Taken from: http://socion.info/TYPOLOGY%20DESCRIPTIONS/ISFP.html

ISFps love the goodness of life, nature, and everything beautiful that encompasses the world. Though they can often be construed by others as light-minded, shy and withdrawn introverts, ISFps are bubbling and spewing factories of immense joy; full of charm and complementary measure. They smile for no reason at all, and can naturally brighten anyone’s day. They are the democratic mediators and administrators of all good feelings in the world and where there is a lack, you can bet somewhere an ISFp is making up for it. If any type spells peace, love, and joy ... it is the ISFp!

ISFps generally love people, but can feel overwhelmed. While they are introverts, many can maintain a rather large social gathering, causing them to almost appear extroverted; however, they may only find closeness to a few within the gathering, as they are usually quiet and do whatever to avoid the general spotlight.

ISFps may approach others, but they can be sporadic; they may sometimes unintentionally give off the impression that they dislike other people. They can be sensitive to people who have strong stares, and may not immediately want the attention of strangers who show friendliness towards them. Sometimes they can be seen observing people for a period of time before deciding if they want to get to know them better.ISFps almost never push friendships, and will not persue a friendship with someone who does not seem readily interested in them. ISFps tend to form close bond to those who seek to know the real them.

ISFps do not like to live in environments that encourage regularity or favor certain specific bland color arrangements, as they would rather love to see big bright and radiantly beautiful colors. Even more so if the colors flash, fluctuate, and change, like changing leaves of the fall. They usually possess an immense affinity for pets, and might crowd themselves out of house and home with their animal companions, if that were possible. They love the softness of silk and of cloth, and the things of their surroundings; some may even jokingly be compared to the classical gypsies.

While ISFps can feel extremely intense emotions, they do not always understand those emotions; in result, they may endure long periods of depression or self-analyzation. ISFps tend to go on emotional highs and lows, which can leave those close to them concerned; they may not ever totally tell them why they feel the way they do. However, ISFps usually bounce back as happy as ever, much to the delight of their friends and family. Although, no matter how bad they feel, ISFps will never share personal information with those they do not know or feel they cannot readily trust, only to those close to them.

ISFps do what they can to help those in need, and may even neglect their own feelings about a person or a situation to do what they feel is appropriate to show kindness and sympathy. However, they may not always know how to effectually deal with those who trod too deep into their own emotional and personal territory; in result, they can feel like fakes. If they feel exceptionally close to someone, they may do silly things to cheer him or her up or make cute little jokes. This results in the fact that ISFps want other to feel the joy that they naturally feel, and may feel frustrated or disappointed if others are unable to feel the same way; they want everyone to be happy with life.

ISFps can be homebodies, and tend to enjoy hobbies that involve the creation of useful objects, such as various items of clothing or home accessories. However, they can also have an affinity for sports or other physical activities, especially when young. Some tend to be quite health conscious, and may avoid certain types of meats or various foods; they can like playing musical instruments.