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    Default My Stepsister

    The Omarosa pictures and videos brought back some very strong memories of my step sister
    but Omarosa is not my step sister so it's not fair for me to describe my step sister in her thread
    but i've always been curious about her type, and never able to figure it out

    So i'm putting in here what i put in there
    if you look at the pictures, you'll see an almost exact duplicate of my sister...only my sister is hispanic and not black
    the first and third videos of the omarosa thread, you'll see someone who's almost exactly like my step sister
    but here's some more info

    she reminds me of my step-sister
    my sister was a smart girl, very motivated, in many ways i admired her
    but once in a while she'd get uppity, acting like she was better than those around her, putting people down for things they had little control over, and acting as if she knew everything
    once in a while she'd dare do that in my face...
    once in a while she'd find her face quite close to the turned on wall heater, a black eye, or a large chunk of scalp missing
    most of the time she'd leave others be, and some certain others let her be
    my sister was a smart smart girl

    Omarosa seems like a smart smart girl
    Omarosa seems very motivated
    Omarosa seems like someone I could admire some traits of
    Omarosa seems like someone I'm glad I don't know

    (btw, my step-sister still is smart, motivated, admirable, and uppity)

    I have not yet been able to type my step-sisters.
    But for this one, in keirsey terms, i had gotten as far as possibly S and T

    The problem with trying to type her with the functions
    is that i can see Se clearly
    but not really Ti...nor Fi
    so then i begin thinking maybe it's Te i'm seeing (if i ignore some stuff)
    but i still have a hard time seeing her as an intuitive
    no way intp
    maybe entj?
    maybe estj....but there's some things she lacks for that one
    she liked to show off her drawings for art class....but it was for the show off factor..that she was better than me
    she liked to show off her french language abilities....but again, it was for the show off factor..that she was better than me
    she was great in sports.... but again, it was for the show off factor....that she was better than...anyone else playing

    she was quite severe in what she considered what people should/shouldn't do
    but that may have been to due religious influence....
    or the fact that her mother was so ....strong
    (her mother was awesome, a VERY hard worker, did not believe in leisure pursuits other than gardening, sacrificed a LOT so others would be taken care of, raised her siblings from age 11 on, raised three daughters alone after her husband died...and nearly lost her life recently trying to take care of a mad man)
    in essence, my step sister took her duty to her mother's legacy very seriously
    which may have influenced quite a number of traits my step-sister developed

    I think at one point i thought she might be (Se)Fi

    But I cannot seem to be sure of anything when it comes to her.
    i'll try to see if i can get across a more specific example of my sister's behavior...

    here are some phrases i heard almost daily (beamer phrases were about 3 times daily) for about 6 years.
    "ew, how can you even talk to someone who smokes, they just reek"
    "i'll never date someone who's not a member of the church"
    "i'm going to get married in the temple"
    "how can people allow themseves to get fat?? i just don't get it"
    "look at the beamer...there's a first car is going to be a beamer" (for those who don't know, beamer=BMW) (lol, 7 years ago or so, i remember going on a first date with a guy and discovered that I was going to have to sit in a BMW. I damned near bolted, I hated the concept so much...i'd sworn I'd never have anything to do with a BMW. ha, 10 years ago one of my best friends sent me some sales material for BMWs as an April Fool's joke...he knew what my reaction was going to be....that's how often she brought it up )

    as it turns out, she did get her bmw, a couple of them actually
    she married a smoker who was not a member of the church (and thus obviously not married in the temple)
    and when i'd seen her at my grandfather's funeral, her ass was one and a half times the circumference of my chest/back
    (i make this comment because of how much and how often she dissed overweight people..even those who were only 10 lbs overweight)

    on the plus side
    before our parents married,
    we were best friends
    she'd been going to a very poor school and lacked a number of educational needs
    and after the marriage, and thus a change of schools, she worked really hard to catch up, eventually becoming an A B student
    she is now some kind of Dr (i keep thinking surgeon, but i'm not sure)
    and her and her husband (who is an RN) are soon opening up their second clinic

    I'd have to learn more about Omarosa to see if she's the kind of person who'll put people down, state her goals to others over and over and over, achieve some of those goals, but fail to recognize that she went against some of those goals

    yes, i said "fail to recognize"
    she doesn't remember making those statements over and over and over and over and over

    but the look Omarosa's eyes, her smile, her stances, her attitudes, and i feel like a teen again.

    oh, and that point in the third video where one girl said something like "that's like the pot calling the kettle black" and Omarosa taking it as a racial slur....again reminds me of my step-sister. She just didn't seem to catch those kinds of things, and had little patience/awareness of irony.

    oh, and we were best friends before our parents got married
    we thought it'd be great to be sisters
    and then we had to live together
    and our relationship went downhill from there
    IEE 649 sx/sp cp

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    I think she's a Beta or Gamma ethical extrovert.

    ENFj or ESFp.
    , LIE, ENTj logical subtype, 8w9 sx/sp
    Quote Originally Posted by implied
    gah you're like the shittiest ENTj ever!

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