seems depressed, complainy, not exceptionally happy. reminds me of the robot on hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy if that robot were a mothering type.

seems medicinally clean.

worked in the medical industry. i think she went as far as teaching neuroscience/anatomy in some other country. now she is basically a full time mom.

doesn't take a lot of care of her appearance.

wants people to "get their lives together." she makes a lot of comments on this.

she was telling me some stories of her past experiences in very vivid detail. and extremely slowly. which was extremely trying for me to pay attention and listen to.

she seems EXTREMELY critical to me and very concerned with rules and not offending people. i think offensive people probably bother her a lot, but what she considers offensive aren't things that i would consider offensive at all. but i think there are two entirely different definitions of offensive in play here which i have no idea how to explain.

way too cautious in the sense that she thinks people are disrespectful etc when i sort of think people are bound to screw up once in a while and say/do stupid things in new situations. especially socially. and in other countries. or at least i hope someone would extend that courtesy to me (temporarily at least.)

this morning we were cooking breakfast and she had bought some thing that separates the egg yolks from the egg whites and was talking about what a great innovation that was. i sort of thought that was an ENTp invention.