• Don Quixote, Male Portrait, ENTp by Beskova

    Don Quixote, Male Portrait, ENTp by Beskova

    The male ILE usually looks thin, energetic, with clever, but slightly naive, childish eyes. According to the strength of his intuition, he may seem somewhat awkward and uncoordinated.

    His face is at times pensively concentrated or absent-minded and often suddenly assumes a boyishly inspired expression. Smart and witty. He absorbs everything around him almost instantaneously - you only began explaining, and he already understands it! However, due to his intrinsic sloppiness, he does not always study well and is inclined to get into arguments with his teachers or mentors, trying to prove that he understands the subject better. Though this does not prevent him from independently investigating all facets to learn about the world.

    His head is always filled with the most unusual ideas. By his nature, he is an inquisitive researcher, whose audacious intellect practically knows no bounds. He enthusiastically talks about galaxies and Ursa Major, about genes and cloning, and also about many other fascinating discoveries and perspectives of scientific development - all of this is in his style. Male ILE is attracted only by unique problems. He strives to know not only one theory, but everything - only then he can attain peace for some time.

    Obvious scientific interests in combination with a romantic attitude towards life, and a constant creative inspiration create the drive that attracts to him a plethora of people. It is interesting not only to solve problems in his company, but also to joyfully spend time. He himself likes to enjoy himself from the whole heart, to party like there is no tomorrow. His quick wit and the ability to keep hundreds of jokes in his memory endow upon him unrivaled success in groups. Girls like him, and he also likes girls very much - all of them at the same time at that - so it is very hard for him to pick a girlfriend.

    If a girl instantly reacts to his proposals, he can, for some time, be with her, but not for long. And, more likely, he will lose interest in her after the first date. He is attracted by, worried by, and excited by resistance, a necessity to achieve reciprocity, to prove his worthiness, to think up something unexpected and new. To court the ladies for him is an artistic process. Here, he is truly inexhaustible with ideas and able to do miracles, or at least periodically to make his loved one happy with real surprises.

    From the tale of one ILE man: “One winter, I came to her house about 15 minutes prior to the time she had to leave for work, placed a rose on the hood of her car, and hid myself - I wanted to see how she will react. Without false modesty, I can say that the venture proved successful".

    But not only with this does he impress the opposite sex. In dangerous situations, ILE man acts like a true knight - stands up for the weak and the unjustly victimized, in fact often not taking into consideration the superiority of his opponent’s strength. This does not mean that he goes looking for trouble. If there is no necessity, he will try to avoid a dangerous situation, but if, right in front of his eyes, a woman is threatened, bravery and nobility take the upper hand.

    Despite the desire to maintain good relations with everyone, ILE man, in reality, poorly understands what opinions those around him have of him. However, he tries not to show this and keeps himself looking happy and unaffected. If something in a relationship was taken the wrong way, and he is interested in continuing contact, he can ask straight-forwardly what went wrong or plainly tell a person what he thinks of them. Often, himself not wishing to do so, displays clumsiness in relations, and can thus offend those surrounding him or put them in a tough spot.

    The best way to attract a ILE man - feed him something delicious and care of him. As a general rule, he is always thin and hungry. For him, the consumptions of food - is a process in itself and a particular pleasure. It can be said without exaggeration that he is a true gourmand. In any quantity, he also accepts concern for his body. You can wrap ILE man into a robe, gently adjust the scarf on his neck, hug him, kiss him, caress him, sleep with him in one bed. In one word, in every way take care of him and nurture him, in the literal sense of the word.

    Painstaking, routine work, which demands just discipline, is not fitting for ILE man. He needs a flight of fantasy, creative problems, which no one prior to him had resolved. Money just by itself does not interest him too much. He is not distinguished by mercantilism nor greed.

    Still, ILE man knows how to make money, even though he spends it with equal ease. It is not too much for him to spend all his wages at a restaurant with friends and beautiful women or to give his loved one a bouquet of a hundred roses as a gift. Agree with this - it is effective! There are few who would be capable of such things.

    And, later, he will find a way to make money again.

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