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    Imagine that all of life in its entirity was a string...... Now take that string and run it through your shoes as a shoelace and tie it into a knot and run a mile before you give that shoe to another person. Imagine that that person takes the shoe and runs another mile with it before removing the shoelace and cutting it in half and using those peices to run a shoelace through two shoes of smaller size, and so on and so on, until the string gets so small that it cannot be run through anymore shoes and instead is glued together again and the process is repeated. Now presumably, this could continue indefinitally, based on what material the string was made of (remember the string is life), but remember the in order for the string to work again you'de have to consider the type of glue used, elmers, and so forth...... but you'd still leave out the last factor. Which with respect to the rotation of the earth and the motion of the stars across the sky relative to the tangential component of the velocity vector in the dz/d% where % is the Jacobian of the Gemaltestm Resultant, assuming constant angular flux, would ultimately and perpetually mean until the end of time that............. if you are still reading this I have probably throughly confused you and wasted about 3 minutes of your life for no apparent reason! Yes thats right this whole thing had no point, other than to waste your time trying to pick apart what I was trying to say, but before you get mad at me for wasting this 3 or so minutes of your life that you will inevitabley never get back, consider that this post is not in anyway more meaningful than lets say socionics, sure this was mostly gibberish and socionics is a scientific theory, however like gibberish socionics is ultimately useless without an application, so what application inspired you to learn socionics and has socionics helped you achieve that end??? If it hasn't.... then I guess socionics is ultimately...... gibberish? Anyways I just felt guilty for wasting your time, so I posted a lesson in, maybe it will make it worth it, but still I can't believe your still reading this, its amazing the power of language.??

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    Quote Originally Posted by HaveLucidDreamz
    so what application inspired you to learn socionics and has socionics helped you achieve that end???
    I first got into MBTI as a means to help me learn about myself, then when I learned about Socionics and eventually transitioned to it permanently, I continue studying it to this day to both understand myself better and also understand my interpersonal relationships better. I personally feel like I need to be consciously aware of something to fully exploit it, which Socionics has helped me do in terms of my personal strengths and also to help me avoid potential pitfalls in relationships by watching how I interact with people...if that makes any sense whatsoever. Don't worry if it doesn't, it really isn't important.
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