• Random Indicators of Information Elements by Meged VV, Ovcharov A

    Random Indicators of Information Elements by Meged VV, Ovcharov A


    - Fantazer
    1. I am very interested to tackle difficult issues and to unravel the tangle of contradictions.
    2. Thanks to their imagination and vision of the various solutions to the problem I quickly find a way out of difficult, complicated situations, such provision, which others seem to be hopeless.
    3. I love all the unusual, mysterious and enigmatic.
    4. I always consider the problem from an unexpected quarter.
    5. I often light up a completely new and unusual insights and I'm trying to convince others of their findings.
    6. I love to argue, as the instantaneous eye for weaknesses allegations interlocutor (whether reports, speeches, proposals, projects, works of art or machines and tools ...) and I find compelling counterarguments.
    7. I quickly discover imperfections (flaws) of almost any man.
    8. I did not stand the chain of command (authority).
    9. I am perfect in themselves (their talents and skills) in order to increase the opportunities for rapid achievement of its objectives.
    10. I've been thinking a lot and associates, noting the contradictions and inconsistencies.

    - Forecaster
    1. I'm drawn to create beautiful (harmonious), the images in his imagination.
    2. I'm very curious, I try to imagine different scenarios and often intuitively foresee the consequences of any actions or changes, I believe in destiny.
    3. My ideal - life in an atmosphere of art in beautiful surroundings, full of comfort and affluence, so I would like to live in the past century or in the future.
    4. I could not work in a hospital, because I can not stand hospital environment (specific odor, appearance, patients ...).
    5. I like everything unusual, beautiful, cognitive, giving spiritual food: I love music, art, theater, books.
    6. My opinion of myself is more than the opinions of others.
    7. I treat people, ironically, but without the humiliation of their dignity.
    8. I am self-contradictory and unpredictable in their decisions.
    9. I need to art classes for me were the means of expression.
    10. I act in order to plant all the beautiful (harmonious, elegant, aesthetic, art objects, etc.).

    - Winner
    1. I'm an impulsive person (<looking for some> with a twist).
    2. At any moment I am ready to immediately respond to any attack against him at any moment I can not answer your opponent <a crushing blow> ..
    3. When I was humiliated, feel vulnerable and a strong desire to take revenge.
    4. Stagnation and monotony prefer to struggle with difficulties: then quickly mobilized, taking matters into their own hands, I can be strong and steadfast, the victory should be for me.
    5. Confidently coordinate the actions of others as well feel the vulnerabilities of any situation.
    6. my element - the struggle (competition, competitions, <a fight "," War>).
    7. I include in an active struggle against all that is not consistent with my feelings and perceptions.
    8. I would like to be around and be the first to break all records.
    9. I'm a gambler, but if necessary I can bring myself to submit to the most severe discipline.
    10. My head works better when someone opposes (contrary, resists) to me.

    - Epicurean
    1. I am willing to cope with things that relate to the need to convince people to lift them up, to instruct, assign tasks, manage, give commands.
    2. I become more active during the work, whose implementation promises to improve respect and sympathy of those around me.
    3. If I have to chastise a man for any fault or wrongdoing, I have obtained it in a fatherly way (without the anger and humiliation).
    4. I like to participate in various mass meetings where I can impress others.
    5. I'm attracted to bright and noisy spectacle: scenes of battles, horse races, sports (hockey, football ...), etc.
    6. I love to take care of others and willing to care for the solution of their material, business and physical problems, but currently prefer to take care of yourself, because I know better what I need.
    7. I'm eager to get a more earthly pleasures, which include: contact with nature, eating, work, love, rest.
    8. I love to please others, be the focus of their attention, to instill in them optimism.
    9. I surely have an impact on others, flexibly and efficiently manage a them.
    10. I act diplomatically to earn a good reputation and credibility to take a higher position.

    - Professional
    1. I try to be a competent person, do everything in your own pace, with high quality and do not like hacks.
    2. I treat people though rough, but fair.
    3. I feel an interest in various technologies and constantly improve its work, ensuring its quality.
    4. I am rational in spending money, always make savings on the contingency of life.
    5. I find it difficult to impose on other people's ways of working, I know better as easier, better and more profitable you can do this or that matter.
    6. Do not see the point of enthusiasm, which does not bring tangible benefits.
    7. I am confident to overcome difficulties in work, while not achieve the best results.
    8. I often feel a passion for the work that departs fatigue and there is a good mood.
    9. I do not change their ways to work even if people do not agree with that and how I'm doing.
    10. I get the greatest pleasure from performing useful and should be done.

    - Logic
    1. I seasoned and principled man, guided by logic and common sense, not the feelings and sentiments.
    2. I love all the order, the system sequence.
    3. I believe the secretive and closed, because I relate to people wary and distrustful.
    4. I'm good at work that requires the classification and systematization. I am able to work with figures, tables, graphs, clearly systematize accumulate information.
    5. I always know how to logically justify their conclusions and decisions.
    6. I love all strictly analyze and identify the contradictions in the arguments and reasoning of others.
    7. I like to solve problems using knowledge, leading all into a coherent ordered system.
    8. I love to solve problems that require a consistent, rigorously logical approach.
    9. I easily was given algebra.
    10. I am uncompromising in defending their views, their intentions, plans and projects.

    - Romantic
    1. I am very emotional person: feelings mean so much to me that for them I'm capable of great sacrifices.
    2. I - an optimist who lives in the hope of a better future.
    3. I often have mood changes and I unwittingly transmit it to others, quarreling and put up with people.
    4. I often perceive people and events romantically.
    5. I love to share their experiences and find their response. know how much love and hate.
    6. Probably a lot, I imagine a rosy light.
    7. Always interested in the mood of others and know how to influence people, causing them certain emotions and feelings.
    8. I love just dreaming (without any practical purposes).
    9. For me, often characterized by sharp fluctuations between fear and hope.
    10. For the sake of peace, giving the opportunity to retire, to dream, I'm willing to sacrifice a lot.

    - Peacemaker
    1. I prefer the peaceful relations with people, avoid conflicts of disputes, the struggle.
    2. I can easily (quickly) adapt to new requirements and conditions.
    3. I prefer to be couch potatoes.
    4. I would like to always be able to lie when you wish.
    5. I love to provide special assistance for people to be helpful to them and unselfishly to make nice.
    6. I am very sympathetic to people worried about their bad luck and trouble, as their own.
    7. I - a man malleable: often yield to pressure of people and circumstances, I agree with what I say ...
    8. Suits me calm and not burdensome (tiring) work.
    9. I try to smooth out misunderstandings, to reconcile the disputants.
    10. I prefer to meet in private.
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