For those of you who have played it, I've managed to type Cress as ENTj-INTp and Dhaos as ENTp-ISTp. I've managed to create a profile of ENTp-ISTp from my observations of the character, Dhaos.


Ne -> Ti -> Se -> Fi -> Si -> Fe -> Ni -> Te
Si -> Te -> Ni -> Fe -> Ne -> Fi -> Se -> Ti

The Crafter of Invention accepts a role as an augmenter of force on
behalf of activating dormant temporal limits and influencing the flow
of time. In this adjusted timeframe the Crafter of Invention experiences new
internal field statics that have been created by the presence of the
limits. The presence of these field statics influences subjective
perceptions of reality.

In the context of these perceptions new field relationships are made
available, each carrying with them a unique potential. The acceptance of
the relationship which seems to offer the best potential influences general
subjective perceptions, in the context of which poorly defined internal
field statics are apparent. The presence of these field statics polarizies
time flows by clustering energy flows and invoking active limits.
The acknowledgement by the Crafter of Invention of those limits which
they have personal knowledge of allows them to direct energy
magnitudes toward the establishment of relational dynamics. The existence
of these dynamics allows new external field statics to emerge.

The existence of these field statics affords a spectrum of new potentials,
each of which implies the emergence of one or more field dynamics. The
selection of the most suitable potential engages these dynamics and creates
a new external field static between them. The presence of this static
engages relational conduits between objects, producing energy flows
which upset existing balances of power. The Crafter of Invention chooses
from among the new forces which to augment on behalf of activating
limits, repeating the cycle.
These characters are particularly interesting because both experience time travel during the course of the game: Cress travels into the past by the aid of magic and back into the future with the aid of technology; Dhaos moves forward into different points of future at will.

Notice that Cress is an XNTx, particularly Einstein's quasi-identical. It seems beyond coincidence that the "hero of spacetime" is a part of what appears to be a "spacetime temperament."