken for "real love". But everyone expects from a spouse is not something else, but the full complement of mental and psychic balance.

    How do people with mental complementary perceive each other? Like most "humane" person. The most humane, gentle, accessible, and responsive. So it is. In addition, a partner who always knows what to do and when you answer, that advise, what a joke to dispel tension. Who understands everything, always able to support, protect, never hurt, and that, perhaps more importantly - he had never offended . When activated, each Douala and feels stronger and more right. Nedualizirovanny person constantly, in the manifestation of any activity as it is beyond the limits of their capabilities and loses his balance. And what is called the rest, is not so much to recuperate, but rather to restore mental balance.

    Many people do not know, do not feel that such a dualization of the psyche and therefore do not seek it. During the period of premarital friendship quite often a tendency to look no dualization with calm spiritual comfort, and a "great sacrifice". And suffering. There is confidence that the feeling of love must be accompanied by spiritual suffering. But this is only true for those cases where the lovers do not complement each other.

    Dualization improves self-esteem of man. Thanks to her, always understood and its own utility to others and their own place in society. A second continuously provides reliable information about it. Lost all sense of inferiority and fear to feel like an upstart. To complement is not seen as an unattainable Prince, next to themselves the kings.

    Everyone is "sour" mood, as reflected in some grouchiness. It is noteworthy that grouchiness duala never perceived as a broadside. It is often grumbling - that form of communication, which differs very much spontaneity and Double-sided understanding of where everyone knows at a glance when the shortest time partner passed the most extensive information about what is happening in the objective world, and - most importantly - his confusion, uncertainty related to this happening. Grouchiness - just turned to the partner poluosoznannaya please explain something unintelligible. At this nagging nobody except Douala react properly to give a satisfactory answer or explanation, and sometimes silent, can not.

    The source of irritation and conflict between people at work and in family life is the manifestation of a clash in the initiative or the inability to catch one another and support the initiative. In duals, such conflicts are not possible. They work smoothly, this coherence by activating and balancing each other. One picks up another initiative to ensure that the right moment to return it in the first hand. Alternate activity leaves no attention bypassed sections in an executable work, increases the efficiency of labor, reducing the need for its execution time, leaves no room for frustration.

    What is being done by one, the other is perceived as a manifestation of extremely valuable and rare abilities, skills. The constant surprise and the right (not all, as necessary ) and egged praise inflame emotion. Douala is not only unwilling but also unable to destructively interfere with each other. They have no ability to do so, because there are no words that can hurt each other. After all, one person offends another is not so much by his actions, but rather by what words he explains these actions, what motives to the fore, which mimics his explanation accompanies. How to converge with the appearance of common interests, and diverge in their absence is very simple, without complications. If this couple, they would like to knit one thing in common.

    Such a partner does not need conscious concessions. Everything goes as if by itself. The relationship between them can be serious or humorous business. Never - the vicious and aggressive.

    The phenomenon can be explained by the duality of man and in this way. The basis of dualization are mechanisms of information and energy metabolism (IM and EM) duals. This sequence has identity. But while those units IM and EM, which are pronounced in a co-player, the other located in the most undeployed state. Therefore, for any joint activity of these people set off each other well. Manifest this identity and complementarity in any joint activity. Especially clearly noticeable when starting a new business day, when words and gestures one would serve as the ignition key to the other. And also in sexual games. On this issue, psychologists, N. and A. Abozau in the article "Diagnosis of marital difficulties," they write, "... for the psychophysiological interaction are not only purely sexual characteristics of partners (a type of sexual constitution, sexual potency, etc.), but ... reactivity, psychodynamic behavioral characteristics ... as a result of this dissatisfaction of some non-sexual contact is a spouse in a narrow sense, but a form of erotic games, the manifestation of sexual interest ... "(Journal of Psychology, 1982, № 2,. 147).

    So - we may add - who once got into the arms of co-player, is not inclined to change them for anything else. With respect to complement and not sexually holodnyhlyudey frigid women. The couple are sexually active for a long time.

    Sexual behavior of different types of IM is very different. Therefore, the real sexual compatibility can only talk between complementary. We illustrate this with an example of two opposing dyads - dyad sensory-ethical extravert and introvert sensory-ethical. These two opposite sensing dictate to its partners and the opposite of "touch" behavior. In the dyad sensory-ethical introvert, "love" the skin, its entire surface. There are no sudden movements, as partners would melt into each other's arms. In the dyad sensory-ethical extravert, on the contrary, avoid contact with skin and merging bodies. There are many sudden movements, postures and almost gymnastic exercises. Interestingly, the sensory extroverts do not bear the touch of another person, even, for example, contact your doctor. Another person's hand and that only serves its own initiative.

    And in marriage duals may be temporary misunderstanding. This sometimes happens to people who do not feel its dual tendencies due to the fact that growing up in families where relationships have not seen mental additions, do not feel as free people behave, how easy it is natural when someone has complements. Douala should be able to "program". Programmed when the act impulsively, "according to the dictates of the soul." In cases where at least one has the immediacy of this, the second very quickly learns how to "take the program" and "give" it, that is to program first.

    In cohesive families in which husband and wife have complementary personality types, children, as a rule (unless the child was born cyclothymia not schizothyme, while shizotimov - cyclotron), acquire the same types of IM, as well as their parents. Daughters often grow up with types identical to the parent, the children - his father. Daughters of the type of supplemented his father and brothers, sons - the types of mother and sisters, provided that children are raised by their own parents. This is the best, most harmonious family. To educate these children easily, on such parents say that they have an innate talent of educators.

    The relationship of identity, as well as for additions are needed to form a stable psyche of children: no one can become a better teacher than an identical, and the best tutor than an individual with a complementary type of infarction. Therefore, in families where parents are complementary to each other, created optimum conditions for the education and socialization of children. Man, one of whose parents had a complementary type of mentality, feel a sense of value and significance for people. He is confident that it - like a child, and throughout their lives - will understand and love - in the future family and work community. He has a more easy-tempered and nervous system more balanced, better socialized. Others, who with their parents 'unlucky', always feel, in some measure, lost, guilty, or unnecessary, they lack the mental immune system, appears brighter aggressiveness (the extroverts) or conformity (the introverts). They often get into situations of conflict, are buried in the neuroses and any chronic disease.

    Dualization is a prerequisite for successful not only mental, but physical and successful functioning of the body. People with mental dualizirovannoy much less ill, more likely recover.

    Dualized psyche affects on human health, because every element of them not only reflects certain aspects of objective reality, but also controls the body. For each element of the IM are certain meridians and manages system. Systems that are behind the most advanced, leading elements of the IM, the least vulnerable to the disease. First of all get sick of those who are leading a co-player.

    According to our hypotheses, the elements are aligned with the meridians of IM as follows:
    - Posterior median meridian;
    - The meridians of the stomach and pancreas;
    - The meridians of the bladder and kidneys;
    - The meridians of the gallbladder and liver;
    - The front middle meridian;
    - The meridian of the heart and small intestine;
    - Pericardium meridian and three parts of the body;
    - The meridians of the lungs and colon.

    Our observations confirm this hypothesis. For example, the logical extraverts and indeed often suffer from heart, and ethical extroverts - the kidneys, and intuitive extravert - stomach, pancreas, liver.

    9. Demonstration of feelings in pre-marital friendship
    Part 3 - http://socioniko.net/ru/articles/aug-duality3.html

    All that said you can go to the main task of this work, to consider the specific behavior of different types of myocardial infarction during the search for a partner for marriage. To do this, sixteen types of IM distribute on four fours, which are formed from two closely related, that is, to some extent, similar to its behavior dyads.

    A. Logical extroverts and ethical introverts

    The first dyad: logical-sensory extravert - ethical-intuitive introvert (LSE-EII)

    The second dyad: logical intuitive extravert - ethical-sensory introvert (LIE-ESI)

    The most basic thing in itself has value, and logical-sensory extravert, this logic, the ability to reasonably and logically act. This is the only quality that it is fully satisfied and fully trusted. It does not matter much or not he is clever, but if the surrounding question his logic, it does not bother him. Because of the advanced sensor technology it is extremely extroverted sensitive to the aesthetics of the surrounding space, hedonist. Interestingly, the most active, it draws attention not to the intelligence of others, who, in his view, the constant, unchanging, and from the man himself does not depend on the quantity, and the ability to act rationally and appearance of man. Not so important, how clever partner, how important is its elegance and fitness, as it depends only on the goodwill of people. Overweight - untidiness and even challenge the public taste. This is generally one of the most obscene events. Precisely and accurately distinguishes it from the beautiful things ugly, ugly and inconvenient or useless for his rational mind does not exist. He dresses well and gracefully, but do not dress up. Dress is long, and she constantly surprises with its freshness, as if the time factor for her there. Sam does not wear uncomfortable shoes because living for themselves and not for decoration in the world. But all the others only have to dress very nicely - for its aesthetic satisfaction.

    His attraction to persons of the opposite sex quite conscious, and he was not afraid. The poor, those who have it not, that they need to hide, but not him. It is more difficult with the feelings. Feels the need of love, wants to love and be loved, but to make a poem of love does not know how.

    Trying to attract a girl caresses, services, gifts, but not nice words about feelings. It hurts him, it seems difficult, pointless. In feelings, he is passive, and therefore it is vulnerable to side. Love can not quickly, afraid to be deceived, to wishful thinking. If love is contrary to logic, it casts. This is one of those types that we consider manly.People with developed senses underdeveloped intuition, so they are trying to avoid accidents, they want complete clarity and confidence. Can not love, if they think that their feelings are irrational. Can not love a man in whom doubt, which is not trusted, with whom there are problems. Can not love even those who are too independent and therefore not in need of constant care and custody. As well as those who did not show a definite supple care. In the field of feelings does not feel right at Risk: may want one that does not want them, but can not love one who does not like.

    Need a partner with deep feeling and introverted on the surface almost do not notice the balanced emotions, a man, the essence of the inner world is - the ability to measure the feelings of others with their own feelings. For a logical extravert extremely important and very tactful positive emotional evaluation of all his actions, concerns, and effort. Life is clear, easy to understand when it does not spoil the mood of a partner, when it pleases him.

    Princess of his dreams does not indicate initiative when it expects to see (but the initiative in dating a new person, usually in the hands of the ethical types - of any ethicals). But when she began to pay attention, keeps very discreetly and does not show their negative attitudes, even in jest.

    Such jokes here do not understand, perceive as negative emotional evaluation of the human person, and - are removed. Affectation not offend and does not attract.

    For the partner feel responsible. Safeguarding the interests of his real and imaginary opponents are more aggressive than when their guard. Care for a partner and when he gives instructions, can be corrected and regulate its activity. I am pleased to do all the things that he can not. If you really can not, and no one wants. Exact - trying to overcome the difficulties that interfere with productive work partner. Does not like, if a partner falls under someone's influence, and listens to the advice of others.

    Since has developed and even picky taste (in behavior, which is dictated by the second, and not the first item, a person is always more picky), it tends to dictate its partner concept of beauty. Always sure that he knows what is beautiful and what is not, when appropriate and when not to. And it is not so important, like whether it's other people, and whether the public thinks it fashionable or not. It is much harder to live near a man with his taste than some of whom have to solve for all the aesthetic problem, which lends itself to his will, to listen to instructions.

    The most suitable are feeling ethical-intuitive introvert . This media quiet, internal, imperceptible to outsiders, the sea of feelings. The world of his senses are so fine and rich, arrogant and samoustoychiv that do not need the verbal evidence of love. He sees and without a word, someone who likes what and who is anyone in need, and who do not need. Valuable feature of this type - the ability to adapt to the emotions of another person, to empathize with another person, remove the emotional stress, to calm. It's always someone in love, deep down in front of someone bowing people, although they often give the impression of cold, self-contained or even insensitive. Their love, as love each intuitive, platonic, incorporeal.

    As well as logical extrovert need to be someone he loved, but otherwise he does not know how to love, so ethical intuitive introvert to someone's craving. He does not dare to wish for, his own inclination satisfied, he tries to drown, can not be influenced by it. Courage does not come soon, along with faith in your loved one and the confidence that desire does not seem ridiculous, do not humiliate him in the eyes of another.

    Ethical introvert seeking pleasurable emotions. They provide intelligence, logic operations, the ability to protect, demanding partner. No other evidence of love and talk of love or need. Need to partner his conduct afforded these pleasant emotions would not be late for dates, would carry out their promises, would have been polite, caring. Expectation that can never be deceived, and in which any number can dream, is one of the greatest pleasures of this type of IM.

    This girl (and man) wants to live according to the tastes and desires of another is not so much because he does not have its own, but because he wants harmony relationships, complete fusion of the will. Therefore, on the one hand, there is a tendency to fully comply with a no less ardent desire to taste both the same. The girl wants to know what he likes and wants to adapt it. But the trouble is that a man whose nature is not logical extrovert and that only thus can not adapt to it, ie, can not fulfill its basic requirements: always and everywhere have the owl opinion. Misfortune to a man who - though very clever - to express their views tend to form in thought, not in the form of short categorical statements. Next to him Ethical-intuitive introvert is constantly dissatisfied and unhappy.

    We can say that this girl does not have enough character that it is not permissible tolerance, that every educated person should have his own opinion and taste. But when one marriage there are two with his "taste" (two without it, too bad), for example, logical-sensory extravert and ethical-sensory introvert, often do not obtain two distinct taste, but a fight between two of each other independent of selfishness.

    The strength of the logical and intuitive extravert - also logic. Due to the development of abstract thinking, he is inattentive to the exterior of a partner, it pays little attention. Often even more - with a partner too good physique the way. He needs no one who is most beautiful to him, but rather one for which he - the most beautiful. He's due to his inattention to the environment does not understand how other people see it, is always uncertain in its appearance and its imaginary part is going through a bit ugly. Intuitive type them recognition of their physical "I" is extremely important - and therefore need a partner with the developed aesthetic senses, taste, which can be trusted, they need to feel: he liked me in spite of the fact that he had developed a taste, picky, and even pretentious. He liked me, despite the fact that, for all the other people he is very critical, most of whom he considers ugly. I do not like me to him because he does not care what I am, but because I am such as I am.

    Ethical feelings and emotions of are underdeveloped, as in every logical. Continuing to love can only be that the conscious feeling that lasts for two and a conscious desire is too short for two. In domestic life this type is absent-minded and allows another to command him.

    In the partners he is best suited for ethical-sensory introvert . This is also the creator of the deep sense of ethics and love. But as he advanced sensing, it is a very independent person monopolizing in their hands either side of erotica. His emotions did not show, so it seems cool, but because of his shrewd keen eye with which well versed in the world, even angry. Ethical-sensing introvert does not look at conversation partner, not to incinerate him with his doubtful piercing gaze.

    The second element is more creative than the first. Therefore, all its manifestations and more pleasing to the individual seem more valuable. Therefore, the aesthetics of RF is very picky, categorical and often unpleasant. All people like to order. One needs it more than others, but all the easier when there is order. Individuals with sensory as the second element of any deviation from the commonly accepted order of notice exaggerated acute. Perhaps that is why they believe many feel uncomfortable, prickly and spiteful. Of domestic orders (especially in an environment not mentally supplementing partners) is an idol, do not settle with time-consuming, with no energy consumption. It's very important to your own view of art, clothing, interior design, that is, to anything that gives or may give a pleasant feeling. They are easy only for those who do not own "aesthetic touch program." Only intuitive can easily adapt and be happy even when the other it provides a program that not only facilitates, simplifies, but also enriches his life.

    Ethical-sensory introvert does not think about the future and live day to day and does not like to wait. "What can I do today, do not put off till tomorrow." And now you can do what he now wants. This type of uncompromising and stubborn, so it's well a friend of the logical-intuitive extrovert, living not the present day, and what was and what will happen and do not pay attention to today. He loves it, too, not by words but by deeds, but, in contrast to the logical-sensory extravert, not inclined to these "things" come up with myself and happy throughout daily specificity lends itself to the will of the partner. At any time one throws and another begins, unless your partner want.

    A student by the name of Alva - ethical-sensory introvert - wrote the following about a guy of her dreams: "It is fashionable, but always neat and certainly well built. Very polite, mild-to-use, attentive to me and to others. Not envious, and not a liar. Not selfish. For all questions has his opinion. Together with me, goes to the theater, cinema, art exhibitions, concerts. He likes long walks and trips, camping trips. Says a lot, says everything that comes to mind. Home - my assistant." In the description to know the exact image of the logical and intuitive extravert. He is none other like to talk and discuss read and heard. Only he would obediently carry out all the wishes of Alva.

    B. Ethical extroverts and logical introverts

    The first dyad: ethical-sensory extravert - logical-intuitive introvert (ESE-LII)

    The second dyad: ethical-intuitive extravert - logical-sensory introvert (EIE-LSI)

    Emotions are strong ethical extroverts, colorful, impressive, with great expression, and often power. Emotions are not shy and do not hide. The depth and variety of experiences - the most valuable finding in itself and on what basis other people appreciate. Forms of expression of emotions trying to improve. Hence, a particularly strong attraction to the poetry and music. It is easy to say not only about emotions, which is a favorite, but any other: the fear, hatred, etc. The fact that surprises, delights, disturbs, removes from the patient. Emotions are controlled, directed and controlled by the mind. Mood - what they are doing, not what happens to them without their conscious desires. Emotions often - the basic substance of life, its essence and at the same time - an ornament, not complication, as is the case with people with logical thinking. They are usually very pleasant conversationalists, good listeners - able to understand, admire, approve, sympathize, to enter into another position. Thereby encourage others to be frank, helping to sort out their emotions. With the ability to approve, with their enthusiasm infect others, raise their spirits and inspire to action. Emotions are these people so strongly controlled by the mind, they are so confident in their validity, and that emotions are caused by the object of love, they are not confused and do not hesitate. Strange and incomprehensible only one who no one admires, whom no one gives a delight and experiences. It is often thought that their emotions do not hide the self-confident people, ie People with high self-esteem. Of course, this has something to do with respect for yourself. But the people who respect their emotions, not always rely on others to demonstrate their personality: intellect, will, ability. Here it is important to only one or a sense of legitimacy of their emotions. And the fact that not very confident of their ethical extravert emotion is not shy.

    Well-mannered ethical extravert sees the need to hide some of the negative emotions: outrage, disgust. But why not show admiration, not to increase the satisfaction of another person is?Ethical introvert, which we mentioned earlier, try to understand each other and get pleasant emotions. Extrovert rather than their looks for themselves as trying to give to others. Giving joy to others, enjoys himself. The meaning of life - to ensure the surrounding positive emotions. Promote their activities, to give courage, inspire, and, if necessary, and to suspend or sent to a different channel. (That is why these two ethical types - extrovert and introvert - one another do not understand, is suspected of selfishness and hypocrisy).

    In the ethical-sensory extravert advanced sensing, so he sees not only spiritual but also physical properties of the partner. He needs not only spiritual but also physical properties of the partner. He needs not only mental intelligent partner data, but also his ability to interest his appearance, physical bearing, elegance. Aesthetic sense is developed. Can not stand clutter and untidiness. Adapt to the tastes of others does not. Interesting it seems logical introvert closed, mysterious, obscure to others, and, therefore, extremely attractive. Bright emotions ethical extravert, the ability to enjoy all the good and beautiful raised vitality logical introvert. Logical introvert is not insensitive, but he is never sure whether his emotions are appropriate. Ethical extravert just someone who skillfully expresses that has accumulated in his soul. So he appreciates it.

    In Partners ethical sensory extravert is particularly suitable logical-intuitive introvert, which is pretty pliable, readily adapts to a partner, approves its taste, is responsible for its erotic initiative. Logical-intuitive introvert and about their feelings, and his attraction may admit only once, when the eyes partner - a loved one, clearly, not only give him emotions and desire.

    - Not selfish. If you do not always know how to reckon with the interests of others, with their own - even more so. He wants more than others to feel good man. But this faith something is just not enough. Therefore need a partner to protect his interests, which will be able to criticize it, and for lack of selfishness and inability to take care of yourself. Who does not encourage him to work, does not require the activity, does not care about his interests and does not make him take care of them - he does not love him. Do not worry about it, like all the other intuitive, impossible.

    Without it, they make themselves too many demands and exhausted physically. Protection of his interests, good name, and too much criticism for exhausting activity perceived as recognition of the value of their identity and proof of love. This is something without which it is difficult to live. Everything else is of little importance.

    The strongest side of it - logical thinking. Encouraging public activity to Extravert intuition is the second creative, but it requires the recognition of a party. Therefore, for the satisfaction of its activities to the approval of the partner. Without it, he feels lost. Therefore, the functioning of him as a person depends on the intelligence partner, his sensitivity and ability to approve. Occasionally he even tends to check the emotions partner obscure antics. If your partner react properly, then the contact is all right, his condemnation of the wrong actions necessary as the compass that orients in public opinion. In addition, while a partner interested in his work, he asked, and his personality. Therefore, you must make sure that he still does not like his evil deeds. Therefore, notices, cares, pays attention.

    Relationship with sexual partner complex. No object desire, much less an object on his own feelings will not change. We can say that he loves the one who convinced himself that he loves and knows how to be sure that is a favorite.

    Extravertedemotions - the basis of union between two people, through which more emotionally active ethical extravert inspires much more passive and less bold in his undertakings logical introvert self-confidence and their activities, gives support, it activates. This influence is one person to another like a miracle, the significance of which depends on both the level of intelligence.

    Emotions Ethical-intuitive extravert also well defined and clearly visible to all, but they seem abstract. It can be spread about their emotions and feelings, but feelings remain platonic, he dare not even wish for a loved one. Some important and poor sex education, but education is only an additional complicating their lives. Sympathetic to anyone who showed them a good feeling, but it takes a long time and persistent attention to the partner to feel fused with addiction. Attraction, as with all intuitive, has a kind of "correspondence" in nature: it means that the object is quite consciously wish only in its absence. When the beloved before their eyes, attraction seems to be something unreal and fantastic. If a partner because of their mental incompatibility not understand, even in marriage and avoid sexual intimacy. Express your feelings your partner is not a specific concern about it, but the dramatic stories and warnings of the dangers that might fall on him.

    Interestingly, the Ethical-intuitive extravert a kind of inherent arrogant demeanor. From the side it seems that the reason he puts on airs, what? It depicts. This is the "arrogance" is very attractive to the practical in his activities, but closed in relations with people of logical-sensory introvert.

    It gives it a peculiar sense of confidence and security. He is grateful for the fireworks and the emotions that freshen and enliven his feelings have been driven underground. And for what ethical and intuitive extravert readily adapts itself to the practical and aesthetic program partner.

    Logical-sensory introvert - esthetician. Acute perception of beauty, desire to see her around, evaluate, and enjoy. He's not gourmet, such as logical-sensory extravert. He does not really matter what he eats and drinks. But the world wants to impress his own particular elegance and elegance of a partner (or rather - beautiful objects).

    His desire logical-sensory introvert does not hide, do not hesitate, often gives the impression that it deliberately shows. His piercing stares, does not pass unnoticed and unappreciated no person of the opposite sex, and many can be unpleasant. That his view is not so much concerned about ethical and intuitive extravert as convincing evidence that it is really appreciated and desired. Offers his hand on the basis of attraction and are fully aware of his own hard-defined sense. On the other judges on the feelings of the external manifestations of emotion. Therefore, relatively easily can be mistaken and his desire to be loved, to a sense of a partner. It feels so incredulous. In this respect, ethical and intuitive extravert with his exaggerated arrogance - exactly what you need: it is unlikely that he would go on convergence before realized that connects them are feeling.

    Logical-intuitive introvert in love ever more dependent on a partner, than the logical-sensory introvert. He not only understands the feelings and attraction to another person. Therefore, more careful, more afraid to be funny. Men may represent antifeminist women, especially if the plant is fixed by education, too, more or less openly show their contempt for the interests of the floor. In this "antifeminism" is a demonstrative element, which is hidden in search of permanent, unchanging human relations. This is not a statement, "all women are worthless" as much as the question "if she will continue to love me".

    C. Sensory extroverts and introverts intuitive

    The first dyad: sensory-logical extrovert - intuitive-ethical introvert (SLE-IEI)

    The second dyad: sensory-ethical extravert - intuitive-logical introvert (SEE-ILI)

    Sensory-logical extrovert, like all extroverts, does not like the initiatives of others. Anyone who takes initiative - is not interesting, annoying, boring and generally not all that. Sometimes he tries not to show, portrays a polite person (especially if it's a girl), but feels bad. A man with such a character does not doubt that it is entitled to the physical side of love, unless he seeks it, if he is not imposed. Desire, the desire for physical identification with another person it is an understandable and ordinary. It is indisputable part of his nature. His weak point - emotion. Judging others by himself, he knows and does not doubt that may want to, but rarely am sure also love. Attraction - an ordinary means of self-realization. Love, psychic identification with another person - a luxury not available not for everyone. So talk about your feelings, not sure yet what their partner is valued higher than himself, can not. And if you utter, feels as though he himself gave. Afraid of love, not as psychological identification with the other, and both illicit desire, undeserved luxury. Afraid of not only love but also of any other feelings. He, like his relatives, I'm sure he does not know fear, hatred, etc. Do not be surprised or jealous.

    Emotionally, quite frankly feels just Intuitive-ethical introvert who, on the one hand, enough emotional well aware of the feelings of another and does not hide its own, with another - creates the impression of a very helpless, lost in the individual's life. Only when faced with such a person, sensory-logical extravert sure of his feelings never laugh. Even if they will be rejected - it seems so helpless and far-fetched, that would not hurt. In addition, sensory-logical extrovert impressed sexual restraint as a precondition for serious partner and feeling of permanence.

    It is often said that a man looking for female weakness, as Only the weak are not afraid to show his weakness. This is wrong. Some people - as far as it concerns different types of IM - not weaker than the others. The same can be said about the relationship between these two men. The strength of sensory-logical extrovert in its energy capacity to the logical conclusion and renunciation of the senses. His weakness in an effort to avoid showing feelings. Power of Intuitive-ethical introvert in its adaptation to other people and ability to manipulate their emotions. Only the sensory-logical extrovert may feel that loving a woman draws him his impotence, because on feelings and emotions are not hidden, it looks like a weakness. For her - it's no less helpless. After choosing between sensory-logical extrovert and sensory-ethical extravert, selects the first only because of his "helplessness", ie timidly in love.

    Sensory-ethical extravert, not only does not hide his feelings, but on the contrary, they are proud. Relatively easy, if it is in his inner mood, expresses his admiration. And words and glances. He was always full of love for the physical and psychic identification, unless he wants. Even when feeling momentarily. Knows very well what he wants from the love object, is not inclined to adapt, but to dictate.

    Sensory-ethical extravert, like all sensory, pays much attention to the aesthetics of the environment, cleanliness, order. He often has what is called the innate taste and knows how to dress well and requires the same from others. Attentive to the physical data partner. In all its activities are initiated. But the sense of measure to measure the offense is not. Permanently not sure what to do all he could.

    Life of sensory-ethical extravert difficult requirements similar to ponder their activities and behave wisely. (Most often in this situation fall into men, because the logic of female behavior are less interested). He does not tolerate such a requirement renders it yourself, it really ceases to be the logic. Entered intelligently and logically as long as it does not require of him, while his "respect" with "considered". You can not argue with his logic. Influence it can only be opposed to the objectives of other, more noble and elusive.

    Their initiative and efficiency are so great that no criticism, even nag on intuitive introvert, who is condemned almost every manifestation of activity, does not spoil the mood. On the contrary, the criticism of calms shows that they have done and are doing a lot of their work noticed. These people are not self-critical about their work, not because of its overrated, but because they underestimate. They are suspected of wanting to be in the spotlight. And they just have to feel around on all sides "chaos" they lead to some kind of order, take possession of them.

    Thanks to their initiative and insistence of sensory-ethical extravert often frustrated in the objects of their senses. Those are "not as" not understand the impulse of their souls. A substance that needs someone to whom you can adjust not adjusting. On this and dream. Here is how a student Ruth Knight describes his dreams: "It must be nice and dull (like the protagonist of the novel H. Hesse," Steppenwolf "). Eyes large and sad. Uncommunicative, does not say a compliment. And so the impression unattainable. His tortured dozens of problems that, in my opinion, not worth paying attention. I attracted his sadness, seriousness, try to cheer up, cheer up, cheer. Therefore, if a party is the kind of guy, I do not miss, recover, become overly cheerful, trying to cheer him, to compel, if not to laugh, at least to smile. " This is a figurative description on intuitive introvert, which in his feelings very constant, is not inclined to adventure, wants to complete dependence on a demanding lover. Attention partner trust will not soon, waiting for a long proof, so something seems out of reach and, as a serious and necessary to the vigorous, persistent, in his own impermanence tired of sensory-ethical extravert.

    The main feature on intuitive introvert - not only did he himself rarely takes the initiative, which in general is typical for almost all introverts, but making fun of those who exercise it, if you can do without it. All activities, they say, walk on stage, they want to be in the spotlight or break because of his own stupidity. Some take it for sober views, objective, independent judgments, courage in saying unpleasant things. Others, he sets himself against, as everywhere and always manages to drop a bit of tar. Interestingly characterized this type of Erich Fromm (he called it even necrophilia, that is, those who love death): "You can find out - he wrote - in the words of a person: usually looks as if sniffing odor, has an extraordinary ability to deaden to extinguish all that it touches; boring to communicate, where there is, goes sparkle, faded out conversations it attracts all non-living things, painful, dead or mechanical. " Erich Fromm himself - intuitive-logical extravert, ie contrast on intuitive introvert. Between them there is no point in common attitude. If the intuitive introvert expressed his opinion about the preacher optimistic philosophy - an intuitive extrovert - it would have sounded no less colorful. (Even when people with the opposite type of MI sympathize with each other, they do not understand the motives of the activity of the latter. Hence, distrust). And who needs it as a mental addition (remember that a student writes Ruth about a guy of his dreams), he is the bearer of peace of mind and intelligence is particularly deep.

    An interesting feature on intuitive introvert - acquiescence. He loves people, strong, well versed in his own way and demanding concessions, people who are exempt from having to come up with goals, but they themselves are invented methods of action. But second only to the case when it considers that it will be wiser, you must, otherwise not. Put another way, willingly acts only where it can with a clear conscience say that he is forced to act, that no other way, no way out. In erotic relationships people have this type of passive than in any other activity. The whole initiative in the hands of a partner. He "gives" when otherwise "impossible". When another foolish, when circumstances warrant, reason, understanding that to get married or marry is in some respects necessary, correct.

    Intuitive introvert is inclined to the pessimistic philosophizing. It is often called a misanthrope. Sometimes it seems that in general he sees only black and that he - an evil and a bad thing. No. He only lives all the time though fearing that something might overlook. If by any threatening trouble (good luck it is less interested in) it does not warned in advance, apparently, would have felt superfluous.

    When people do something with enthusiasm, often possible failures are forgotten. Only after seeing a good mood, introverted intuition begins to resemble that has nothing to rejoice that it is accessible to any fool, and that it is not clear what would happen - the mood is spoiled, passion fades. But it is unsurpassed comforter when others have no luck, when everything falls out of the hands, when fate seems hostile. The bottom line is that this kind of afraid of extrovert emotion, its annoying as joyful mood, which seem to him to camouflage obscures the essence of the case and any despair, tragedy. It extinguishes them. He can not act under the dictation of emotions, hence the rejection of the demonstration of sensitivity and a tendency to look at all of allowing himself to be such as self-centered children who are at least occasionally useful to return to earthly reality. It is this need and sensory-ethical extravert. Ok, when loving creature can advance to think about waiting for the tricks of fate, his warnings protects from any attack, surprise, and if disaster befalls, is able to show the relativity of evil in time.

    In addition, it must be said that his caustic remarks did not spoil the mood of the people who are satisfied with the quality of the offense. And all the sensory quality of satisfaction. The words "otherwise it could not be," "above the nose can not jump," which for the individual with extroverted intuition would act as a condemnation, it is very energetic and ethical sensory extravert but calm. Convinced that it is not his fault, if not done more. The same one morally soothing, and the other seems to reproach.

    Intuitive-logical introvert behavior of individual elements of another person's behavior is as if the working model. Therefore, it can not be anything surprising. Hence their dissatisfaction with those in the behavior of someone they do not have clear sequence, and therefore can not produce such a behavioristic behaviors.

    D. Intuitive introverts and sensing extroverts

    The first dyad: intuitive-logical extravert - sensory-ethical introvert (ILE-SEI_

    The second dyad: intuitive ethical extravert - sensory logical introvert (IEE-SLI)

    Intuitive-logical extrovert, like all other extroverts, do not like attention from others, which exceeds its own initiative. Friends he chooses. He does not like nor compliant, which he seems uncertain, nor those who use other concessions. But as a rule, inferior, and it does not. Is extremely poor tactician. Not only is he able to set the desired distance from people, but has no idea what it should be. Can not be angry, stubborn, to defend their interests. Therefore, those who try to use it not for the sake of a new standing and complicated and interesting case, which is his passion, but for the sake of someone's personal "selfish" interests, is trying to annoy the right. And so often known bad character.

    Concessions and services do not like it. But what makes for the case, even when doing for others, does not consider the assignment. "For others" is not an "other." Feelings for him - a taboo, and from them to run. Should be no doubt that every act is the result of an objective, logical, rather than subjective ethical thinking.

    Intuitive-logical extravert sees the objective capabilities of its partners (but not their feelings). Is extremely sensitive, where carelessness can weaken the vitality of another person. He likes the stubborn, very well knowing what they want, and at the same time funny, warm, quiet touch introverts. He is a man of his word, do what promised, even if it turns out to be unprofitable. His passion - caring for the creation of conditions for the vitality of others. Supports the activities of all people, guided by the peculiar sense supports the objective of duty, rather than emotions.

    Appealing to the sense of duty (as well as any other feeling) knocks off balance, and causes the bristles to rebel. Relationships with them deteriorate as soon as a hint to the need to perform duty, but before that they could do much more than is consistent with common sense and normal practicality.

    Intuitive-logical extravert and no one ever accuses. Reproach - that means to confess to feeling. This is beyond his power. He thinks that man right there is no right to reproach. Recriminations from both fear and any signs of aggressiveness in the face of which is enraged. He already uses too much power to suppress feelings. On the call, ie any criticism - often says, "If so, then I is not needed" and leaves, slamming the door. But these states of uncontrolled fear, trying to avoid. One reason for the peculiar desire to overdo it in any action is to avoid casual allusions to the debt, and thereby losing control over their relationships with people.

    In the erotic feelings are very restrained. The situation is complicated by extraversion, which can not succumb to the will and initiative of others. Sensitive feelings hard to ripen. For a long time doubted, compares, thinks. Sometimes you need a year or two to yourself, do not hesitate to say "I love you." Even harder to show it differently. Therefore, if possible, these people are trying to get rid of the feeling that in the eyes of another does not seem ridiculous, weak, dependent and void. In the feelings of his partner and the emotional reality is completely unversed. Suppose, after he himself explains that feeling - a product of his imagination, the memory comes up a lot of evidence Choice favorite. But as soon as this will be overjoyed and decides that the fight with a stupid memory provides it with the same amount of proof to the contrary sense. Love - timeless, raging in the mind of a hurricane. Continuous delirium, when nothing else can not do and nothing else to think about. (This is one of the most dangerous variants of platonic love). To talk about feelings only undertake when the realize that they have evolved into a chronic disease that must be treated. I wonder what they can not get rid of them until there is no certainty (and only for as long as its not) in a retaliatory sense. Spiritual balance is restored as soon disappears ambiguity, that is, when an object is specifically waives his likes or accepts them. Intuitive-logical extravert because of the love object will never compete. If you are a person who seems more worthy of attention other inferior without nagging sense of regret - because he tries to subdue his life logic. But if the object of love after a while back, nothing but gratitude for him is not felt.

    All intuitive extrovert at home distracted, inattentive, it is difficult to get along with the world of things and if they live alone, around there is chaos, to which they feel helpless. This weakness know how and what others can not be so tired of their care of others.

    In partners fully suitable only friendly, always good and optimistic sensory-ethical introvert (actor Leonov, Dumas).

    Intuitive-logical extravert does not say "I love you" or "Be mine." He was happy to have abdicated from their feelings as no one else desired weakness, but too well aware that this is ruining it. Therefore, his inner mood, of which he is inclined to be silent, the most consistent of the word "I will destroy you." When he feels that is on the verge of a precipice, and his personality is facing complete disaster, says, "I need you" and that - God forbid - do not cheat in something else, opens his eyes to all its shortcomings, so that he would not buy a cat in the bag. "I need" convincing explanation for ear sensory-ethical introvert, which his emotions behind his short, to whom these words - the best of all possible evaluations of his personality. To whom his emotions is not enough, these words came to dry and unconvincing. Even hurt to.

    Touch is an introvert hedonist more than any other and therefore only feels good reality of his physical existence. Since each of the other inclined to judge for himself, he thinks so, and feels different. Therefore, it is considered a comfort of others, considerate and caring, when they were sympathetic. At the very least, making this type - not a burden on others. He can not ask for nor require service all their needs trying to satisfy their own. Something for which sensory introvert extrovert intuitive as needed, can be called a special sensitivity and subtlety, attention to the physical "I" of the other. Protecting the world of his feelings, guards and others. Sensory-ethical introvert good tactician. In everyday life, is able to defend its sovereignty, that is, he needed distance from people, and not to spoil the relationship that just does not work in intuitive-logical extravert. In addition, sensory introvert has its own dynamic rhythm of everyday life, which is just not enough second, and without which he feels like ivy without support.

    Sensory-ethical introvert feels very good in the world of feelings and emotions. Perceptive to the feelings of others. It is easy to distinguish who is and how it likes and wants. This type of artist who appreciates life in all its varieties. He loves beauty and harmony. Creates them. If something does, does with feeling and taste. For each object on the work looks like a work of art which should excite others and himself. Even if it's cooking. In love, he is also an artist. If the object of love is not enough attentive, knows how relatively easy to remove, replace it with another. These desires and needs are very well aware of and responsibility for them not to shift the other partner. This is exactly what is needed most intuitive logical extrovert, who is himself on his own initiative or believe in feelings, not abandon them can not.

    Intuitive-ethical extravert their feeling quite shy, and knows how much to seek. But precisely because, like all intuitive, trying to bypass the drive. His speech about love and longing passionate, seductive glances and smiles. But his affection hesitant, cautious, more addicted, seductive and asking than giving and demanding. Kissing incorporeal touch as a butterfly. More of this on his own initiative he can not go and does not know how to drive in the presence of a partner is uncertain, it is always better to know what he wants other than himself. Hence the fear of becoming dependent on another, and the fear of being ignorant or rude in a caress.

    The greatest pleasure of all intuitive extroverts, both ethical and logical, to find a way out of the provisions that seem hopeless to others. Very often live, allowing themselves quite useless problems. Intuitive-ethical extravert particularly emotional situations available solution. Through understanding the spiritual structure of the people, they know how to please, and can not refrain from doing so. So, enjoy exceptional success among individuals of the opposite sex. Because of what - especially considering that his attention trying to make happy each - quite often a reputation for being very frivolous people and get the nickname Don Juan. It has long been established that the so-called philanderers like love women, they have enjoyed great success and yet afraid of intimacy, at the last moment "disappointed" in his beloved. Some therapists explained that their sexual coldness, others by the fact that every woman they are trying to find his mother, and others that they need only a victory over other men, as was evident that more attention is paid to women with a husband or even a lover . But the thing is, apparently, that attract the attention of a married more complicated and therefore more interesting problem.

    So, intuitively-ethical extravert their feelings rather unstable because of its rough character, which is dictated by extraversion and ability to attract people. In European culture, his sexual restraint plus ardor feeling extremely impressed by the women. They are close and understandable emotional courage, initiative and Don Juan at the same time his "harmless", which each divines advance. In addition, under two levels of spiritual culture, "high" - a male and a "lower" - female, woman, only men are flattered by the attention to her body, and its spiritual life.

    To his mind the physical identification - giving up control over the situation, the complete equation with a partner - surrender. As a result, often fleeing the physical, mental, and of identification, but it is difficult to give up "solutions to complex situations." He needs a tough, closed, but its attraction and business thinking completely trusting woman. That is - the sensory-logical introvert. If the IR meets the woman of this type is not too late, before the individual may still abandon their emotional power over all and sexual freedom of all journeys end in Don Juan. Then say, "and who could have thought that he would one day become serious."Sensory-logical introvert feels fine as close to nature, and at home. If he needs something, knows how to do what he wants, without advice from others. Defined sequence in the propensity to care for their comfort. Movement of calm, precise, extremely economical. When viewed from the side usually gives the impression that the outcome of their work is always greater than the effort. As if part of the movement is hidden from the observer's eye. It is characterized by the ability to take from the environment that it can give without demanding what is not.

    All sensory introvert inherent trait - do not show on his face and his real feelings, so do not give the other party about his inner world.

    Sensory-logical introvert is almost always the same cold and mysterious, sensory-ethical - the same warm, caring, smiling.

    If the intuitive-logical extravert afraid to show their feelings, confess them, the sensory-logical introvert afraid to show emotion, and by all means avoid dictated their actions.

    In their dreams, sensory? Logical introvert bears the image of the ideal partner that is most similar to the intuitive ethical extravert. Ele student describes the knight of your dreams, "is beautiful, elegant, but not a dandy, its looks are not paying attention. Movement uncertain, it lacks precision, even a little clumsy. With great spiritualized, wondering eyes. Knows no fear, full of good wishes, feelings and determination. At any time, can throw all the ideas for a new sublime. I want to be his friend, assistant and lover. " Something like a fearless Musketeers or sea captain from a fairy tale.

    10. Afterword by the author

    Born a new science Socionics , the science of nature shestnadtsatitipnoy people and about the patterns of relations between them. This work is dedicated to only one respect - respect additions. But since there are sixteen types of people, and relations between them become sixteen different forms. There is a relationship of identity, the activation of the conflict, control, social order, and many others. Some of them act positively on the human psyche, such as the ratio of activation, the other - a relationship of conflict, control - in the negative. All this is described in another paper in the "Theory of intertype relations" (1982).

    The main objective of this work - to show that the manifestations of love, as in all other areas of human communication, there is no right and wrong, good and bad. There are only people with appropriate and inappropriate types of personality or - information metabolism (IM). In addition, there are people with more balanced psyche. They are the ones who succeed, who have grown up living and working among people with suitable types of IM. And there are people with less balanced psyche. They are the ones that failed because their environment is formed of people with inappropriate types of myocardial infarction and the impact it is destructive.

    People have always dreamed of living on good terms with other people who wanted to be understood and wanted to understand others. Wanted to see the range of kindness and themselves to be benevolent. Dreamed of all, it was possible a few. Today we know that it is impossible to dream of a truly harmonious, peaceful and creative society and the individual, as long as people do not understand its nature and underlying polytypic for their types of patterns of communication. Completely new stage in the life of society will this reorganization him that each person will provide an opportunity for a sufficient number of contacts with the right for his psychosomatic health of people.

    It is difficult to say when this will come true dream, but there is no other way.
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      Needs to be formatted into paragraphs. Tedious to read as it is, although pretty interesting. Thanks for the translation.
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      Yea, good read. A clear difference between Se and Si:

      "Sexual behavior of different types of MI is very different. Therefore, the real sexual compatibility can only talk between complementary. We illustrate this with an example of two opposing dyads - dyad sensory-ethical extravert and introvert sensory-ethical. These two opposite sensing dictate to its partners and the opposite of "touch" behavior. In the dyad sensory-ethical introvert, "love" the skin, its entire surface. There are no sudden movements, as partners would melt into each other's arms. In the dyad sensory-ethical extravert, on the contrary, avoid contact with skin and merging bodies. There are many sudden movements, postures and almost gymnastic exercises. Interestingly, the sensory extroverts do not bear the touch of another person, even, for example, contact your doctor. Another person's hand and that only serves its own initiative."
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      Needs to be formatted into paragraphs. Tedious to read as it is, although pretty interesting. Thanks for the translation.
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      Yea, good read. A clear difference between Se and Si:

      "Sexual behavior of different types of MI is very different. Therefore, the real sexual compatibility can only talk between complementary. We illustrate this with an example of two opposing dyads - dyad sensory-ethical extravert and introvert sensory-ethical. These two opposite sensing dictate to its partners and the opposite of "touch" behavior. In the dyad sensory-ethical introvert, "love" the skin, its entire surface. There are no sudden movements, as partners would melt into each other's arms. In the dyad sensory-ethical extravert, on the contrary, avoid contact with skin and merging bodies. There are many sudden movements, postures and almost gymnastic exercises. Interestingly, the sensory extroverts do not bear the touch of another person, even, for example, contact your doctor. Another person's hand and that only serves its own initiative."
      I LOVE the skin; anyway, I've mentioned before how my SEE loving and great friends "knock" or bump into me or move me or take things from me suddenly and sharply and then apologize. *Knock* "oh, sorry, excuse me, I love you." If I didn't know their type, I might get offended or weird out, but I do and it's all good with me.
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      what does "gipertimny" or "gipertimnichesky" mean?
      It means "hyperthymic temperament". hm I used to know a SLE 7w8 who was kind of like what that wiki page describes.
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      It means "hyperthymic temperament". hm I used to know a SLE 7w8 who was kind of like what that wiki page describes.
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      "All this is described in another paper in the "Theory of intertype relations" (1982)."
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