I got bored. The whine isn't making me drunk anymore and I feel no need to go to sleep yet. So I'll start a topic.

I don't know if I have a lot of prejudice, like some people like to say it. Or I have an intuition, not developed out well. But I'm doing a lot of predictions. And I like to guess a lot. I don't take it seriously. I just like to play with those thoughts in my head. But some people think that I have prejudice. That I seriously think my ideas on how someone will behave, say something or else is something I believe is real. So they like to correct me all the time. And they don't like my guessings. In some rare cases they annoy me too. And then, I don't know what to say or how to defend myself. My intuitions are rather vague. I can't prove them with facts. They are just gut feelings. So people will think it's all nonsence. But many times I feel like they are wrong. Because in the end my visions on the future will become true. But I can't explain how. So those people will ignore me and don't like to hear anything about some mystical hunch.

It makes me wander. Because according to socionics, the one's who can't understand my intuitions, are the one's who have the least weak intuition. So seeing what I can see, is like seeing the invisible. So they like to toucher me to change into sensoric like they are. The ESFjs are the worst doing their little propaganda with me. Because they litteraly don't feel how time changes. They live very strongly in the present. They actually hate dreaming, thogh because they have , one could guess they are romantics.

But the good news is that intuition can be grown into more strong and presice. Though the other's won't see the calculations.