• Dimensionality of functions

    Dimensionality of functions is a well-known way of describing the characteristics of the different positions of Model A in a systematic way. The concept was proposed by Kiev socionists (Bukalov, Yermak) and is now widely applied by socionists across the former Soviet Union.
    • Functions 1 and 8 have 4 dimensions (Ex, Nr, St, and Tm)
    • Functions 2 and 7 have 3 dimensions (Ex, Nr, and St)
    • Functions 3 and 6 have 2 dimensions (Ex and Nr)
    • Functions 4 and 5 have 1 dimension (Ex)
    The four dimensions are :
    • Ex : experience = the ability to recognize patterns and make generalizations based on personal experience
    • Nr : norms = the ability to recognize and apply standard practices from one's surroundings
    • St : situation = the ability to recognize and respond to the subtleties of specific situations
    • Tm : time = the ability to recognize and envision development over time