I think the mood threads in beta and alpha are really interesting. So I will start one here just like Xcalibur Girl started one in alpha following beta's example:

In the Moods thread in Beta Quadra, Pedro-the-Lion wrote:
To be honest I wish alpha was doing what you guys are doing. It seems like this is merely the positive expression of quadra values in a "raw" sense. That is you guys are communicating in a large degree without using language and are doign so very effectively. You guys seem to act as I feel when an isfp smiles at me if that makes any sense.
So what will it be like here: Will the ENFp's silly switch be flipped? Will the untiring ISTp continue to charm unsuspecting (well....) ENFps? Will other quadra types join in? Will I realize that ESTj are not so scary after all? Will a gentle INFj feel accepted and loved?

Gather 'round, loves, communicate the spirit!

Explicit propositions and anti-INTj remarks will not be tolerated and will result in dismissal from the quadra. But don't fear, beta seems very accepting of oddballs!