• What the IEs are not...

    What the IEs are not...

    Fi is not...:

    Empathy, morality, humanitarianism, charity, pacifism, being peaceful, never lying, being Gandhi, being Jesus, being wholesome, being good, being virtuous, being immaculate, innocence, love, romance, stupid sappyass love songs, puppies, being loyal, fidelity to your spouse, cupcakes, cute things, being judgmental, traditional attitudes, chastity.

    Se is not...:

    Hitting things, yelling, aggression, talking shit, pushing people around, being tough, fighting, cussing, guns, big muscles, big cars, having balls, genitalia, bathroom humor, sex jokes, racist jokes, having sex, being violent, being ruthless, killing people, blowing shit up, hiearchical rule, being obsessed with power, being dominating, being confident, having desire, having motivation, having discipline, having will power.

    Ne is not...:

    Creativity, novelty, being original, being a genius, having imagination, synthesis, analogy or metaphor, invention, new ideas, free-thinking, open-mindedness, advancement, insight, possibilities, boundless potential, visuo-spatial thinking, divergent thinking, conceptual thinking, randomness, spontaneity, being scatter-brained, being ADD, an excuse for why you're a worthless failure at life even though you think you're so brilliant.

    Te is not...:

    Business, bureaucracy, finance, accounting, calculations, measurements, empirical thinking, objective evidence, the scientific method, carrying out procedural operations, step-by-step problem solving, organization, planning, efficiency, being pragmatic, being practical, applied thinking, putting ideas into practice, concrete results.

    Fe is not...:

    Manipulation, fake emotion, pop culture, being superficial, being clique-ish, being a herd animal, lack of individuality, being prone to groupthink, social networking, social roles, adhering to social norms, having manners, being ditzy, being overtly expressive, popularity contests, demagoguery, being dramatic, being emotionally gaudy.

    Si is not...:

    Beauty, art, fashion, having good taste, practicing good hygiene, eating well, taking care of your body, being healthy, having a sense of aesthetics, knowing how to design your living arrangements, knowing how to dress and groom yourself, knowing how to use makeup, smelling good, being physically attractive.

    Ti is not...:

    Being logical, being philosophical, being abstract, theoretical thinking, holistic thinking, mathematics, discoverer of all universal truths, deriver of all reality's laws, designer of all systems, originator of all theories, progenitor of all ideologies, any form of non-empirical thought, making inferences without evidence, a subjective sense for the conncinity or consilence of an idea or system and it's validity in the world, all forms of self-righteous intellectual masturbating.

    Ni is not...:

    Having foresight, thinking ahead, being premeditated, understanding the consequence of one's actions, long-term planning, watching clocks, being timely, knowing how to manage your time, having sense for how long something will take, making predictions, being Nostradamus, making extrapolations, perceiver of all trends, linear progressions.

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    1. carrina's Avatar
      carrina -
      Unfortunately, most of these aren't accurate.
    1. Beautiful sky's Avatar
      Beautiful sky -
      Fi is evaluation of ethics and proper maintenance of relationships; laws of these things
    1. Pallas's Avatar
      Pallas -
      Fe and Si largely describe what they're not (there are a few things smuggled in there that are true), but the rest pretty much are those things, although somewhat exaggerated.
    1. The Exception's Avatar
      The Exception -
      About 50/50. Some things are obviously exaggerated. Ni is not being Nostradamus. Fi is not about being Gandhi. Se is not about blowing things up. I think we can agree with that. But some of these things are in the socionics literature and accurately describe those socionics functions. Si is very much about aesthetics and being in touch with one's body. Te is very much about pragmatism, efficiency, and practicality. Ne is very much about new possibilities and synthesis. Etc.
    1. Chae's Avatar
      Chae -
      "stupid sappyass love songs"
      "being Jesus"
      "killing people"
      "smelling good"
      "all forms of self-righteous intellectual masturbating"
      "an excuse for why you're a worthless failure at life even though you think you're so brilliant"

      The idea is good but the delivery was 50/50 as chips said. It's more entertaining than informative.
    1. Zero's Avatar
      Zero -
      Oh they actually mostly are
    1. HeyokaSireniei's Avatar
      HeyokaSireniei -