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Thread: Life Scenarios: From Ethical Feelings to Sensory Attraction by Gulenko

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    Default Life Scenarios: From Ethical Feelings to Sensory Attraction by Gulenko

    The following article from was written by Victor Gulenko and explains the influence of sociotype on behaviour in love and relationships. It needs to be read quite carefully because the quality of the translation is rather poor but I think it should prove both entertaining and rather acute in its observations. It would certainly seem to explain a lot of seemingly strange behaviour... To some extent it can, in my experience, be even used as a help in typing people. I have tried to clarify which types belong to which categories, my comments in brackets.
    Any thoughts?

    Life Scenarios: From Ethical Feeling to Sensory Attraction
    V.V.Gulenko, 12.12.1992, Kiev
    H have dumped from heavens, and we had to make all efforts to be kept on a floor of a way between the sky and a hell.

    Dzh. L.Moreno

    1. From private life sotsiotipov

    Experience of supervision over private life various sotsiotipov, gathered during consultations, allows me to make some generalizations. In offered clause I shall show, as it is possible to predict the tendency of development of attitudes in pair the man-woman if them sotsiotipy are known. It is necessary to tell at once, that the concrete forecast methods traditional sotsioniki is impossible.

    Practice of work of our laboratory speaks that deeper levels of differentiation are necessary for research of attitudes of people on short communicative distances [3]. And still, penetrating into the erotic party of attitudes between people, it is possible to allocate, on the one hand, subjects of feelings, and with another, - their objects.

    Subjects of feelings are sources of sympathies and antipaty, accepting the value judgment of other person as authentic. People concern to them, confident the emotional choice. Having surplus of feelings, they meaningly to reach for those who could divide their charge of experiences. In private life it is more important to them to love, than to be loved. More truly, they do not lose hope to excite reciprocal feeling at those who subjectively draws them. At subjects of feelings you most likely will meet love unilateral, without reciprocity.

    Objects of feelings are those who is lit itself only in reply to feeling of another. Anyway they do not show the feelings the first, as are not sure in emotional (to not confuse with sexual!) a choice. Objects of feelings with the most simple way therefore operate: expect any signal, that they are desired. They, as a rule, answer sympathies sympathies, and on antipathy - antipatijami

    Subjects of feelings, from the point of view sotsioniki, is ethics which heart live more, than mind. Objects of feelings is the logic, living there is more mind, than intimate impulses. Ethics, hence, stop the sensual choice on the one who is pleasant to them; logic choose the one who likes they.

    The note. I pay attention of readers that the question is not about sexual, and about etiko-emotional behaviour. In the given context I shall understand as sympathy sincere, instead of a carnal inclination.

    However it is not necessary to forget, that skill to communicate of the person is not limited to limits of one private life. In its biography except for family and friends there is also a second, not less essential part - colleagues and business partners. Here again all is very much the other way. Logik to work gives always more forces and attention, than etik. It is not necessary to understand this statement so, that the first carries out more time for work, than the second. In fact, being on work, it is possible among objectively necessary has put to satisfy and the personal communicative needs!

    2. One expect, and others operate

    Position becomes complicated that these two categories of people realize the internal promptings - work to the detriment of private life or on the contrary - in the various image. Here it is possible to allocate also two extreme measures between which people change.

    The first is a waiting attitude. She is borrowed with those types which are inclined to accept another's offers to consideration. Conscious expectation can be directed aside business offers if it is logic, or offers of personal character if it is ethics. Anyhow, is position H - those types which accept more, than give out, and if give out, basically in reply to external influence.

    Dialogue happens miscellaneous. We should divide precisely formal dialogue and informal. Ethical ekstravetry if it is pure types, it is valid in any situation are focused on human contacts. But rather kontaktny and many ethical introverts. It is not surprising, in fact they well feel in informal conditions where the leaging role is played with subjective feeling.

    Logic types, let even ekstravertnye, in these conditions can be absolutely not contact, in fact here they are deprived reference points and consequently appear only objects of another's sympathies - antipaty. On manufacture all is very much the other way. Active subjects has put is ekstravertnye logic. At formal dialogue their orientation on external business conditions is maximal. On kontaktnosti not with friends, and with people as executors of official duties logic extroverts much more surpass ethical.

    3. Kinds of skill to communicate

    The first distribution sotsiotipov on logikov and etikov, being crossed with the second distribution to extroverts and introverts, is formed by four groups of skill to communicate. Schematically it looks so:


    First we shall disassemble contrast kinds of skill to communicate easily appreciable in a life - ekstravertno-ethical and introvertno-logic.

    1. Ekstravertnye ethics, or H (PASSIONATE). Their position in dialogue - active search of feelings. They bear emotions to surrounding people. For their vital script typically that they on the average before all marry or marry. They are more often, than representatives of others sotsiotipov, get divorced. Dialogue they understand as an exchange of emotions, as original "navigation" in a rough stream of a life. A designation of this group ER: at the block of the Ego of this four of types is present or ethics of emotions E as the first function, or ethics of attitudes R as the second function. (ESFP, ESFJ, ENFP, ENFJ)

    2. Introvertnye logic, or HH (COLDBLOODED). The group of skill to communicate opposite Passionate. Their position in informal dialogue - passive expectation of feelings. Skill to communicate of these types proceeds under the settled schemes and norms. Their vital scripts assume the latest marriages and absence of repeated marriages. Their marriages, as a rule, are least successful. Dialogue understand as an exchange of the missing information of explanatory character. Such skill to communicate would not lose anything, if was carried out only in written form. This group we shall designate LP: at the block of the Ego of these types is present or structural logic L as the first function, or business logic R as the second function. (ISTP; ISTJ, INTP, INTJ)

    Among these two poles of skill to communicate - bright and dim - there are two its average of a kind which are stacked in frameworks of the stereotypes of behaviour of persons of an opposite floor produced by a society.

    3. Ekstravertnye logic, or BUSINESS (BUSINESS-INCLINED) - a man's stereotype of skill to communicate. It can be named active expectation of feelings. Business sotsiotipy expect to meet the elect or izbrannitsu among a chain has put. To a standard image of the present of the man attribute an active vital position, but only not in the field of feelings. In the romantic literature the hero gets acquainted with the future beloved, helping her out of trouble. These sotsiotipy understand dialogue as business cooperation. This group is designated PL: in their block of the Ego business logic R represents itself as the first function, or structural logic L - as the second function. (ESTP, ESTJ, ENTP, ENTJ)

    4. Introvertnye ethics, or H (SINCERE) - a female stereotype of skill to communicate. This position can be characterized as passive search of feelings. Sincere sotsiotipy, being etikami confidently choose the partner imposing to them but as introverts express the readiness for ethical contacts, submitting any indirect signals. Such behaviour is demanded from the woman during the premarriage period with traditional morals. This category sotsiotipov is most inclined to "domostroevskomu" to the script with stereotyped distribution of man's and female duties: the man - the supporter of family and its defender, the woman - the keeper of the center and the tutor of children. Dialogue is understood as an exchange of signs on sincere attachment. The group has designation RE: at sotsiotipov this group in the block of the Ego is present or ethics of attitudes R as the first function, or ethics of emotions E as the second function. (ISFP, ISFJ, INFP, INFJ)

    4. To whom with whom it is better


    At the analysis of intergroup attitudes I shall lean on the following, known to me by experience sotsionicheskih supervision and consultations vital tendencies:

    - etik instinctively lasts to logic and on the contrary; the psychological atmosphere in only logic pair turns out too dry and boring, and in only ethical - very restless and oversaturated experiences. The secondary attraction on force is possible between two logikami if one of them possesses amplified emotsionalnostju, or between two etikami if one of them possesses amplified reasonableness.

    - The introvert instinctively lasts to the extrovert and on the contrary though force of this attraction and not so is strong as in the first case. Extroverts win, and introverts allow to win themselves. Peaceful co-existence of two extroverts probably only when they in the artificial way will demarcate the spheres of activity. Almost always however in such pair there is a struggle for authority, and lost feels restrained. The union of two introverts can be quite good when someone from them will undertake a role of the active subject in an external world. Without such special measure the similar pair is practically doomed for self-isolation.


    Carrying out sotsionicheskuju consultation on harmonization of interpersonal attitudes in pair, I recommend to take into account the following average scripts intertipnoj dynamics.

    1. Business (PL) and Sincere (RE). The successful combination of two kinds of the skill to communicate, allowing to reach a homeostasis samopodderzhivajushchegosja an equilibrium condition both inside of system, and in interaction with an environment.

    At occurrence of internal disagreements between such partners Business as the extrovert actively influences on Sincere and that without special resistance comes under its influence. Owing to skill Sincere to smooth sharp corners balance it is restored.

    When in such pair there are conflicts to associates experiences Sincere as it etik much more. However from behind the introversii it simply states a problem Business which undertakes corresponding measures. In result the pair appears steady and against destructive outside influence.

    2. Passionate (ER) and Cool (LP). One more successful combination of kinds of the skill to communicate, capable to provide natural self-control in pair. The script is developed as follows.

    At occurrence of internal disagreements Passionate starts to influence on Cool from positions ekstravertnoj expansion with the purpose to change its behaviour to own advantage. However Cool as type poorly subject to emotions does not give in to these attempts. Its behaviour in due course nevertheless is reconstructed simply because its own estimation of a situation varies. Passionate tests from it satisfaction, and it pyl by then already cools down, and the conflict in the natural way dies away.

    In case of external aggression Cool is declined to ignore her and to be engaged in the business indifferently. Such constrained position rather imposes Passionate as allows it to cope with the arisen problems of ethical character independently.

    Inside of the above described kinds of interactions disappear in the generalized kind 4 intertipnyh attitudes. The most successful combinations (if types pure!) are dual attitudes PS - RI, IL SE, FL - TE... Then follow poludualnye, reviznye and disputed. Even disputed attitudes at remoteness on safe distance possess stability. Dual attitudes, on the contrary, provide a homeostasis only on a close communicative distance.


    Two following kinds of mutual relations provide a psychological homeostasis only in part. Compatibility between them accepts average values. Destructive appear or external destructive influences, or internal disagreements.

    3. Business (PL) and Cool (LP). Events are developed usually under such script. Both in such pair are indifferent enough to ethical influences of the partner. Business tries to use Cool in the purposes, but its attempts in what do not result. In due course, after lines of failures aspiration Business to change a situation to own taste dies away, and partners keep away from each other. Internal balance, thus, nevertheless is established.

    In attitudes with associates the pair appears tolerant. Everyone is borrowed with the business. However, if external influences are so strong, what even are capable to start maloaktivnye ethical functions of partners between them there are quarrels concerning reciprocal actions. The broken balance with an external world to restore very difficultly.

    4. Passionate (ER) and Sincere (RE). Features of grinding in to each other here are those. Everyone in pair as both ethics, well feels, that the conflict which has arisen between them very much has a negative effect on ability to live of another. However Only sincere will try to change own behaviour. Passionate will demand to change behaviour of the partner. As Sincere concedes, the world after lines of emotional splashes nevertheless is restored.

    If in this pair there are problems with associates, the script at once is dramatized. At them propensity to transfer an aggravation of external attitudes on own conflicts is traced. Any discussion of external events in these conditions easily leads to to quarrel. Moving force of the similar script - surplus emotsionalnosti. Balance in such pair is unstable against internal disagreements.

    5. To whom with whom it is worse

    1. Passionate (ER) and Business (PL). This vital script, perhaps, the most dynamical and inconsistent. As both extroverts everyone aspires to change behaviour of the partner. Both are active and do not wish to be arranged under another. Business finds to itself an outlet in even lot has put, and Passionate aspires to find out becoming aggravated attitudes. The conflict because of it is even more inflated.

    In attitudes with associates both try to influence actively an external world and start to compete among themselves for leadership. And Business in these collisions plays more active role because considers, that Passionate emotional fieriness harms to a common cause. The pair appears unaccomodating: in it it is very difficult to reach stability both against internal, and against external negative factors.

    2. Sincere (RE) and Cool (LP). The vital script which is penetrated with internal contradictions and fluctuations. Because of introversii at occurrence of disagreements everyone aspires to change first of all itself. However the response Sincere is faster and more appreciable. Therefore it starts to consider, that sacrifices itself for the sake of the world in pair. Cool these peace-making actions as though also does not notice. The impression is created, that it does not appreciate self-sacrifice Sincere. It generates intensity in their mutual relations.

    To change an environment in the party favorable for owing to all of the same introversii they be not capable. Therefore external negative influences on such pair can destroy her without effort. And more unstable in this respect it appears Sincere as having propensity to sensitive perception of external sympathies - antipaty. Hence, such pair does not possess effective mechanisms of maintenance of a homeostasis.

    3. Two Business (PL). Both aspire to influence the partner for the sake of achievement of own purposes, but both are tolerant to such influences. Thereof in pair brief, but intensive conflicts quite often burst.

    Both try to influence associates, but are not able to coordinate the actions really. Everyone all does to turn a course of events to own advantage. Compatibility is satisfactory only when both act as the rallied front against the external competitor.

    For joint enterprise approach sotszakaznye combinations of types better. Noticeably, that the customer lasts to the receiver, hoping to find in it of the counteractor (executor) for the plans [4].

    4. Two Passionate (ER). In such vysokokommunikabelnoj to pair to not avoid petty charges to address of each other. Everyone ekstravertno will influence another, but nobody begins to concede. These to partners will seem, that other it does not understand, there will be therefore a strong desire to find out the attitude. However attempts to prove to the partner own correctness, as a rule, come to an end anything. The conflict because of it long does not die away.

    In contacts to an environment both will compete in emotional influence on it. Such pair easily possorit as emotional redundancy in it should find any discharge. In case of upholding mutual interests against external encroachments coordination of joint actions is complicated. Achievement of the equilibrium communications in pair for long term is unreal.

    5. Two Sincere (RE). Everyone in such pair will be aspires to leave in every possible way from collisions. It stabilizes a pair as the whole. But if the conflict between them nevertheless will arise, everyone will see its reason in actions of another. It reduces a degree of reciprocity in attitudes. Pair though also compromise, but sensitive and not frank.

    External problems everyone will try to solve independently, not resorting to the help of another as it is quickly convinced, that pushing to active actions outside in what does not result. Consequence of such position - mutual disappointment in competitiveness each other.

    However presence of the general comprehensible purpose can rally a "sincere" pair strongly enough. This problem should consist in maintenance of a warm psychological atmosphere and developed attachments within the framework of significant microcollective for them. For example, education of children.

    6. Two Cool (LP.) very unsuccessful vital script because of lack of activity and sincere heat.

    Each of partners is tolerant to efforts of another and responds to its actions with significant delay. Therefore the pair though does not clash, but actually and does not cooperate positively. One lets alone another and is pleased, that it too do not touch. The arising conflict dies away quickly as nobody " adds oils to fire ".

    At change of external circumstances each of members of pair independently tries to adapt to changes. The help each other okazyvetsja minimal. In pair because of it there is an atmosphere of estrangement. Raise compatibility in it the following rallying purpose - development of schemes, techniques, instructions, forecasts can.

    6. Contact with psihoanalizom

    If to understand under psihoanalizom revealings of not realized reasons trudnoprognoziruemyh actions or the experiences of the person connected to some extent by it libido sotsionika has in the toolkit in several pairs differential attributes which let with great reserve, but all the same allow to model in general the some people psihoanaliticheskie features of the person. What it is attributes?

    First, an axis "sensorika-intuition". Action of its poles in many respects unconsciously. Intuitive flashes and inspirations is a full contrast to the rational experience extracted on many months and years. Sensorika is, as a matter of fact, congenital instinctive reactions to possible irritations of an organism cooperating with Wednesday which also root in a subconscious part of mentality. By the way, at a household level sensorno irrational types call jungovskuju function sensoriki also intuition.

    Secondly, an axis "rezoljutivnost-diskutivnost". By means of this pair attributes sotsion it is broken into two pairs kvadr. The second and the third kvadry appear "rezoljutivnymi" - resolute (an armour. resolvo - I resolve, I untangle, I untie), i.e. inclined to rigid, strong-willed certificates sharply allowing contradiction. The first and the fourth kvadry are "diskutivnymi" - consultative (an armour. discutio - I discuss, obgovarivaju), i.e. inclined to open and wide discussion of actions of contradictions arising on a course. The given pair typological attributes closely connected to vital values kvadr, originates, apparently, in jungovskih archetypes collective unconscious.

    I shall analyse groups allocated by means of these two axes through a prism latent psihoseksualnyh tendencies sotsiotipov. I pay attention of readers, that now the question will be more likely instinctive, carnal aspect of erotic attitudes in a counterbalance to spiritual, Platonic, which consideration first half of given clause is devoted.

    So, an axis " sensorika - intuition " with which I involve for conditional reprezentatsii individual forms unconscious, being crossed ortogonalno with an axis "rezoljutivnost-diskutivnost", representing as a first approximation those mental reference points which JUng named collective unconscious, four psihoanaliticheskie form groups sotsiotipov:

    To the received groups we shall appropriate such names:

    1. Diskutivnye sensoriki ES, SE, PS, SP (S-group) - "Careful" - CAREFUL (letter designations sotsiotipov see at the end of clause). (ESTJ, ISTP, ESFJ, ISFP)

    2. Rezoljutivnye sensoriki FL, LF, FR, RF (F-group) - "Aggressive" - AGGRESSIVE. (ESTP, ISTJ, ESFP, ISFJ)

    3. Rezoljutivnye intuity THOSE, ET, TR, RT (T-group) - "Viktimnye" (an armour. victima - a victim) - VICTIM-LIKE. (ENTJ, INTP, ENFJ, INFP)

    4. Diskutivnye intuity LI, IL, RI, IR (I-group) "Infantile" (an armour. infantilis - children's, infantile) - INFANTILE. (ENTP, INTJ, ENFP, INFJ)

    For our purpose it is more convenient to consider man's and female types of separateness.

    1. Female types

    1.1. The "Careful" woman, or "woman-mother". It is inclined to sponsor the partner of a male. Clings to weak, but to intelligent men who submit to it in daily affairs. It is pleasant for it to protect, support, encourage them. Similar qualities of character which in mass consciousness do not cause respect for persons of a male, same forgives or considers quite comprehensible.

    1.2. The woman - "Aggressor". All time tries to compete to the man, including in erotic attitudes. It is inclined to irony, sneers at an opposite floor. The man in any business likes to feel more competent, than. During love game expects from the man of ingratiations, ostentatious weakness, emotional instability.

    1.3. "Viktimnaja" the woman. An ideal of such woman - physically strong the man, reminding supermen from the American insurgents. She wishes to test on herself its force, to resist to its impact, to feel a victim. In love games prefers the different forms of an antagonism kindling passion of the partner. In women of this type are at times immanently inherent mazohistskie features. The truth is far from being all from them give itself in it the report.

    1.4. The "Infantile" woman, or "woman-daughter". The ideal of this woman is kind and skilled, well adapted by a life the man, is usually more senior than her on age. At the presence of such men she feels the little girl, almost in all dependent from it. In love game the preference gives the psychological factor - to a heart-to-heart talk, having music, creation of conditions for a relaxation. Above all appreciates condescension and care.

    2. Man's types

    2.1. "Careful" the man, or man-father. Skilled and close to an inner world of the woman the partner, able to gain its patronizing caring. In love game very much appreciates female tenderness and vulnerability, waits for admiration of its life experience and skill.

    2.2. The man - "Aggressor". This sotsiotip has propensity to violent ovledeniju the woman. In love game likes to show struggle. Presumes to itself roughness, sometimes causes women a pain - both physical, and moral. Expects from the woman of submission to force.

    2.3. "Viktimnyj" the man. Idealizes vlasnuju the woman. It is arranged under its tastes, respects in it strong-willed qualities. In behaviour that emphasizes the dependence and poslushnost it is pulled out from under the control. In attitudes with the woman subconsciously expects orders, dirty tricks, reproaches. H receiving similar reactions, involuntarily provokes their display.

    2.4. "Infantile" the man, or the man-son. H, naive in everyday affairs, expects from the woman of business and emotional support. H emphasizes the obojdennost the attention, the ruined abilities, impracticality to vital struggle. Respects in women experience and responsiveness to its problems.

    7. Psihoseksualnaja compatibility

    1. The "Careful" woman. Does not accept from the man strong, but rough lask. The power erotic game deprived to a prelude oppresses its sexuality, therefore men-supermen disappoint her. The behaviour compatible with it of the man should be infantile, i.e. timid, vyzhidajushche-attracting. Such woman loves caress which are expressed in gentle, childly weak touches to erogenous zones.

    Attitudes with Viktimnym its man too do not suit, as it kapriznost, dodges and provotsirovanie her surprise forces and push away. Attitudes with identical on psihoseksualnym to aspirations Careful the man eventually disappoint her, though, basically, she against and has no anything. Sooner or later among comfort with which her have surrounded, she will feel lack of spirituality.

    2. The "Aggressive" woman. Searches for object for the imperous and active erotic actions. Most of all she accepts the man which behaves with it obediently, but is whimsical. Then she has an occasion to aggression. Viktimnyj the man idolizes such woman and at the same time is rather afraid of her. Its behaviour can be compared to behaviour of the page which entirely devotes itself to service to " fine lady ". Constant game - the best medicine for satiation.

    In attitudes with Infantile the man it will not have not enough game humility from its party. Its unwillingness adapt to aggressive attacks should to not put such union on a side of break. Attitudes with "Aggressor" of a male, on the one hand, flatter it and urge on its passion, but, on the other hand, and push away, as do not lead to to a desirable victory. Therefore they can make only variable success. Careful the man will irritate its attitude to it as to the small child which she perceives as humiliation.

    3. "Viktimnaja" the woman. Plays on the weakness, vulnerability or a disorganization, provoking thus Aggressive the man to active and resolute actions was able. In love games for it strong embraces and force of a man's body have the greatest value, conceding which she shows the humility to will of the man.

    Men of Careful type seem to it convenient, but too boring partners, and Infantile she in soul counts and at all weak-willed weaklings. With men similar to such as Viktimnaja the woman enters in complex, with implied sense of the attitude, competing with them sacrifices and demanding for it of special privileges. Quite often similar games exhaust both literally.

    In this place I consider necessary to mention, that psihoanaliticheskie groups are considered without the special detailed elaboration, therefore separate more thin distinctions inside of them disappear. In particular, among Viktimnyh T-types there is without attention that fact, that they are usually subdivided into " tragical victims " (ET and THOSE) (ENTJ and INTP) and " comic victims " (TR and RT) (ENFJ and INFP).

    4. The "Infantile" woman. In an erotic life of the woman of this type the greatest value have thin caress and psychologism of attitudes. She, not having any special intentions, shows the acts fragility and children's naivety. The infantile woman easily accepts affairs and hobbies of the partner with which she sympathizes. In love games she with pleasure takes up the initiative Careful men, showing own refinement and imagination.

    On supermen, i.e. men of Aggressive type, such woman, certainly, pays attention, but to approach with them is afraid because of them instinktivnosti and gaucheries. Man Viktimnogo such as her arranges only in part: romantically begins, but then enters in bewilderment by the demonstration of sufferings and unpredictability. With men of identical Infantile type she will necessarily feel discomfort from nedodostatka cares of its daily needs. In such pair the degree of alienation will slowly grow.

    8. Strangenesses of talents

    Finishing a sketch psihoanaliticheskih groups, I want to pay attention readers to that circumstance, that the meeting significant difference in the age of between spouses has except for social (reasons of material-monetary character) also obviously expressed psihoanaliticheskie roots. I shall remind the known fact, that men of creative trades (poets, actors, artists, philosophers, etc.), especially most talented of them, quite often choose to themselves in the girlfriend and wives of women are much more senior than themselves. Why?

    Most likely, creativity is connected to strong development of functions of intuition - or I, or T. And it as we already know, an accessory to groups Infantile and Viktimnyh sotsiotipov. About this E.Bern connecting the creative beginning in the person with the Ego-condition "child" [2.] I-writes and T-sotsiotipy require protection touch sotsiotipov - skilled and practical in a life. Life experience comes in the course of time, therefore especially creative intuitivy choose as the partner in life of the mature person.

    Examples. I.V.Goethe has found to itself beloved on behalf of Charlotte a background Stein which for seven years was more senior than it. H philosopher F.V.Shelling for ten years was younger than the izbrannitsy Carolina SHlegel. Sputnitsej El Salvador Distances there was Russian Elena Dmitrievna Djakonova who was born for 20 years before it.

    More normal perceives that fact, that the mature men supervising business or the political organizations (as a rule, F-and S-types), marry absolutely young girlfriends, frequently the secretaries. For example, the head of the Palestine Liberation Organization Jasir Arafat in 63 years married on 29-years Suhe Tauil. Suprugoj Minister for Foreign Affairs of Germany Hans Ditriha Genshera there was its secretary Barbara.

    To me can object: it occurs because of aspiration of young ladies to material welfare. But it only confirms, that social patterns root in typologically caused individual tendencies. The partner in life is much more younger than itself choose just especially active and skilled touch sotsiotipy, belonging to groups Aggressive and Careful. Them instinctively attracts to young and unripe which require protection and will admire their force and experience.

    However, corrected not bar none, especially, if we deal with the most secret human feeling, capable to create any miracles.


    1. Augustinavichjute, And. About dual human nature. 1983.

    2. Bern, E.Igry in which people play. Psychology of human mutual relations. - SPb.: Lenizdat, 1992.

    3. Gulenko V.V., Meged V.V., Ovcharov A.A.diagnostic of the description of 32 variants of the person. - ., 1991.

    4. Gulenko V.V.criteri of reciprocity. Intertipnye attitudes as interaction of temperaments and installations. - ., 15.07.1992.


    1. IL - ILE (ENTP)
    2. LI - LII (INTJ)
    3. ES - ESE (ESFJ)
    4. SE - SEI (ISFP)
    5. ET - EIE (ENFJ)
    6. TE - IEI (INFP)
    7. FL - SLE (ESTP)
    8. LF - LSI (ISTJ)
    9. PT - LIE (ENTJ)
    10. TP - OR (INTP)
    11. FR - SEE (ESFP)
    12. RF - ESI (ISFJ)
    13. IR - IEE (ENFP)
    14. RI - EII (INFJ)
    15. PS - LSE (ESTJ)
    16. SP - SLI (ISTP)
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    We did thus one on duals by Shulman.
    He said he liked it.
    However, it is not the whole thing.
    Translating is a lot of work!

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    Is this really worth a sticky? It's not a very clear article and it's machine-translated.
    EIE, ENFj, intuitive subtype.
    E3 (probably 3w4)

    Cool ILI hubbys are better than LSIs any time!

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    Does cold-blooded represent IT or Ti, etc.?

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    Cold Blooded is I*T* , as opposed to E*F*

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