Well if Olga gets her little day in the sun for her (mysterious...) theory, then I'll use this forum to publish my crosstype work as well. (and besides I'd rather not clutter general discussion....)

The names given to these types are tentative.

ENFj-XXXj: The Ambassador

Fe -> Ni -> Te -> Si -> Ti -> Se -> Fi -> Ne
Ti -> Se -> Fi -> Ne -> Fe -> Ni -> Te -> Si

The Ambassador seeks to bring the world unto itself. Seeking a role as a
builder of relationships which can reflect their feelings, the Ambassador can
observe the influence of their work on the reality about them. For every
movement has a leader, and the binds between leaders are the sources of
any potential for cooperation between them. No bond can ever be strong
enough to unleash every potential, however. Observing the subjective
perception of suggested priorities, the Ambassador estimates the
future from the situation on the ground. To clarify their way in the
fog of uncertainty, they open their hearts to new ways of
cooperation which will allow them to exploit the potentials they seek
to unleash. The road to the future lies within: by adopting a new
internal field static, a external object dynamic is automatically
invoked. This dynamic withdraws the latent potential and initiates
external field dynamics. These dynamics create an avalanche of new
perceptions, each leading to a different conclusion. The Ambassador
chooses the most appropriate subjective percept and from it sets forth a
vision of future events. The circumstances of this vision are the
trigger for a new psychic cycle, and the adoption of a new role.
These types are easily perceived by means of their striking, attention-getting eyes.