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Thread: Type and Gender

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    Default Type and Gender

    everyone knows that :

    1. men are 65-70% logical
    2. women are 65-70% ethical
    3. all other jungian dichotomies distributes to 50% of each gender

    but Reinin complicates things...

    I'm wondering if :

    1. men were more Static, women more Dynamic
    2. men were more Negativist, women more Positivist

    or such - there are 2 kinds of dichotomies : those which correlate with genders, and those which don't.

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    Obviously, the Reinin dichotomies don't complicate things - if you know someone's type, you can predict which end of each Reinin dichotmy they will fall in - if they don't match a significant number of those relelvant to their type, you have reason to believe the typing was wrong - certain permutations you have observed in a person will resembled the behaviour characteristic of each doesn't tell you whether the person is male or female, there are better tests anyhow.

    Conversely, why predict which dichotomies or type a single person has based on their gender? It's not helpful - it might be if only one in a million of a particular type was of one gender, the remaining 999,999 the other.
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