• Dimensionality of functions

    Dimensionality of functions is a well-known way of describing the characteristics of the different positions of Model A in a systematic way. The concept was proposed by Kiev socionists (Bukalov, Yermak) and is now widely applied by socionists across the former Soviet Union.
    • Functions 1 and 8 have 4 dimensions (Ex, Nr, St, and Tm)
    • Functions 2 and 7 have 3 dimensions (Ex, Nr, and St)
    • Functions 3 and 6 have 2 dimensions (Ex and Nr)
    • Functions 4 and 5 have 1 dimension (Ex)
    The four dimensions are :
    • Ex : experience = the ability to recognize patterns and make generalizations based on personal experience
    • Nr : norms = the ability to recognize and apply standard practices from one's surroundings
    • St : situation = the ability to recognize and respond to the subtleties of specific situations
    • Tm : time = the ability to recognize and envision development over time
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      EyeSeeCold -
      Due to the dimensionality of functions the following groups are formed:

      IxTx or Logical Introverts with 4d
      ExTx or Logical Extraverts with 4d
      IxFx or Ethical Introverts with 4d
      ExFx or Ethical Extraverts with 4d

      INxx or Intuitive Introverts with 4d
      ENxx or Intuitive Extraverts with 4d
      ISxx or Sensory Introverts with 4d
      ESxx or Sensory Extraverta with

      The only difference seems to be between a function's consciousness or unconsciousness. By this I mean, perhaps Jung's writings are applicable for all types that have the 4d version of the psychological attitude he describes.