The pictures seem more SEI than ESE, yeah?
They aren't really telling pictures though, because, he is around people who he really doesn't feel ethically comfortable with, most of the time, it seems.

I'm fairly certain he's Alpha, unless perhaps he's some strange ENFp. But I doubt it.

Fe and Si very apparent.
Very clean

Originally I thought he was an ESFj Si subtype
Then I thought ISFp

We get along very well... and after a semester apart, we are realizing that we were each other's best bet for room mates. He isn't a drinker either, and he has good values, and appreciates a clean place, which I do too. If you remember correctly, I said that if he were a girl, I'd consider dating him - which is a remarkable honor.

He's definitely a caregiver as he enjoyed caring and cookiing for his more troubled friend.

He seems ESFj.......... but ... how can I say this...
He is a Cancer, so he is more watery and emotional, as opposed to sharp and vibrant. The two kinds of ESFjs I know are Fire zodiac signs, or like this, and watery. If you think zodiac is BS then forget this paragraph, but if you know anything about it, you might know what I mean. ((Disclaimer: UDP does not endorse zodiac as legitimate science, etc etc etc, blah blah. Intuitive mysticism - you either get it or don't))

moving on,

He seems to have the typical ESFj trouble with electronics and computer stuff. And he seems more solid about his relationships than ISFps I know -- is big on ethical correctness, being friends, and sees having sex in a dorm room as not very classy. But he is romantic and I have seen him kissing a girl before.

I believe he shows Fe leading, in that he is concerned how his closest think of him, and wants to uphold those ethics.

Finally, I think I feel a strange sort of same-gender dualization going on. Which is good, and I only really feel that around ESFjs -- I've only known females aside from this one -- so that might be more to tip the scale to ESE.

What is the major difference between a male ESE and SEI?