This is where I think Fi can get really unhealthy and fucked up. They start to make excuses for objectively harmful actions just because they feel closer to a person. it's sick, like those weirdos who wrote love letters to Manson/Bundy etc in prison. Fe is unhealthy and fucked up in the way it can minimize some problems with "I wasn't being serious when I said that" etc.

"The rules shouldn't apply to this person because I'm turned on. It's so soulful and real!" Kinda make me barf. I have been a bit hypocritical myself with that, but I won't really try to start a genuine real relationship with somebody like that that tho I've seen some Fi valuers do. To be honest, they are kinda like the same type to falsely accuse Betas of being sexual offenders while their significant other just stabbed somebody to death or whatever.

Fi is also interesting to me in the way that obviously, nobody is going to ever be really completely fair and balanced with people - even Fi polrs. Everybody has biases and favorites and sins they excuse over others. That part is interesting to me.