• Stierlitz, Male Portrait, ESTj by Beskova

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    Stierlitz, Male Portrait, ESTj by Beskova

    You can recognize SHTIRLITS by his confident, practical demeanor. He has a courageous, strained bearing, usually engages in sports and takes care of his appearance. Men of this type as a rule prefer short haircuts. Their facial features are distinct and symmetrical. Their gaze looks solid. SHTIRLITS makes an impression of respectable, imposing man, always dressed well and shaved cleanly. Sometimes you can meet SHTIRLITS dressed in looser clothing such as sweaters, but he looks most natural in a tie and a suit.

    SHTIRLITS imparts a solid impression at first acquaintance, and seems benevolent and affable. However, as soon as conversation comes to work and distribution of tasks, he converts into a serious, organized, determined manager, and his expression turns from smiling to austere.

    In childhood, boy of this type is solid, clever, and thorough. He acquires knowledge slowly but surely. Anything that was put into his head will remain there forever, but the process of mastering new material happens slowly for him. This child is more practically oriented, and therefore theoretical studies often don't find a response in his soul. However, where it is necessary to do experiments or make something by hands, his interest will have no bounds. He loves seeing his work producing direct concrete results, and will not simply occupy himself with esoteric material.

    Any subjects can be covered by a child of this type. He is assiduous and has a well developed conscientiousness, which this allows him to study well, especially if his studies are necessary for something.

    Because they have good coordination, boys of this type typically succeed in sports, especially in ones that require good reaction time and high speed.

    SHTIRLITS is also very sociable in childhood as well as in adulthood. He participates readily in what goes on around him and strives to be useful and helpful in his own manner.

    A story from real life: "When I worked as a camp leader, there was an unpleasant incident that occurred with a girl from neighboring camp. She went to go for a walk in the fields with a guy from the camp, and it ended such that the he nearly raped her. As soon as I learned about this, I immediately found her as she has returned from the field in a stressed state - and tried to provide her with help. In these cases, it is needed that the person calms down. Therefore it is needed that he or she relaxes. I did everything that was required: let her talk her heart out, then made her hot tea and directed her to the bed."

    SHTIRLITS is not much interested in people, but friendship is very important for him. Moreover, he does not shy from participating in large social gatherings. Especially if the group gathers according to some tradition or holiday, such as birthday, anniversary, international women's day or a recurring fishing trip. Even if the meeting does not happen on his territory, SHTIRLITS, as a rule, takes management into his own hands. In such events, all the toasts will be said, quality food will be offered, and all the corresponding jokes and anecdotes will be told. SHTIRLITS willingly participates in the celebration, consciously or unconsciously helping to organize it.

    The kind of woman that he marries he will select for himself. It is difficult to influence or manipulate him in this respect, because he is a person of exceptionally sound reason who solidly stands on ground with his own two feet. He can only be subtly and delicately directed towards a decision, which he will make after he thinks everything through. Most of all, he values decency, delicacy of manner, good upbringing, and finesse of the soul. The most valuable that he can offered is good relations. Specially, the ability of a woman to maintain good relations with him, as well as with his friends, evokes a flow of warm feelings in him and appreciation for her.

    Men of this type prescribe to traditional values, such as home, family, children. They try to attain a solid position for themselves. If SHTIRLITS has married, then he most certainly has not done it for a short duration.

    As a husband, he is one of the most reliable and most thoughtful men. Not only does he provide for his family, but he also worries about the household chores and matters. At his home you will not find burnt out lamps or broken appliances. Being a designer by nature, SHTIRLITS will create a fashionable and elegant interior for his home that will rival the work of a professional.

    Because this man is a food gourmand, he also seriously and responsibly relates to food. Thus, try to ensure that he has quality and diversity in his meals. Sometimes he himself with pleasure will cook for his family, especially on holidays, and it will be always very tasty.

    In your conversations with your LSE husband, try to forgo themes connected with future prospects. Do not discuss with him, how he sees the future of your relations, when he wants to have children, how long it will take to purchase new condominium or summer house. Curiosity may get the better of you, but such conversations are distasteful to him. Although he will take on a clever look and mysteriously keep silent, you must know that he and himself does not know when all this will happen. In such cases, what can he say to you? He does not want to drop his merit in your eyes!

    As fathers, male LSEs are strict and demanding, but patiently train their children to appreciate order and organization. They are also not indifferent to the successes of their children in school. He will without fail ensure that his son or daughter receive higher education after finishing school.

    Bossy and responsible, SHTIRLITS has a talent for keeping up the ideal order in his house as well as in his workplace. He also loves and knows how to show care for his close ones, as well as for his co-workers or subordinates. If you need qualified advice concerning topics such as health or food or home maintenance, ask SHTIRLITS. But only during work breaks, because when he is working it is best not to distract him.

    If SHTIRLITS is your boss (men and women of this type commonly rise to management positions), then from you he will demand that you correctly follow the procedures. He always knows what needs to be done, and how to do it, and is ready to explain to others what responsibilities lie under their jurisdiction. However, he is often too direct and may sound rough. With this he risks to offend his co-workers and subordinates. In hearts, can even yell at someone. So if you don't want to have any trouble with him, simply do not give this much attention. This is simply how he is.

    Behind circumstantiality of SHTIRLITS, there is always a need to bring order, first in his thoughts, and only then take action. Thus, first provide him with required information, then give him time to absorb the conditions of the problem. Most importantly, don't hurry him, don't knock him from his course by bringing additional information, don't disturb him while he is thinking. Order in everything for SHTIRLITS is an absolutely necessary thing. And remember - no hurry and no fussing!

    If you, however, have managed to knock him off his track, then wait for reprimands corroborated by formal logic. You will receive them in full. "On what basis have you decided that you can do this? What facts or documents that confirm your assertions?" or something of this kind. If things have come to this, don't argue, you will not succeed in convincing him in such moments. Postpone the conversation until later time.

    In professional sense, SHTIRLITS is suitable for work practically anywhere where work requires realistic knowledge, high qualification, and that implies responsibility. They make for excellent architects, designers, pharmacists, surgeons, stomatologists, businessmen, chemists, physics, publishers, and so forth. But it is best that they do not engage in psychology.

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