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Thread: ENTps and EMT work?

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    Default ENTps and EMT work?

    Well, I just decided I am going to try and become an EMT and work at a hospital ...

    Are ENTps good at this usually?

    I know xcaliburgurl is doing this, and she is INTj ...

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    Glad you're looking into the wonderful world of Emergency Medical Services. I'm still new and inexperienced, but I love it. My squad just made me active 2 wks ago, which means I can go on calls as the only EMT. And, if anyone was wondering, I've grown out of the paralyzing terror and self-doubt that plagued me at the beginning. (oldforumlinkviewtopic.php?t=555)

    I'm not trying to dissuade you from the hospital idea, but personally, I hated working in the ED for my clinical time. But, maybe that's just me. Also, have you considered volunteering? I don't think I've heard of a volunteer squad who didn't need members. And, you probably can get the training free. (Sorry, gotta put in a plug for the volly squads. :wink: )

    Unfortunately, I'm very slow at typing the people I volunteer with (we see each other frequently, but only for an hour or so at a time), so I can't offer any first-hand ENTp EMT advice...yet. I just got a job with a private ambulance service, so I'll be with my partner for 10 or 13 hrs at a time, that might make things easier, typing-wise.

    As for me being INTj EMT, take that with a grain of salt. As I've posted before, I'm not so sure my type is giving me an advantage in this line of work, it might actually be a disadvantage. However, I've gotten over my initial problems and have had at least one patient that I didn't smack my head over later. :wink:

    Oh, if you want more EMT info, here's an EMT forum. I'm XcaliburGirl there too.
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