• Robespierre, Female Portrait, INTj by Beskova

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    Robespierre, Female Portrait, INTj by Beskova

    Flexible as vines and slender, the female LII typically has an asthenic physique. Girls of this type are often tall and narrow-shouldered and sometimes notably stoop. Even regular exercise has little effect on their physical complexion. Some female LIIs have long hair and a soft voice that complements this fluid, indeterminate appearance. The elongated face, large eyes, somewhat detached flow of thought - all of this can create the impression of femininity, brittleness, and defenselessness. They hold themselves softly, gently, unobtrusively.

    In terms of clothing, girls of this type often dress modestly and don't try to reveal too much. The color palette of their wardrobes frequently gravitates towards same tones. Their clothing sets tend to look well due to successful stylistic solutions rather than correct color or contextual combinations.

    From an early age, female LIIs often manifest an unusually analytical mind and a love of knowledge. They love to read, to comprehend, and to systematize everything. As a rule, they have a good memory and a remarkable ability to understand complicated material. Possessing such abilities and strengths female LIIs are usually very successful in academic situations. In school, girls of this type are usually good students who will always do their homework.

    At the same time, female LIIs are characterized by heightened propensity to dream and to approach life intellectually rather than practically. Some discrepancy (sometimes considerable) can be noticed between their ideas about life and actual reality. They often keep this romantic view towards life or other persons for many years. Poor motor coordination is characteristic for girls of this type. Absorbed by their own thoughts, they are poorly aware of physical objects around them and can bump into furniture or get their sleeves get caught on the door. Due to this absent-mindedness they may forget items or grab something unnecessary.

    Around peers LIIs girls are somewhat shy and hesitant. They may try to avoid noisy gatherings and large companies and keep themselves in seclusion or quietly remain in the background. They possess a certain degree of pedantry in their self-expression. To a large extent, they are influenced by the expectations of their parents, whom they do not want to disappoint. They desire to avoid conflict situations at home (and, incidentally, and at all other places).

    In spite of the LII female's desire to be alone, she does enjoy the company of a few close friends. There is a sense of camaraderie and closeness with those whom she has chosen to be in her circle. In public or in a large crowd, she is quiet and tries to remain unnoticed. Although she likes to laugh and enjoy herself, rarely does she allow herself to be put in the spot-light. She doesn't mind occasionally stepping into the spotlight if it's with close friends and in a familiar, comfortable setting.

    If one marries an LII female, be prepared to share economic responsibility. She is happiest when the economic and the domestic affairs are taken on equally by both partners.

    Despite being absent-minded and seemingly brittle at times, the LII female is quite rational and can maintain a strict household. Due to the fact that she values knowledge, she will make sure that her children will have a good intellectual upbringing. However, don't expect her to spank or give out other physical punishments to her children, as she'll try to reason with them instead. Why hit the child when everything can be explained to him or her? At times, the LII will attempt to be friends with her children as a way to avoid conflict with them.

    If you see an LII woman feeling down, simply try to cheer her up with some jokes. In spite of their quiet nature and tendency to stay in the shadows, they are very responsive to a good joke and sincere laughter. If you are successful in this attempt, she will brighten up and will be grateful to you for your support.

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