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A clear explanation of releations of Supervision
By Reuben McNew [ENTp]

In relationships of supervision, there are two parties: the supervisor, who displays enormous potential and strength, and the supervisee, who guards an exposed vital weakness in sight of the supervisor.

The supervisor almost always has good intentions for the supervisee, and at first sight each may show some interest in knowing each other. They may have some noticeable differences, but they usually are able to manage to relate in some small way taking their own few similarities. As casual acquaintances, these relationships may stay fairly stable. In a way, this relation resembles a love and hate type relationship.

However, danger emerges with closeness. While the supervisor sees the weakness of the supervisee, he seeks to strengthen him; but, all attempts usually provoke confusion in the supervisee, who may even have already found himself agitated by his exposed weaknesses in spite of the supervisor; he may feel himself threatened. In most case scenarios, the supervisee usually acts out against the supervisor; he could attempt to broadcast some sort of emotional shield against the supervisor or he could try to outwit him somehow. This usually could include heavy attempts at mind manipulation, acts of aggression, or any sort of provoked conflict aimed at the supervisor in defense . Though oddly enough, sometimes the supervisee may reverse his previous inclinations and attempt to impress by giving gifts and items to the supervisor or by performing various feats in an attempt to gain recognition and acceptance. However, the same patterns usually begins again, as the supervisee usually almost always discovers some other threat against his weakness and acts out. In worst-case scenarios, the supervisee may make attempts at total domination of the will of the supervisor, reversing the roles and in effect supervising the supervisor.

It is often usual in this type of relationship for members to have a constant feeling of suspecion or that they are each being watched by an unseen party; this results from the enviromental tension that both the supervisor and supervisee feel from each other.

Despite the troubles, sometimes an odd friendship emerges ... this could result from the fact that while the supervisor has been seen as a threat, the supervisee may be willing to offer support for the supervisor's own weaknesses. In a way, this is how the supervisee shows that he cares for the supervisor, yet he would not dare allow the supervisor to touch his own readily exposed weaknesses. He does not want the supervisor to even know they are there!

Relationships of supervision are not the most desirable of relationships, and should be avoided at all cost. Even in family environments, this relationship could be full of abuse and unnecessary personal attacks. Supervisees and supervisors would do best to avoid each other and keep interpersonal contact to a minimum.