Logical-Intuitive Extrovert

Great schemer.

Well here, and now turn reached also LIE.

People of this type very frequently are encountered in the books of the jack of London. They easily are learned on the thrust to the adventures, to large vital force, energy, to skill not to lose heart and not to fall by spirit and on the prudent recklessness.

Popodrobneye, if you please.

It seems that LIE possesses the innate enterprise and luck; he better than remaining people understands, which as works, the mechanisms of any actions and as of something new it is possible to extract benefit; moreover it entirely must not be expressed in the money equivalent.

Perhaps, in its nature, first of all, strikes skill operationally and it is logical to act. It can be such strong which sometimes no longer is realized and does not value by it by itself - perhaps it is possible to value that the fact that always near at hand and always in the required quantity?

Life for it is valuable, when it does not deprive of its possibility to act, and reaches to it pleasure, if success smiles at it. LIE considers life as its kind the game of chance, in which to someone it conveys, but to someone no. And he by all forces tries to fall into the number of favorites of fortune, using for this all permissible (but it occurs, and prohibited) methods.

LIE believes in its success. He knows that the fortune - lady capricious, and it loves, when they persistently attain it. For it nothing it is worthwhile in game of chance to place on KON everything that he has, taking into account the gain. Thus far it believes in its success - it on the horse, however heavy to it it came. And its failures do not confuse: everything which not is done, to the best.

It lost today - you will win back tomorrow

Usually LIE is not approached leadership, even if to this they push slightly its those surrounding. First frequently it is because loves competition itself. Its rights it feels acutely and actively it protects.

Acting, LIE divides basic task into several easily feasible subtasks, and then properly solves them. In any matter it knows how to isolate useful side, to carry out work by the most rapid and most effective method.

LIE is easy to make any mechanism, to devise and to make original technical adaptation in order to facilitate its or strange physical labor. From the old rubbish it can gather radio receiver, light-music. Any technology not only obeys BY LIE, but it sometimes seems that still and it loves it.

LIE always knows (briefly) that it will make tomorrow.

But as otherwise? I always plan its day.

In the life he tries to foresee everything, to count in advance. Before the fact as to begin to act, it usually mentally compiles the plan of its actions, in which he tries to consider all possible versions of the course of events. It begins usually from the very worst version, with the greatest losses, and then it dvizhetsya to the side of improvement. Of time the process of planning occupies usually a little; in the simple cases even it can seem that the solution (i.e., the same plan) arrived instantly. But at random, it is spontaneous, "without knowing to ford", LIE act not it will be. On the youth of years, true, it can not entirely adequately estimate the depth of ford, but with the experience of similar punctures it becomes considerable less.

After trying itself in one matter, LIE frequently begins to be occupied by anything another.

Certainly, it is necessary to try different occupations in order to understand, what they stand and that it is possible to obtain from them.

Before study anything, LIE assembles information about this matter. It does not love to act blindly, without the preparation. Thoroughly it is prepared for the future important measures, gathering diverse facts and information. It will not begin the new matter, until is obtained clear idea about how most probably will be developed events, what it is possible to expect from its partners and so forth.

To begin one after another of ten enterprises so that at least one would crown by success, completely in its taste. But if already it undertook seriously something, then it attempts to bring to the end. The matter does not love to throw on the middle.

If 4 I do not make, pride will be fussy about food.

So it unites into the united "technological system" all its previously accumulated knowledge from different spheres of activity.

False modesty generates the incompetence

That- that, and LIE greatly loves to tell surrounding about its "business exploits". And as in this case (moderately!) not to boast! But this can appear by present boasting only in small or not very clever representatives of this type. LIE are more intelligent, the more this resembles the poetic hyperbola, high-quality and high-quality, without which its story will lose interest. This fascination, this magic of fantasy, these immense prospects cast a spell, beckon and draw to itself...

But when collocutor will come to, it will seem that Vasyuki as before remain Vasyukami.

Ostap it bore...

Projects LIE seem convincing, since it actually could do everything, about which he speaks, if only this it was actually necessary. LIE it is always solidly confident in its possibilities. True, it is not always in the course of the fact that he wants and why this to it is must. But this problem most frequently by splinter sits in its subconsciousness and rarely it is comprehended to the end. Is here necessary the aid of other people, which can finally clearly and specifically raise this question and persistently require of LIE of the solution.

Problem also in the fact that it can "carry", if it collects too great revolutions, and it sometimes is necessary force to return it from the skies to the culpable earth.

Time does not await!

For LIE is actual the "time - money". This is one of its most dear mottoes, although in reality the first it values more than the second.

I still will earn money, but the missed time no longer you will return.

To lose time for nothing - uninterestingly or without the benefit - for it almost what to lose the part of its life. It does not organically transfer turns and wearisome expectation of "something good". LIE knows how to force time to work on itself, knows how to hurry and knows how to wait. Time for it - the material value, which cannot be squandered or burnt. Therefore it attempts to use it maximally effectively. It even walks very rapidly, and even it prefers to run with the possibility. Personal transport (at least and bicycle) for it it is actual not luxury, but business need.

Its day is oppressed by the different matters, encounters. In its imagination it constantly anticipates events.

I love to do rapidly everything. No one can keep up with me, 4 of all I pass!

Knowing how to virtuoso combine diverse actions, it to its legal 24 hours in days adds still several. At the same time it does not love, when one occupation is smashed by another, when it is necessary to simultaneously carry out several matters immediately. It does not love, when during its work they distract, they climb with the conversations.

Forward, to the adventures!

LIE greatly loves to travel, to open new, "rich in gold and with the spices of the country and island". On leisure it prefers the more not well-organized health resorts, and the yet not passed paths.

Leisure - this is the change of activity.

It loves to experience itself, to manifest its abilities in the fight with different difficulties. Overcoming obstacles brings the present pleasure to it. With any possibility it attempts to verify itself, the possibility of its organism.

Rapidly it reacts to entire new and interesting. It draw distant they gave; such people first rush into all risky enterprises. They believe in themselves and therefore boldly they go to the matter, which will seem by another present adventure.

Risk - noble matter.

Them it constantly pulls to verify their fearlessness in reality. Any of them independent of floor with the pleasure is occupied by mountain climbing, tourism, etc.

In the extreme situations LIE it prefers to design only for itself, but its arm substitutes to comrades without considering! With it it is reliable in any march. If LIE knows that the comrade weaker him physically, will independently take upon himself the large part of the burdens in the way. This, in his opinion, it is correct, the main thing - so that each would honestly do everything that in its forces.

Live itself and give to live by other

Like any representative of third kvadry, LIE acutely feels the value of human life. Almost for all LIE even very posing of the question, that it is possible to acquire superiority in its matters due to the strange life, is completely immoral. At the same time he not idealist understands: if someone is ready to pay by strange lives for its interests, then its life is no longer protected.

So highly values health and fitness for work - its and other people. Moreover, it will offend, if they accuse it, that it does not worry about the health of those surrounding, their interests.

But for itself he with difficulty is succeeded in creating comfortable conditions, surrounding itself by pleasant people and creating cosiness (especially in the trifles). Even trying to be "at the height", LIE can sometimes walk tattered; it completely entrusts to the taste of partner, it can allow it in private life itself to command. If it is negligent in the exterior view, then this seemingly courageous call by all.

To all zanudam and to snobs.

LIE best anything receives the concrete and confident councils of competent people about how to dress, to feed, to surround accomodation. Phrase of the type: "it seems, for you it would be worthwhile to cut, something pokoroche... or not, to you and so good... you so do not think?" - it can provoke scandal.

It is important to know for it that people approve its exterior view (but only silently). LIE it does not love, when it is examined into the support, are evaluated its exterior view and manners, those more when are made observations on this score.

When it badly itself feels, it does not love so that they would feel sorry it. If it is necessary for it difficultly, it will not show this, whining not it will be never. The impression of man with the elevated mood is produced with the small troubles. When the matters are still worse, it becomes even more animated, it appears merry, cheerful, even happy. Talkativeness and rate of speech rises, tendency toward the sharpnesses grows, violent reaction to the humor appears. Yes only in this of not enough sincere happiness: so is manifested its shielding reaction to the vital adversities, with which it cannot independently manage.

Creator in all - living nature

Its tone raise well contact with nature, the change of impressions, the variety of the paints of peace. It is grateful to all facts, who helps it in this. Nature for it - living.

LIE "is potentially traumatogenic": for it are characteristic frequent injuries, abrasions, even breaks.

Food it prefers with the "strong taste": for example - pelmeni with the vinegar, potato with the horseradish, the kislyushchiye konservirovannye cucumbers, are many sharp spices; if ice cream - then is icy, and not thawed, and still such. Generally, food to it it is best to see only already prepared and for plate; moreover the process of its use must be maximally simplified (it does not be worthwhile to also place it before the dilemma, which of the proposed dishes it would prefer to supper). It is desirable to forego those dishes, which must be still "led to the mind" - fish must be without the bones, sausage is already purified, the walnuts not only of pokoloty, but also are thoroughly checked to the object the presence of the splinters of shell and so on.

But generally, present disturbs it weakly, "everyday trifle" for the significant purpose very often they descend. LIE is unpretentious to the fact that more easily feels itself in the situation of relative discomfort. Immediate benefits, enjoyment for it are not so important as for many other people.

Read a little to me, if you please, morals!

Now we approached very interesting (, also, for LIE including) question, as it constructs its relations with the people. More precise it will say, as other people construct their relations with it, because itself it in the ethical matters is not strong and it is sufficiently inert.

To it it is heavily correct to evaluate the attitude of people toward itself; it greatly does not examine strange feelings and inclinations. But since it and in the childhood, and already being adult it associates with the people on the close psychological distance, then this creates to it the specific problems. Here therefore it needs the friend, who would prompt, to whom it is possible to be entrusted, but to whom no, he would tell about the moral potential of its surrounding people; in the friend, whom, just as it itself, would be disposed to the honest, constant, constant human relations, based on the confidence.

31, posto1te- kA, and where similar to find?!

Treacheries and meannesses LIE does not pardon, it vomits relations mercilessly and forever. Generally, if the relations between LIE and its friend were spoiled (at least and through his own fault), it itself hardly will go towards the friend and most likely will wait, until that makes the first step. It does not love reticence, uncertainty in the relations; it does not suffer, when it draw in ethical games - first quarrels, then reconciliation, then is proximity, then groundless cooling. In his opinion, in this case to it simply "they fool head". But if its partner decided to tear relations with it, from his side much more humane it will by the plain text speak about this LIE.

But "reading of morals" it receives as reward and as the concern about itself: if they scold it - it means, they love, which means, its actions are not indifferent for this person.

The benevolent (but not sugary) atmosphere is necessary for it. Next to LIE must be located the people, with which it could about everything have a talk and which would give to it information in the ethical, estimated form.

By adolescent LIE it does not know as itself news with the representatives of opposite floor, especially when those begin to flirt.

Girls, what you to me stick?!!

But so it is sufficient bestseremonen; for it nothing it is worthwhile to address to the unknown person, to put remark into the strange conversation. Its democratism not from the training, but from nature. It considers that all people are brothers. It does not love to use cunning, but he wants to be diplomatic. He tries not to reject no one to the requests and not to give the unjustified promises (true, in not very good representatives of this type the latter very often it occurs).

In the contact LIE he tries to raise mood to his friends, to make laugh them, in every way possible it pulls at and pulls them. It knows how to discharge dull situation by humor and irony, it is inclined to the jokes, the drawings and the hitching posts, into which, however, it does not pack offensive sense.

Generally a feeling of humor to it not to occupy. It loves to joke in the very dangerous situations, even "under the muzzle of pistol". But on the party LIE it can arrange so that all will from the laughter writhe under the table.

But still LIE wonderfully knows how "to break off". Language in it is sharp, and it into the pocket does not climb after the word. In the enemy LIE most of all agitate dishonest tactics, game without the rules. It does not love people, which speculate on their weakness. It is intolerant to the lazy persons, from all forces who approach only comfort, and also for the dodgers and the opportunists.

It is not inclined to use volitional pressure, to force people to work; it prefers to lean on their enthusiasm, after showing them all advantages and benefit, which this matter can bring. But itself it under the volitional pressure becomes more energetic, it is activated, it acts more rapid and it is more effective. LIE pleases itself, when people relate to it demanding.

Knowledge - force

Any information is necessary TO LIE not in order simply to examine some abstract-theoretical questions, and in order successfully to act. The circle of its knowledge in the region chosen as it is very wide; it can be up to date in practically all facts, in all, which was opened or it is invented by others. LIE tries to follow all new achievements, for example, its personal computer is usually the "last peep" of world computer thought and mode.

Studies, as a rule, is given to it sufficiently easily, especially all that which is connected with the practical application of the obtained knowledge. To the scientific theories and the hypotheses it relates just as to the technology: they must work and be of benefit. Groundless and not reinforced by real facts "but that, if..." it is presented to it by the attempt simply to zamorochit' head surrounding or insolently to avoid responsibility for its words.

Personally 4 for my words I answer.

When it "twists itself" in some sequential business enterprise, then does not love to be extended, that precisely and why it makes; it does not suffer interference and importunate councils. LIE it is subconsiously confident, that all its partners entrust its insight and competence. In the situation of uncertainty it will mobilize and actively searches for output from this unstable position. In his words and behavior he tries to avoid ambiguity or ambiguities.

Functional description

First function: the business logic

Well developed enterprise. Skill "to make the matter". Planning all its actions. Understanding expediency or inexpediency of any actions. High and productive fitness for work. Skill to find the most effective mode of operation. Tendency toward the success. Rationalization, result, sequence.

Second function: the intuition of the time

Foresight of the possible versions of the course of events. High speed in the actions. Care of time. Prognostication of possible benefits. Skill to see likely dangers and to avoid them. Business fantasizing, the faith in the success, the "time - money".

Third function: the ethics of the emotions

Understanding the expediency of the manifestation of the specific emotions in the specific situations. The demonstration of mood and emotions it is conformable to the formal expectations of the surrounding people. Tendency to develop a feeling of humor. Demonstration of optimism. In the critical situations flaunts by recklessness, "his fellow".

Fourth function: sensorika of the sensations

Unfeasible desire to remove from some physical aspects of its life. The tendency not to reach to other people of troubles in everything, concerning their health and way of life. Desire to avoid on the possibility of the ordinariness of life and everyday concerns. Categorical unwillingness so that that surrounding would evaluate its exterior view. Fear to lose health. Sometimes a certain untidiness in the exterior view, epatazh.

Fifth function: the ethics of the relations

Clearly insufficient understanding of moral and ethical aspect of life. Enormous latent interest in the information about the relations between the people. Noncritical relation to this information and the readiness to entrust to it. Subconsious attitude to the honest and considerable relations with all people. Unconscious expectation of aid from the side of the surrounding in questions interrelations between the people. Sometimes subconsious offence to the life in the case of insufficient external protection on this aspect.

Sixth function: volitional sensorika

Understanding the insufficiency of its volitional potential does not lead to the complexes, of it not characteristically to arise into the pose, it is said, "no - and it is not must!". Interest in the strong, persistent people under the external pressure acts more effectively. Reduction in the vital tone with the lowered exactingness from the side of those surrounding. Desire of the clear degree of form of interrelations with the surrounding people.

Seventh function: the logic of the relationships

Taciturn interest in the existing connections between different objects and phenomena. Tendency toward the single-valued logical conclusions. Confidence in the correctness of its conclusions (which gives to it confidence in the correctness of its own actions). Readiness to explain to other people the logical aspects of their problems.

Eighth function: the intuition of the possibilities

Strong, but not always realized interest in the new possibilities, the business prospects. Internal readiness for the change of the spheres of the application of its forces. Very wide, but a little surface erudition. Refusal of the ideas, not clearly confirmed by facts. A constant readiness to help people it is correct to estimate the content and the possible consequences of their actions.