ok, I'm trying to figure out the type of a friend's girlfriend, but I've never met her before. My friend has no knowledge of socionics or anything like it and he doesn't have the patience to learn it (he's an SEI btw). So I've been trying to figure out his girlfriend's type by asking him questions about her. What kinds of questions would you ask him about her in the simplest language possible?

All I know right now is that she refuses to argue with him about anything. He tries to argue with her about things because he thinks that for a relationship to last that you need to be able to argue about things and get over them. He said they rarely have any kind of conflicts other than the one he tries to start. She's not as sensitive as other girls he knows, she wants to be a surgeon, she's smart and gets good grades in school. She's also a sex fiend, which is pretty much why he likes her. She has little tolerance for vices such as booze, cigarettes and drugs, but he enjoys them freely and she disapproves (but not too much). She's less shy than he is, but I couldn't get very much information on her behavior around other people.

I asked him if he wanted to take her to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie, but he said she would think it's stupid. She seems slightly controlling, but he said she's not pushy at all. All I could figure out was that she's a logical type, but again, I need questions to ask him so I can figure out what type she is before my friend does something REALLY STUPID . Any ideas?