I'm often aware of my orientation on a sort of timeline. I recently had a strange experience during which I was positioned in the future and looking back on myself as I existed over the course of the rest of the timeline. Due to the sudden clarity with which I perceived myself in relation to this timeline, I began crying uncontrollably. Unequivocably, I knew that every experience inevitably becomes devoid of meaningful content when examined from a future reference point. This made me feel like a prophet, but since I was static, I couldn't move around to spread the message. Whatever the experience was in essence, it's impact was certainly centered around a shift in perspective from looking towards the future (from a multidimensional and fractured reference point) to looking backwards from a static point (I knew my exact position and could easily see the purpose for being there, however could really do nothing about it).

I was wondering how others perceive themselves on a timeline and if suddenly shifting into an unfamiliar timeframe (or point in time, not sure) has ever caused an emotional/spiritual realization. Have you ever felt like a prophet without a voice due a similar shift in reference?

The obvious question is how this may relate to socionics.