• Stierlitz, Female Portrait, ESTj by Beskova

    Stierlitz, Female Portrait, ESTj by Beskova

    Girls of this type are notable, good looking, and hold themselves respectably. Their solidness and good carriage catch an eye. They have the strong, well formed bodies, the needs of which they feel wonderfully well. They take care of themselves, keeping themselves healthy and ensuring the necessary care. They also approach their appearance in professional manner: skillfully apply make-up, tidily assemble their hair, carefully select their clothing, preferring qualitative and expensive sets. They do not forget the accessories, which always look prestigious.

    These women never seem absurd. They hold themselves calmly, confidently, with merit. They sit conveniently, stand looking pulled up and organized, and have good motor coordination. Their arms and legs never fly away into different sides, and they do not bump into the furniture.

    SHTIRLITS women are active, busy, it is possible to say that they are untiring. This is due to the fact that they are always able to estimate the nature and the volume of work. They know how to organize it. They know how to distribute physical and mental load, when it is time to rest, never work themselves to exhaustion.

    In the childhood these are organized, obedient girls. They know their responsibilities and are characterized by being methodical and perseverant in the achievement of their objectives. They have willful character and laziness is not characteristic of them. Their parents can completely rely upon them if extra income for the family is required or younger children need to be taken care of.

    Studies do not present much of a problem for them, because they approach it responsibly. Even young girls of this type are embodiment of tidiness - their notebooks are arranged correctly, their homework is turned in in time. They are equally skilled in humanitarian subjects and in the sciences. Preference is given to one of the directions in accordance with the inclinations and talents in one or other area.

    They are frequently occupied by sport or dances, achieving good results. Regular physical exercise brings them pleasure.

    With all her serious and critical relation to the life, SHTIRLITS woman is not completely dull. She excellently manages her emotions, especially at first meetings, she is often smiling and affable. She always willingly supports company, laughs in response to your jokes, and this makes contact with her very pleasant.

    After being introduced to the girl of this type, try to demonstrate your good relation to her. Boldness does not greatly interest her in the man - money and position in the society she will inevitability obtain herself. But refinement of partner, his attention to her internal world, politeness in interaction, she will estimate with highest mark.

    At home, representative of this type make for some of the best homemakers. Relatives can count on SHTIRLITS woman's irreproachable taste, that enables her to make any dwelling comfortable, beautiful, and convenient for the life. Creatively and skillfully she designs a harmonious interior, where each thing is located on its place, where there is nothing in excess, all objects are selected by color, texture, and size. Here nothing is scattered, there are no unpainted plinths, torn blinds, or peeled window-sills. Briefly, in her house it is pleasant to spend time.

    Example from life: "No, I do not have ideal order. But my apartment has zones - in the drawing room, in the office, in the bathroom there is always order. My husband and I are busy people, work a lot; therefore if friends suddenly come by in the evening to visit us, we are only glad by this. Indeed you cannot have guests, if everywhere things are scattered. But in the bedroom anything is allowed. Kitchen is a special zone. There can remain after breakfast dirty dishes - we do not always keep up. But I consider that this is normal, it can happen. In relation to everything else I say this: the more you misplace things - the more the time you will spend on ordering them again."

    Besides this SHTIRLITS woman is a splendid cook. She selects the highest quality products, cooks diverse and tasteful dishes, never asking for praises for this work. Everything is done simply and naturally, rapidly and tastefully, within the shortest time, right after work. However, Sunday dinners or suppers with guests are always accompanied by unusual surprises on the table and constitute a real celebration of taste.

    Children of women of this type, because of their efforts and diligence, are always washed, fed, and well dressed. She will also make sure that the child would learn well. And at the same time women of this type are inclined to hyper-caring. They poorly feel when it is necessary to grant certain freedom and independence to their child. They are too diligent in providing care for their husband and children. And if this doesn't hurt the husband and is even pleasant for him, then for children such approach can make them grow up dependent and spoiled. At some point SHTIRLITS woman must understand that it is time to stop.

    However, precisely time is her weak place; therefore development stages of child, attainment of adulthood, and other themes, connected with the course of time, she perceives poorly. Only because of organization and precision she succeeds in compensating for her failures in this area, and then, only if the discussion deals with simple things, for example, the tendency to not be late.

    Family for the women of this type is of special, very important value. And within 10-12 years it becomes evident that things aren't going well with her husband, SHTIRLITS woman, as a rule, leaves and marries again.

    If someone thought that this woman is a dear hostess, ready to sit at home and to bustle about around the stove, then they poorly understand the female representative of SHTIRLITS type. Female LSEs are just as successful as their male counterparts. They are reliable colleagues, responsible, and executive. She usually becomes a professional of high class, and, as a rule, builds a splendid career, alongside the fact that her family is never is neglected or poorly supported at the same time. In short, if among your colleagues there is a young girl SHTIRLITS, you can be calm and entrust to her any important functions, which you consider possible to assign to her. She will manage with everything.

    Women of this type successfully work in the most different fields, and their creative self-realization can occur in the same spheres of activity as in men.

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