Does an ESFj expect an INTj to make all the effort in the begining stages of a relationship?

Will she let him sit and wallow in paranoia wondering is she's still interested for days without concern?

Will she write him an honest and genuine confession of her feelings about him after a unbelievable night, only to treat him like there is nothing but friendship there the very next evening?

Will she be afraid to get involved with someone that may end up far away in 5 months, even when, by her own admission, she sees something great (I'm going to law school, don't know where yet)?

Will she promsie to call before leaving for a week, only to leave without calling if she's still interested?

There are plenty more quesions where those came from, but I'll leave it there for now.

I will add that I haven't contacted her in three days, and do not intend to, as the ball, in my opinion, is firmly in her court. However, what's bizzarre is that I feel this uncontrollable need to want to communicate with her EVERY f**king thought and feeling that pops in my head. I sort of was doing this (I think), however, I've stopped doing this, for fear that I'll come across as the opposite of what I think (logically) she wants. But, maybe I'm doing myself a disservice as that may be what she needs to continuously hear to know that I'm interested, as I've been guilty of not giving off the most obvious signals in this department.

I've read that the first stages of a dual relationship are the most difficult, and I haven't been through them in a while with a woman that I was as interested in as I am in this one (last time was 15 years ago at age 13). I don't want to give up an opportunity that is profound (for many, many reasons that I won't detail here), and so I'm trying to ensure that I don't just drift off and distance myself, which is my normal reaction when I sense the potential for emotional rejection.

Lastly, I don't want any INTj analysis, or that of any other type (except maybe an ISFp), just ESFj. I need it (pardon the expression) straight from the horse's mouth. Thanks in advance.