Description Number 1:

You are a trustworthy, practical and down to earth individual who places ethics above materialism and greed. You are a humanist at heart, and your life path focus is usually related to manifesting the greater philosophical ideals into practical reality. For this reason your expectations of yourself and others are unusually high.

You are a doer, more than a talker and nothing annoys you more than an individual that does not follow through on what he or she says he is going to do. You don't suffer fools gladly and have no problem swiftly eliminating people who you consider being a liability from your life. You especially have no tolerance for silly, neurotic or shallow people.

One of the problems of being a four is that you expect others to be of demanding of themselves as you are of yourself. It is painful for you to realize that others simply don't have the same perseverance, dedication and devotion to improving the world that you do. Many 4's are also extremists, tending to be very right wing or very left wing in their thinking.

Your incredible stamina, perseverance and will power allow you to accomplish ten times the amount of work that anyone else can in one day. Others often realize this about 4 and take advantage of your almost superhuman qualities. Your organization and planning skills are exemplary and for that reason you are a fantastic strategist, administrator, project manager. You are a perfect example of how "slow and steady wins the race."

However, it is part of your life path to learn how to delegate responsibility and let others take care of themselves every now and then! Many 4's are unhappy campers by the end of their lives simply because they chose the path of the hard-working martyrs while others reaped the benefits of all of their pioneering work. To avoid this you should always spare yourself the trouble of always making things right and let others be accountable for their own mistakes.

Often your tenacity and strong will is perceived as stubbornness. Fours often don't make good leaders as others see them as too autocratic and demanding. Of all of the numbers, you are most prone to such disorders as obsessive compulsive disorder and being addicted to perfection. The plus side of this is that many of you own dream homes that are spic and span from top to bottom. You are also an excellent landscaper and interior decorator.

You choose your friends and business partners wisely and function best in a team of two. You may have few close friends during your lifetime but the ones that you do have are loyal for life. You are dependable and trustworthy and more willing than most people to sacrifice what you have for greater good of all. Those who witness this are often touched by your kindness.

You are enraged by any type of social injustice and can be quite outspoken about politics, religion or ethics. Although your intentions are good, it is also one of your life challenges to learn to be tolerant of other's beliefs and opinions.

As the number 4 is associated with the earth element and the four elements you a re the most grounded of all of the numbers. This makes you an excellent parent and provider. You usually marry early in life and because of your conscientiousness about money are quite wealthy by the end of your days. You also love animals and will probably enjoy the company of many pets during your lifetime.
Description number 2:

You are a doer, not a dreamer. You express yourself through definitive choices and deliberate action. Nothing irritates you more than people who procrastinate, are self-indulgent or spend too much time analyzing a situation before acting.

You are a courageous and natural born leader who is not afraid to makes things happen. The penultimate in self-expression for a number 1 is the outward manifestations of success: rewards, recognition and material abundance! These are the things that define you, not the opinions of other people.

You are naturally aggressive by nature, but a charm and a talent for persuasion temper it. You are an incredible multi-tasker and project manager. For this reason many of you thrive in such positions as producers, leaders, sales executives and administrators.

You retreat from situations where you feel you are not in control and may express resentment of authority or be uncooperative. This is why you need an occupation where you can act on your own without too much restraint from others.

You can be quite blunt in your approach to things to the extent that others can perceive you as being too controlling or heartless. These traits help you make a killing when it comes to business, but your frankness is not often appreciated in personal relationships. One thing that many number ones need to master during their lifetime is the fine art of tact.

You also have a tendency to jump to conclusions or make assumptions about others without fully analyzing the matter first. People are often startled by your tendency to "look before you leap." For this reason, you need a right hand man or woman or some kind of best friend to encourage you to sleep on important matters before you make a split decision.

Your natural physical grace and beauty often has you excelling at dancing and athletics. As you are a very proud number, you are always meticulously groomed and putting your best foot forward in life. People are often very impressed by the consistency of your habits and routines. However sometimes an over preoccupation with fashion or your looks can make you seem shallow to others.

You are very clear and concise with your speech and body language. For this reason you often come across as being very forthright and honest, even if you are not!

In love you tend to be the one to take the lead as you are usually eager to express your feelings so that the matter is taken care of in the future. This is sometimes too pushy to loved ones who may process their feelings at a slower rate than you. You may also have a bad habit of deciding how someone feels before asking them.

When it comes to fashion and style you prefer the simplicity of classic tailoring and traditional styles. However you also love anything that can bear your initials or a signature so many of your items may bear a monogram. You may also express your individuality by adding a personal unique touch to a classic piece of clothing.

Your fondness for things that are one of a kind may also extend to your furniture and heart. You express how proud you are of your achievements by taking good care of your possessions. You also take care of number one by paying careful attention to your physical body and for this reason tend to enjoy good health well into your later years.
Description number 3:

Your soul urge is to be admired and loved by all. You have an enormous faith in other people and if they do let you down you tend to behave, as it is the end of the world. One of your soul challenges is to realize that only God is perfect and others are not god-like in their actions.

You have a deep compulsive need to connect with others and if this does not happen, your personality will distort itself in all kinds of ways in order to get approval. This means that you often will put yourself in the position of being a doormat. Twos often demonstrate their submissiveness and loyalty very early on in a relationship. Unfortunately it is only human nature for others to simply take advantage of that.

You take everything that happens very personally. You often have a strong idea of what constitutes loyalty to you in your mind and it does not take much for you to feel betrayed by another. Another one of your challenges is to recognize that other people are allowed to change their minds and don't necessarily have to be a slave to your point of view in order to be your friend.

If someone rejects you romantically, it is not long before your passion turns to hate and thoughts of revenge. This is because you are very much ruled by your emotions and not your mind. Your deep seated need to be desired and loved can not only lead to obsession, but it can also send you into disassociated states where you refuse to admit to yourself that a relationship is not working. Remember that it takes more courage to end a bad relationship than it does to stay in it.

Others may not respect you because you seem to have so little respect for yourself. This is because in your eagerness to help or be important to others you often overlook your own appearance or self care. It helps to remember the rule that before you can help anyone else you need to help yourself first.

As you are generally humbled by so many bad experiences you may need a little help with your self-esteem. Choosing a hobby or a craft that you do very well and attempting to excel at it can help you in this department.

As you are very sympathetic you also feel a deep compulsion to fix other peoples lives or make it all better. You often do this behind the person's back for his or her own good. The problem with this approach is that it earns you a reputation as a busybody or a meddler.

Part of your soul urge is to find your soul mate. Often number twos are in such a hurry to be blessed in this manner they will try to transform an obviously unsuitable partner into the man or woman of their dreams. Then they are badly let down when the person's actions shatter their carefully constructed illusions.

Twos also don't feel complete unless they have found the "other" in their life. This is an attitude that often limits their choices and sabotages their freedom. They decide that they won't be happy until their better half appears. This self-indulgent approach often leads to a life of emotional dissatisfaction and misery. Ironically, once you resolve to be happy whether you are in a relationship or not your astral vibration is increased to the extent that you attract your soul mate immediately.