first disclaimer: OBVIOUSLY most people want at least a little of both. It's nice to get along with and have at least somewhat pleasant interactions with those around you, and who doesn't want trustworthy friends? Just choose the answer which sounds best to you.

second disclaimer: The questions were written more for logical types, so I'll put the parts that may not apply as much to ethical types in italics. On to the question...

Would you rather:

1.) Your coworkers and acquaintances are familiar and warm with you, seeing you as someone in favorable social standing and giving your either ideas for how to change social norms or your leadership of the group consideration because of your favorable social standing and because they your judgment about complex situations because you have vast structured knowledge on the subject at hand, likely a better understanding of it's complexities than they have (and maybe have really have any reason to have).


2.) Your coworkers and acquaintances treat you with professionalism, not expecting you to take part in warm, superficial, casual conversation, not giving your social standing a large amount of consideration but instead respecting you as someone who knows how to work efficiently. Instead of valuing a large network of friendly acquaintances who think well of you from the perspective of your social role, you'd rather be pretty much off the social radar and you value having several very close friends who do not expect warm, superficial conversation and will think just as well of you if skip the friendly small talk. Your close friends are trustworthy and loyal beyond any doubt, and they know that you are just as trustworthy and loyal to them as they are to you. Your social standing doesn't matter anywhere near as much to you as the understanding, companionship, and trust you have with your close friends.