Check it out, ENTj's:

What's coming up next is a sentence that could most accurately summarize the ENTj's mindset. Enthusiastic and optimistic about the future, the ENTj wants to be the one who's at the forefront of advancement. Possessing a peculiar combination of idealism and pragmatism in his personality, the ENTj is a person who wants to make his dreams come true.

The ENTj is a very rational person. He lives with an internal set of principles. These are not arbitrary or merely accepted from conventional wisdom. Rather, they stem from a critical examination of any available empirical evidence at disposal. The ENTj thrives for objectivity. He wants to know the "Right" answer to everything. For this reason, he is particularly fond of measures and tests because they enable him to objectify reality, helping him to make correct decisions and accurate predictions. The ENTj thinks like a scientist, only accepting things if they have been put to an objective test. If you need to make an objective decision about anything, ask an ENTj.

The ENTj has a gut feeling about what lies behind appearances. He has also got a good intuition about the future. These two characteristics enable him to be often ahead of others, since they help him in predicting events accurately. In order to do this, the ENTj makes intuitive hypotheses according to an existing theoretical model he has elaborated. These intuitions are then naturally put to the test of time. If the existing outcome is different than his prediction, then the ENTj will correct his model. The ENTj's Intuition thus serves his Thinking. Because of this he is rather impatient. Indeed, he is so eager about the future that he cannot seem to be able to let the present unfold normally.

The ENTj projects an aura of arrogance because of the two previous attitudes. There are several reasons for this. Like most NT's, the ENTj's knowledge is acquired in a very systematic way. The ENTj does not trust common sense. He likes to look behind preconceived ideas. He does not care about consensus or other people opinions. He wants to examine the facts by himself, with a fresh new look. The difference with other NT's is that once the ENTj has found something new, he wants to shout it to the rest of the people in the world and convince them that they were wrong. This makes the ENTj look like a Galileo trying to tell people that the earth is round. Few people like to have their beliefs challenged this way and so the ENTj can sometimes appear as pretentious. Fortunately, this attitude is also what makes him a potential leader.

The ENTj works very fast. He loves to be able to efficiently execute tasks. He likes to plan his work in advance so he can think about the best possible course of action. However, he doesn't necessarily have to plan systematically. He is also very good at improvising on the fly thanks to his pragmatic nature. Sometimes he develops workaholic tendencies because he gets such a rush out of pulling things off.

The ENTj is very decisive. It takes him only a couple of seconds to decide things when other types would take hours. For example, he knows exactly what he wants on a restaurant menu immediately after reading it. He doesn't like to waver around. He can be pretty impatient with people who are slow to make their mind up. Sometimes the ENTj can be tempted to choose for them because he can't stand waiting.

The ENTj can talk alot about subjects in which he is interested in, but remain very silent in any topic he finds slightly boring (which includes most topics in small talk). When he's into something, he can get very passionate and start gesticulating energetically. He may speak "with his hands" alot. He loves to give advice to others in domains where he is competent. He is very good at explaining things to people. The ENTj breaks things down in easy to understand steps, and makes sure people succesfully comprehend each before moving to the next.

The ENTj may appear quite blunt and direct because he has no patience with superficialities. He likes to get straight to the point. This isn't intended to be mean. It's just a way for him to save time and "move on" more quickly. He is not afraid of speaking the truth about things openly. He is a very straightforward person. What you see is what you get. The ENTj tells people in front what he thinks of them. He is not the type to gossip endlessly in the back of others. He prefers to act upon a situation and speak up to the person in an effort to change things.

The ENTj can get very angry. He hates to get walked upon. Respect is extremely important in a relationship for an ENTj. He cannot tolerate a lack of respect from others. He also hates injustice. The ENTj likes to stand up for what he believes and defend people who he considers as weaker than him. He is also not easily intimidated by people in authority. The ENTj can sometimes have a "Hero" complex and be convinced that he must be strong in order to be able to save others in the world. This can make him fight forcefully against something or someone even when all odds seem at end.

It has been wrongly assumed that the ENTj is necessarily a controlling and bossy individual. In reality, he doesn't really care about bossing people around for it's own sake. What he's interested in is getting things done in the most efficient way. The ENTj can appear very relaxed and cool around people who accomplish what needs to be done naturally. The ENTj may appear very commanding when he feels as though there is too much chaos. Considering he is also impatient and decisive, he can come off pretty strong to others when things don't go "the Right way". However, an ENTj, contrary to alot of types, will not seek positions of power for power, but simply because he wants to have the freedom of implementing the best possible decisions. He fundamentally loves independance. It enables him to realize his visions and make his dreams come true. For this reason, he has a strong entrepreneurial spirit. He wishes his independance from societal constraints and being able to do things according to his ideas.

The ENTj isn't necessarily the person that people will psychologically elect as the leader of a group. It really depends on the situation. Since, being an NT (Rational), he is rather oblivious to social rituals, he will rarely be the "coolest" or most popular person around. That title is best left to the ESFP or even the ESTP. However, in most situations requiring a specific competence that the ENTj has, his enthusiasm and drive will naturally propel him to leadership. He excels in positions of responsibility due to his ability to explain things to others, be decisive and be efficient.

The ENTj doesn't necessarily make conflict personal. For him, conflict is necessary for progress. He has a tendency to get into heated debates and arguments. The ENTj is invigorated and thrilled by these. He rarely has hostile feelings against people, though. The ENTj is neutral towards most people. He has no desire to hurt others. The ENTj will rarely be envious or jealous of others. He respects people who achieve. He is not the type to backstab or secretly plot for his advancement. This is in starking contrast to his outside appearance. Indeed, he came come off as intimidating sometimes and willing to dominate others (usually when he fears he's going to get controlled). However, the bark is alot worse than the bite. The ENTj usually gets things over and done with. He doesn't obsess about other people. This is also very different from most people who can develop hostile feelings towards others that stay rooted. The ENTj is not passive-aggressive. He confronts people when something is wrong, and then often doesn't hold a grudge. An ENTj rarely "attacks" people. He considers this a lack of respect. However, do not even try to undermine him because he is very good at quickly counter-attacking. An ENTj is only preoccupied about people who are a potential danger to him. His strategic thinking can then very well be employed in order to control others if ever he feels he is in threat.

Don't ever take a debate personally with an ENTj. Don't get hurt by his logic and then try to hurt him in return (when he wasn't intending to do any harm in the first place). Don't try to control, manipulate or dupe him. Because once he finds out, he will try to get even with you by all means.

The ENTj has playful side. Just hook up with him at a party. You'll quickly see that he loves to make jokes and play around. He'll be the first to make a fool of himself. The ENTj also likes to play the "stand up comedian". He can make himself look a lot more stupid than he really is, just to amuse people. Sometimes this gets him in trouble because he behaves in inappropriate ways just to be funny. As an example, he has a habit of making humor with a double meaning (often geared towards sex), which, coupled with his disdain for social conventions, often makes him appear as a lot ruder than he really is. The ENTj isn't always aware of how he comes off to others, so excuse him if he seems a little crude sometimes.

The ENTj is, deep inside, a romantic (although he will forcefully deny this). He believes in love in a nearly childish way: pure and idealistic. He rarely lets people know about it, but he is rather a sensitive person inside. When he falls in love with someone it can take incredible proportions. He can idealize the other person and put them on a pedestal. The ENTj hides this softness behind a big psychological fortress that makes him look tougher than he really is. Take the time to get to know an ENTj. Once you're in his close circle, you're in for life.

One last thing... You can ask the advice of an ENTj for anything, except one thing: aesthetics. He is not very good at judging if several colors match together or not. Don't worry if you see him wearing a bright orange t-shirt or red trousers. He's not trying to get attention; he's probably assessing the viability of a combination of colors by empirically testing people's reactions to it.