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Thread: INT+ Heres the strange part (input wanted)

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    Default INT+ Heres the strange part (input wanted)

    The first time i ever took a MBTI test i came back as INTJ. I then didnt take another for around a year and a half, at which point i came back INTP each time apart from once where i got the J pop up again. INTP pretty much hits the nail on the head for me as far as types goes, far more accurate than INTJ i should add.

    However, after i took a Socionics test, something interesting surfaced, in normal and reverse mode i was getting J/P & P/J for conscious/unconscious.

    Could it be that my conscious mind is trying to apply the iNtuition first, while its my subconscious that is applying the Thinking?

    I would value some input from those with a greater understanding of this subject than I, thank you.

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    I guess someone should answer this.

    Your best bet would be to take some extra tests, like rmcnew's. Once you get a second opinion on your type, go check out for some information on what you get.
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