abbott is a game designer, for lack of a better way to accurately describe his profession. he first wrote a book called abbott's new card games in 1960 something (i think) which contained 9 different original games which could be played with standard household items (only 8 of them actually required cards; the other one is played with a standard chess set).

one of his creations, eleusis, has received some attention in scientific communities due to the fact that it requires inductive reasoning, which is not usually employed in games.

abbott also maintains a website with a number of different logic mazes (or mazes with rules).

of interest is his unique perspective on such things as formal logic and mathematics, the nature of games and puzzles.

a variety of essays describing his viewpoints can be found on his site, but here are two which i feel are somewhat important:

for VI purposes:

i have a reasonable idea of his type but am not 100% certain.