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    Default Fe and Fi descriptions

    Extraverted Feeling(Dynamic, Internal, Objects, Judging)

    Extraverted Feeling is about how people react and respond to other people. Extraverted feeling also encompasses how we manipulate and influence people.

    All functions are divided into +/- divisions due to how they manifest in each type.

    + Extraverted Feeling: Positive reactions towards people, laughter, cheer, playfulness, manipulation through positive emotions, showing love, being subtle with people, gentle love, being able to caress, mild manner.

    -Extraverted Feeling: Negative reactions towards people, showing anger, sarcasm, yelling, organic emotions, guilt manipulation, having moody swings, being mean, showing disgust, having explosive moods, theatricality.
    Introverted Feeling(Static, Internal, Fields, Judging)

    Introverted Feeling is our internal reactions to certain people and objects. Whether we love something or hate something is encompassed into the Introverted Feeling function.

    All functions are divided into +/- divisions due to how they manifest in each type.

    + Introverted Feeling: Love, happiness, like, friendship, inability to break off relationships, bringing people closer, bring people together, sympathy, pity.

    -Introverted Feeling: Hatred, repulsion, dislike, depression, sadness, antipathy, anger, pushing people away, breaking off relationships.

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