Block EGO * the 1st Position * Program Function * "sensorika Of sensations"
Beauty and accordion in all their manifestations, the bright, abounding with pleasant impressions life, tendency toward the pleasure in its most aesthetical and refined forms - here are basic, inherent in representatives of this type values. For the Dumases the characteristically not only creation of excellent in all his forms and manifestations, but also care of the already existing accordion.

Dumas never will allow himself to spoil to someone mood or to introduce into the atmosphere of holiday dullness. He - the creator of all fact that brings happiness and provides pleasure.

Dumas loves and values life in all its manifestations. For it it is very important to feel taste for life. It is important to make life of beautiful, pleasant, light; is important the sensation of the "holiday of life". To give pleasure for the Dumases so is pleasant as to obtain him.

Dumases - realist. (A otherwise, as it supplemented this dreamer and dreamer as Don Quixote?) Dumas is oriented to the simplest and most natural values: the prosperity of family, comfortable house, good relations.

He tries not to reach no one any troubles. Itself is glad at life and it is not intended to complicate by its other.

For the Dumases is very important the sensation of comfort, sincere rest, good health and good mood. The absence of any of its these sensations seriously will perturb. For example, if circumstances are added so that it does not have a possibility in the dinner interruption to go somewhere to dine and is forced to regularly feed to vsukhomyatku, this will greatly disturb it: "so indeed not long and gastritis to gain..."

Comfort and discomfort, health and disease, happiness and misfortune, life and death - basic themes of its reasonings.

Frequently it reflects about conditions under what he would want to exist. It loves to criticize the badly thought-out or inconveniently organized conditions for work, studies and leisure.

Dumas possesses property to memorize and to anew recreate the once experienced sensations. Sounds, colors, smells are memorized by it as integral impression and they can restore into the memories of association, connected with experience by a feeling, to resemble about some event, about some person, against some relations.

It knows how to note the discomfort, experienced by other people. For example, it will immediately note that to someone it is hot, it is cold, it is tight, it is oppressive, to someone harvests foot-wear. It notes, when someone experiences pains. He always knows how they are caused, and it attempts to remove their reason. Moreover he tries to make this in the tactful form, since it considers that sensation - this something especially personal and intimate; therefore influenced them should be delicately and nenavyazchivo. (representatives of this type magnificently they work in medicine)

Dumas knows how to commiserate to strange indisposition, since its own poor health receives as serious trouble. At this moment it is completely absorbed by its state and its sensations. Contact with those surrounding during this period it only irritates, especially, if they apathetic relate to its state and manifest no sympathy and any concern. The insufficiently expressed compassion of the Dumases receives as the manifestation of sincere staleness and poor relation to itself. If, for example, it sees that its complaints only irritate those surrounding, he tries to limit with them any contacts until the better time.

The formally expressed sympathy, just as the obshcheobodryayushchiye, "on-duty" phrases, not a bit they do not improve its state. During the disease Dumas requires not the encouragement, but the comfort.

It does not consider itself capable of the physical overloads; therefore it does not love to occur under the conditions, which require from it physical endurance, especially, when this concerns its leisure. It loves to rest under the conditions of modest and unassuming comfort, in the society of pleasant and interesting to it people. The tourism, which requires physical stress, cmbined with the risk, by danger and by the sheerest absence of conveniences, it draws comparatively little.

Leisure on nature loves. It thinly feels its beauty. Any manifestation of excellent tries to memorize, as generally he tries to memorize entire good, "so that it would be that recall". ("life - not that which is squandered, but that which was memorized".)

It knows how and loves to assume guests. It is glad of the possibility to appear its taste and culinary talents. Preparation itself for the method reaches pleasure to it. Dumas usually arranges for his guests present "sensory holiday": comfortable situation, pleasant music, soft illumination, most beautiful serving, tastiest food - all are done so that the pleasure from the holiday would be comprehensive and most complete.

Dumas thoroughly thinks over all details of the future celebratory meal: the selection of guests, serving, the combination of dishes, the selection of faults. If this, for example, new-year holiday, it is thought over the formulation of room, carnival suits, gifts, surprises... It is very angry, when someone interfere withs the realization of its holiday undertaking: "well you think, I introduce cake with the spark plugs, and my mother-in-law in includes skylight! Well as she does not understand, that she with this entire mood of holiday spoiled... Or here still: itself began to give out gifts! Well as she does not understand, that this not from it gifts, but - they must be under the fir tree found from Grandfather- Moroz. Thus it took and spoiled to children holiday!"

Dumas distinguishes splendid taste in everything, concerning the accordion of sensations. This always unsurpassed culinary specialists, capable according to the smell of determining the gustatory qualities of food and the degree of its readiness of the Dumases does not simply prepare the food: it creates, it packs soul, it represents, what pleasure its food must provide.

Very seriously it relates to questions of nourishment. Exclusively priveredliv and it is legible in the food. The food, which does not cause in it confidence, by it eaten not will be, even if it very about this are asked. It is very conservative in questions of taste.

Under any conditions of the Dumases it knows how to create the sensation of comfort, the sensation of heat and cosiness. Whatever modest means it had available, it will always devise as to decorate its house. It can use its needelwork, its figures or figures of its children for this. Its any, even temporary dwelling appears comfortable and settled.

In the formulation of interior Dumas prefers intricate- elegant style, frequently with the decorative additions. Space very rationally is used, it knows how even smallness to make comfortable.

Order in the house of the Dumases (especially if this dualizirovannyy Dumas) usually soblyudayetsya, moreover in the very nenavyazchivoy and easy for the households form: households throw about things, Dumas them patiently gathers and spreads on the places and so until households begin to automatically place things in the place. If the Dumases does not have enough forces to regularly introduce order in entire house, always there is some section, where the order strictly soblyudayetsya and where everything with the taste is organized.

Articles of daily life in the scrap of the Dumases are always beautiful and are convenient, always very beautiful dishes. Not only that that for the holidays, but also that that on each day. Beautiful dishes and beautiful bed linen - "small weakness" of representatives of this type. Soft, convenient furniture, carpets, pillows, salfetochki - everything which gladdens eye and it locates to leisure, without fail it is present in the house of the Dumases.

The aesthetics of the Dumases is calculated for the perception by small forms. The beauty of each thing must be received individually - hence certain decorative supersaturation, characteristic of the aesthetics of the Dumases. (characteristic also of the aesthetics of all irrational "sensorikov-etikov" - and the Dumases, and Caesar.)

Dumas possesses many artistic talents and with their pleasure realizes. Thus, without being trained specially the profession of barber or tailor, frequently is carried out work not worse, but sometimes also it is better than another professional. Dumas, who is professionally by design (clothing, hair-dos, foot-wear, furniture), out of the competition.

It magnificently feels the accordion of color, lines, forms, it is sonic, odor the best perfumers and the best tasters are obtained precisely from the representatives of this type. It knows how to select the associative combinations of smell and color, color and sound. It can invent perfumes, correspond to the specific music, the mood, determined to the color combination, determined to artistic direction and to the style of clothing.

Dumas knows how to create his mode, knows how itself to be adapted to any direction of it. Never will put on that is inconvenient to bear, or that which disadvantageously emphasizes deficiencies in its appearance. By this the ability of the Dumases in any clothing to appear exceptionally attractively is explained. By nature inclined to the completeness, they magnificently manage this problem, because of the skill with the taste to dress, it is easy to move and is conveniently themselves felt in any situation. Krome.togo, Dyuma cannot allow so that his completeness would reach some inconveniences to it. Therefore begins to soblyudat' diet each time, when he feels, that this is necessary.

The Dumases it is always confident in its attractiveness, and surrounding, especially the representatives of opposite floor, this they always feel well. Dumas usually enjoys success, moreover by that deserved, and this it greatly gladdens. Never it speculates on its beauty, since it considers as the its normal and natural entity. To it it is pleasant to provide pleasure by its exterior view. Moreover, Dyumo willingly helps and by council and by the matter all, who want to make their appearance of of more attractive than renders the invaluable service to its dualu Don Quixote, who usually gives insufficient attention to its exterior view. (as it loved to tell in one student- Dumases about its instructor - Don Quixote: "each time, when 4 it I see, to me so is desirable him to wash clean!..")

There is nothing more natural for the Dumases, than the concern about its close ones, about its households - this is one of its vital orientators. Its households are always ukhozheny and are fed. Dumas can his needs reduce to the minimum, but he will try so that his family would experience not the least inconveniences.

The aesthetical training of children is considered the matter paramount and naivazhneyshim. For example, liveing on assistance on the unemployment, it can purchase to its children of piano and to pay to them the lessons of music.

Block EGO * 2-4 positions * creative function * the "ethics of emotions"
In the emotional plan of the Dumases the dual impression frequently is produced: outwardly - these are lighthearted jovial merry fellow and optimist, internally - man is restrained and stressed.

In the unfamiliar society of the Dumases he tries not to attract special attention, more it observes, than it acts. It outwardly always seems calm, balanced, confident in itself. It is internally reserved and distrustful with that being seemed openness. Frequently is produced the impression of man "to itself on the mind". And actually, Dumas fears to make a slip of the tongue about himself anything excess.

It associates easily, freely on the close distance in its company; it knows how to create unconstrained situation. It loves to entertain friends by amusing histories.

It knows how and loves to be the soul of company. Mood wonderfully is raised by jokes. If some jokes prove to be inappropriate, it can rapidly and tactful change theme. But it must be noted, Dumas supports in the company a good mood only in such a case, when this does not contradict his own internal state.

It is peaceful. It is friendly. It knows how to create the sensation of heat and cordiality. Greatly it locates to itself and it can find contact by any environment. It wonderfully feels collocutor, knows how to it to emotionally tune, moreover this makes completely sincerely. The confidence of people very easily conquers, but never by this it misuses (if only this do not require the interests of its work).

Easily it causes to the frankness. (quality, which makes possible for representatives of this type to be good intelligence officers, by agents, by psychotherapists and by educators.)

It knows how to memorize and to reproduce the once experienced emotions, knows how to visualize the experience of another person, his feeling and his nature. It knows how emotionally to recreate and to survive in itself the emotional state of another person, it knows how seemingly to pass him through itself. (because of this quality of the Dumases it can be very good actor, diplomat or mediator.)

If with it zatevayetsya quarrel or dispute, he always tries to discharge situation, he tries to distract debaters or to quiet them. (quality, calculated for the problematic ethics of its duala of Don Quixote, constantly zatevayushchego the dispute, which passes into the quarrel.) Of course Dumas himself can be pulled into the quarrel with their konflikterom and nevertheless the state of hostility to him is very unpleasant. For this very reason it prefers to come out as the connecting link between the opposing parties. ("the master of shuttle diplomacy".) It always is glad at the possibility of someone to reconcile, to persuade, to convince. Its matters are arranged well by unofficial means.

Working on the leading post, he tries to maintain good relations with all subordinates. It considers it for itself important to pay attention to psychological climate in the association.

He tries to a little less criticize others - it does not love to dispute and to acquire to itself enemies. Therefore, even if it is necessary someone to criticize, he tries to make this in the soft form. But if it sees that this will traumatize someone, he tries not to aggravate relations and is transferred everything into the joke. (quality, completely necessary with the contact with this dualom as Don Quixote, who, as has already been spoken, very acutely receives criticism in its address.)

Dumas knows how to be the director of the mood: if it considers it necessary to quiet someone or to comfort, will make this magnificently. If it considers it necessary to draw attention to its problems, will make this "creatively": it will create the situation of the completely intolerable stress and not "will let go" until its problem they begin at least partially to decide, or until itself is quieted. Dumas is not troubled openly to speak about his problems, moreover in this he does not always limit himself by close circle, because of what it can produce the impression of whimperer. (this ethical tactics it is calculated for the ethics of the emotions of its duala of Don Quixote, whom it is sometimes necessary to distract from its fantastic projects and to place before the fact of the concrete, actually existing problem.)

Block SUPEREGO * 3-4 positions * normative function * the "intuition of time"
Dumas usually values his and strange time, but he expends him as much, as is required for achievement of result necessary to it. For example, if it did not explain something, something of nedoponyal, it will continue conversation until is obtained complete clarity, regardless of the fact, does arrange its collocutor time for the explanations or not. Dumas can visit "to the minute" and to get stuck on are somewhat hour, but will obtain complete information on all question of interest to hims.

This quality as punctuality, for it more significantly precisely in the ethical plan. Therefore, if for it it is necessary to be late, it always feels itself very uncomfortably. If circumstances do not force it to the punctuality, this Dumas only rad.

The clear order of day to it is inconvenient in view of many reasons. The need for living according to rigid graph, having time somewhere to the specific hour for it is always burdensome. Always it cannot plan the time of leisure or the operating time. The time of leisure for the Dumases is determined by his health. For example, without waiting until interruption, Dumas can leave to die and to cut through (if the conditions of that allow). Time the end of work is determined by its result.

The time of the Dumases usually is expended on the immediate matters and the immediate needs, which especially hampers its planning. Therefore Dumas greatly does not love to give the promise: it fears, which to carry out them will be difficult because of some unforeseen circumstances.

Frequently develops the role of optimist, confident tomorrow. It loves to forecast future, although its forecasts sometimes bear naive nature. For example, it can any random luck consider as the forerunner of the future bright prospects.

On the aspect "intuition of time" for the Dumases are especially characteristic the drops from the optimism to the pessimism. Sometimes it can elevate separate, random success over the long term: for example, if they praised it on the work, it already assumes for itself the outstanding career, they scolded - release will foresee.

Its own future, future of its family, his country, its society - theme, which it constantly disturbs. Moreover concrete program on this aspect of the Dumases propose it cannot. However, a question "that with us will be?" it always remains for it insoluble, always remains the region of its reflections. Its agonizing reflections. (example: the films of Riazanov's El'dara "skies obetovannye" and "prediction".)

For the Dumases it is to difficult foresee the development of situation in the time. It can lose much time to the unjustified expectation. It can "be recycled" on the expectation, rejecting other possibilities and prospects. This explains by the fact that for the Dumases the expenditure of time is justified by the result of the matter. If positive results are achieved, then the not pitifully and spent time.

The most valuable service in the prognostication of prospects renders for the Dumases his dual Don Quixote. The best "predictor" of global changes in the development of society it is difficult to itself to represent. Don Quixote is better than someone another, it can answer a question, as under what conditions will live individual person, family, society as a whole through the specific interval of time. What are possible changes in the future, what circumstances will influence these changes.

Dumas can not be turned to the fortune teller, having this duala as Don Quixote, who sees not only changes to the best or to the worse, but it sees the periods of these changes. During Don Quixote's lifetime for the Dumases it does not occur useless expectation - Don Quixote of this simply will not allow and will reorient the Dumases to other, actually long-range plans.

Block Of superego*ya-ya position * mobilization function * "business logic"
At any that forthcoming to it work, even loved, even customary and constant, Dumas regards to the burdensome need - and this is one of his most serious problems. Even if the part of the work it already carried out easily, in the creative impulse, under the effect of the inspiration, nevertheless to it still is in prospect it to complete, to study details, to check eventual result, and all this - already need.

The need for carrying out some work derives the Dumases from the slack state natural for it. The need for to leave from this state and being thrown to work - already itself it strains, it creates to it the discomfort: "I will here now finish drinking coffee... I will finish smoking... and it is necessary to go to dodelyvat' project... Who would know, as to me not Ho- about -ocets4... who for me him made... "

Dumas frequently indicates the need for making some matters and about how to him "not Ho- about -ocets4" to make them. Frequently it complains about the overloads, about a deficiency in the time. Whole problem is created from some usual, everyday matters. Impression frequently is created, that it greater than all works, more than all it is overloaded and life in it is heavier than in all others.

Dumas very heavily enters into work, very for long he swings. That seems it, that it to it not on the forces, that he does not know as it to make, that in it it is not assembled sufficiently material, that in it is not preparedly working the place.

In the creative impulse of the Dumases it can make work generally unnoticeably for itself. Arrived idea, as to make this work - it went and made. But "on one respiration" it is possible to make work only of small volume, as representatives of this type do write multivolume novels and do place multiple series films?

Dumas magnificently works creatively. Work on inspiration begins, and it there already forces itself it to continue and to finish. (in many artistic works for the representatives of this type, the beginning of work - the book, film, opera - it appears much more talented more promising and more interesting than its continuation and completion) between the first part of the work and those following sometimes there can be the wide intervals of time. Dumas must "mature" for the continuation and the completion. This is very important for it - then result itself justifies.

Dumas does not love to show the unfinished work, it does not love, when it is checked in the process of work. It does not love, when in the process of work they begin to structurally its work - to criticize its methods, its concept, its style. In its understanding this means to put in the way obstacles to it. In such cases it always requires that to it they would make possible to complete work to independently and present eventual result.

Dumas tries to select such profession, which completely realized his creative potential, but if this it did not come out, he tries to find to itself work from the forces and as far as possible. In such cases to the bright professional career it does not pretend, on the work he tries not to be separated by anything so that too they would not scold and too would not praise. Once more on eyes to authorities prefers not to fall, any excess loads, initiatives, responsibility and responsibilities to itself not beret.

Impression sometimes is created, that Dumas generally fears work and searches for the method as it to avoid. If someone introduces in his work some new problems and by this it it complicates, Dumas terribly is irritated. For example, if for its training or systematic purposes they make it necessary to solve simple problem by complex methods (as this sometimes is in the procedures Of shtirlitsa), this literally is derived it from itself. Dumas exactly needs they showing the simplest and most rational procedure him, with the quite minimum expenditure of time, and to already complicate it it and itself will be able.

Dumas always very attentively reads instructions, it is very attentive to all systematic recommendations. Its training summaries, as a rule, are the most complete and most accurate. The Dumases - this is that student himself, who always in all solicits "to rewrite konspektik". Moreover it is worthwhile for it in this to refuse, it immediately appears such unhappy - this is actually very important for it.

Independently to be dismantled at any procedure, it to rationally and effectively use for the Dumases genuine victory. It is completely happy, when to it are turned for the council or the consultation apropos of familiar to it procedures. It sometimes it even seems that systematic consultations - this is its vocation.

It is stalwart fairly often it discusses about how it would be possible to earn rather well. Although to precisely earn money to it is extremely difficult. Even being the highly skilled and shirokoobrazovannym specialist, Dumas can for several months napryazhenno search for work, and then agree to the most unfavorable conditions: "yes it would be possible and free of charge to work, but then at least recommendation to obtain, at least period to earn."

For the Dumases it is very important to find work in the promising or in the constantly required region so that in the future it was not necessary to change profession so that not there would be complications with the searches for work. (aspect of "business logic" in the Dumases it is connected with the aspects of the "intuition of time" and of the "intuition of possibilities".) Therefore in questions of the business logic of the Dumases it is most convenient to be oriented toward councils and forecasts of its duala of Don Quixote, this whose aspect is located on the strong demonstrative positions; therefore it can allow itself to be lenient to the insufficient practicalness of its partner.

Dualizirovannyy Dumas usually highly evaluates the business qualities of his partner and it agrees with all his proposals: "into first yr after arrival my husband introduced the regime of the most severe savings, we everything absolutely rejected to ourselves. Then they immediately purchased machine, husband was affirmed on the new work and now they be going to make him a companion of firm, and there it will be possible to and apartment purchase... "

Dumas knows how to live in the regime of the most severe savings, especially if this temporary, short phenomenon, if are already visible overcoming the deadlock, and finally most important, if this is required in the interests of family and in the interests of person close to it. Subconsiously the Dumases it is always confident in the intuition of its partner (since it is subconsiously oriented to the strong intuition of its duala), he knows and always designs for the fact that the output from the difficult situation will be found, moreover in the short time. Its this circumstance usually calms and it with the pleasure is occupied by its straight matter - economically conducts economy. And here to it there are no equal, since, as is known, only Dumas can from the one- only hen make five substantial dishes ("bul'onchik, hot, jelly, lettuce and the still stuffed neck") and feed with them his numerous family. As, it seemed, did not fear Dumas work, he is nevertheless very industrious. Working on the vocation under the conditions convenient for itself, it always shows the brilliant results. Being occupied by its dear matter, frequently it occurs out of the competition. Work for the Dumases - this is always very large and serious responsibility, and although it sometimes and produces the impression of "talented lazy person", in reality - this most frequently talented toiler.

Block OF SUPERID*SHCH-YA position * suggestive function * the "intuition of possibilities"
In everything, concerning the search for possibilities, Dumas it acts neuverenno, as by feel. Always searches for support from the side, constantly it needs the teacher, who will prompt, correctly it enters.

Dumas is inclined to understate his own possibilities, they frequently seem it insufficient for the solution of all his vital problems. For example, frequently it will regret about the fact that he does not have influential connections, that it almost no one helps, that to him not with whom to confer, not to coma to turn, not on whom to lean.

Dumas tries to be foresighted and farsighted, but since to independently count the possibilities of situation to him is very difficultly, it frequently accomplishes the errors, which sometimes turn around for it by serious troubles. For example, always it cannot be dismantled at the nature of situation; therefore by its confidence, by cordiality and by benevolence they frequently misuse. Knowing this, Dumas tries to be more carefully, it is more farsighted, but nevertheless frequently it makes it possible to cause himself to the frankness, about which subsequently greatly it will regret. Therefore Dumas with the interest will always listen recommendation about what benefit he can for himself extract from one or other situation or another,, as to him it is better to enter in one or other case or another and what there can be the consequences of its behavior. Itself of the Dumases is not capable with the confidence to answer these questions. The correctness of its forecasts it usually doubts, even if it voices by their confident tone.

Situation radically changes, when the partner of the Dumases becomes his dual. With the entire, it would seem, estrangement Don Quixote knows how to sensibly estimate the possibilities of situation, and the possibilities of his partner. The analysis of situation by Don Quixote is directed exactly toward that in order to give necessary direction to the actions of partner.

The most complete information on the aspect the "intuition of possibilities" Don Quixote allows to his precisely dualu of the Dumases. With the partners of other psychological types of pleasant and productive contact on this theme, as a rule, it is not obtained.

With Don Quixote Dumas feels himself reliably protected, capable of surviving and of withstanding under the most difficult conditions: "when we with the husband arrived here, we were completely some, no one helped us. We here not had either relatives, or friends. We in all attained themselves... "

As has already been spoken, Dumas prefers to look at the life actually; therefore to him it is very important to be confident in the realization of its possibilities. It counts, the earlier the men will find itself, the easier to it it will itself realize.

Dualizirovannyy Dumas always more interestingly works creatively. Specifically, in the partnership with Don Quixote he obtains the possibility to limitlessly develop his fantasy and to appear as bright innovator in the selected field. To confidently determine new directions in the skill, to be the legislator of new styles and genres.

To the development of the talents of its children of the Dumases it will be sorry neither forces nor money. It is always inclined to see in its child the winning lotereynyy ticket, which sometimes yes will win. Frequently through the abilities of child it attempts to realize its unrealized possibilities.

The development of its own talents for the Dumases also has great significance. For this very reason it greatly is interested in opinion about its professional potential, about its possibilities and abilities. It does not love, when its abilities criticize.

Great interest in it cause people, capable of finding and of opening its talents. It loves to listen to about the bright prospects and the newsbreaks, which still can expect it in the life. It can also at the old age carry out its old dream and master the profession, which earlier for some reasons was considered for itself inaccessible.

Block OF SUPERID*'-YA Position * Activation Function * The "logic Of relationships"
With the pleasure it is set in operation, which to it seems logically specific also for which it has a sufficient theoretical preparation.

The authenticity of information source for the Dumases is very important. For example, if in the reference book, which it has available, will be revealed some logical discrepancy, Dumas will not calm down, until finds to this some explanation or until it explains, how this a illogicality is fundamental, how it influences the general essence of its work.

If in the Dumases appear doubts about the authenticity of the information located by it, it prepares to itself theoretical material independently, moreover neither money nor time to it to this an example one student did not it's a pity purchase to herself electronic translator and with his aid entire necessary information, published in the foreign languages, was transferred for herself.

Dumas scrupulously gathers entire that material, which is considered for himself important, thoroughly it analyzes and thinks over its Dumases is exceptionally observant in the trifles. "I immediately suspected wrong, as soon as the husband of villages to read newspaper and immediately it rejected A of such with it before never it occurred so that it it would sometimes put off the newspaper, without having read it entire from the crust to the crust - similar not it was never"

Exceptional power of observation and skill to deeply analyze the obtained information make possible for the Dumases wonderful to appear itself in many professional regions. (for example, magnificently to work in such professions as intelligence officer, inspector, doctor, actor, director and td)

Dumas greatly is interested in the most promising scientific methods he tries to be up to date in the quite last developments his computer loads by the newest programs

Dumas is convinced by reliable facts and by logically sequential arguments. To him it is interesting to observe logical regularities into some the trudnoob"yasnimykh phenomena.

On the happiness, in the Dumases is similar of dual as Don Quixote, capable of counting that, which still is not in nature, the most daring fantasy, the most daring concept because of the calculations and the logical computations of Don Quixote the most daring dream it seems by the close and easily attained reality, and Dumas (with entire his sober realism) with the pleasure participates in the most fantastic projects of Don Quixote, with the readiness he allows its aid and support in the realization of his most daring undertakings

Block ID * the 7th position * observant function * "volitional sensorika"
About his volitional qualities of the Dumases he speaks approximately thus: "4 he only recently understood what do i have, occurs, the large force of will".

The force of will in the Dumases actually is actually large, but it does not make possible for itself to use it without the special necessity. Therefore frequently is produced the impression of the soft, slack person, who tries to be very accurate and delicate in the methods of its volitional action this explains by the fact that volitional sensorika of the Dumases is subconsiously disposed to very vulnerable volitional sensoriku of Don Quixote. Therefore the open volitional pressure Dumas tries not on whom not to render (this it subconsiously it holds as extreme measure for most extreme situation.)

If the situation of that requires, Dumas can be both rigid and strict, but he never misuses by his volitional qualities. Dumas does not love to work on the post, which forces to require rigid and implicit obedience. Dumases - always "soft" and sincere leader, even at highest step of authority. (Actor- Dumases, playing the roles of cruel lords, as a rule, they will not mobilize its volitional sensoriku - they always play by their outwardly soft and sincere, but by internally strict and inflexible, i.e., they play themselves)

The hardness of the Dumases is manifested only in such a case, when its "soft" action brings no positive results. If, for example, its request they answered by refusal, by the Dumases is created the situation of the completely intolerable stress, and this, as a rule, it costs it the heavy expense of forces. (A to lead itself to the excessive stress of the Dumases it does not love and forces its it prefers to expend economically.)

To use methods volitional action Dumas greatly does not love. To him it is unpleasant even to fall into the situation, which him to this constrains: to it it is unpleasant to reproach, it is unpleasant to take vengeance. Subconsiously that disposed to vulnerable sensoriku and ethics of Don Quixote, Dyum understands, that this action is permissible only in the very limiting case, when its requests constantly are ignored, when its interests absolutely are not taken into consideration, when its victims are not completely by anyone noted - then it becomes already offensively for its for nothing spent forces and it demonstratively ignores the interests of its partner, it mstit (but this the most extreme measure!).

Under the normal conditions Dumas is inclined neither to punish nor to force. He tries in all to attain "in an amicable way", by the method of persuasion.

It does not love scandals, it prefers debatable questions to examine quietly, without the negative emotions and only on the basis of facts.

In the contact he tries not to use the rigid ethical measures: to it it is unpleasant to quarrel, it is unpleasant to reject. It is even uncomfortable to interrupt undesirable acquaintance. Therefore it fears unceremonious and obtrusive people. (need for supporting the contact, in which it is not interested, it is sometimes received by it as serious problem)

It is not capable to make to quarry with the method of volitional pressure. (in all it attains only because of its talent, patience and skill to establish personal contacts.) Neither forehead nor elbows to work it is capable. He tries to avoid the conditions of the cut-throat competition. Neither for the authority nor for the influence to fight it is intended - this not of its value. But to place itself in the blind alley of the Dumases no one it will allow. Options will not make it possible to deprive themselves, no one it will allow to encroach on its personal freedom. It this will not allow its even dualu to Don Quixote, whom it will sometimes "bring in" on volitional sensorike so, that it begins to develop the role of tyrant and despot from itself. In that case of the Dumases immediately it attempts logically and ethical to be dismantled at the reasons for this behavior. He tries to remove these reasons, he tries to quiet and to logically reconvince his duala. For it it is necessary to use entire its will and entire its endurance in order with any conditions, in most critical and most extreme situation to preserve is emphasized good relations with its partner. But this already the theme of the description of the following function of the Dumases.

Block ID * the eighth Position * Demonstrative Function * The "ethics Of relations"
Dumas strives for ethical accordion in all forms of his relations. For it characteristically to be included in the already prevailing system of relations and to select the there convenient position, which corresponds to his own ethical installations and prevailing circumstances.

Most comfortably of the Dumases feels itself under the conditions for originally benevolent relations on sufficient rapidly prevailing close distance. (only positive qualities, characteristic of the problematic ethics of its duala of Don Quixote, original benevolence and the rapid decrease of distance.) After falling into the situation of pleasant and benevolent relations, Dumas tries by anything not to disrupt the prevailing ethical accordion, but vice versa - to contribute into the general emotional system his feasible mite.

A good ratio to itself of the Dumases receives with the deep gratitude: "I was so it was moved by its gift, I went home and it cried... simply from the appreciation to this person!.."

Dumas greatly values good relations and tries to do everything on it that depending, in order to strengthen them. Therefore its good arrangement sometimes take the exaggerated, demonstratively expressed forms.

The relation of the Dumases - this always bright and demonstrative reaction to the ratio to it of okruzhayushchikhEsli appears some lack of understanding, Dumas begins demonstratively to be offended. However, in the interests of the favorable development of relations with its partner of the Dumases it forces itself not "to get stuck" on its offences, since this leads to the very serious ethical complications, which to it for very and it is necessary to straighten, which for it presents definite difficulties.

The aspect of the ethics of relations in the Dumases is located not on the most advantageous positions; therefore it does everything on it depending in order to support flat, benevolent relations with the partner and not by koim means not to lead the matter to the conflict. Dumas tries to support any positive pulse from the side of partner and is used any possibility in order to assign the clearly expressed positive direction to its relations with the partner.

This explains by the fact that Dumas is subconsiously disposed to the very weak and vulnerable ethics of his duala of Don Quixote, to whom it is very important so that his good relation would immediately find response in partner. If Don Quixote does not obtain the clearly expressed reaction to his ethical actions, he begins to be nervous and to derive his partner to the "ethical dismantlings", until it ascertains that his partner relates to it actually well.

If relations are expressed insufficiently demonstratively, Don Quixote simply does not believe to them. The demonstratively expressed ethics of the Dumases frees Don Quixote from the need for arranging testing feelings of its partner. (example: Don Quixote, whom feelings of his wife seemed insufficiently clearly expressed, once stole and hid his own son in order to look, it was capable his husband of being "real mother".)

If Dumas in view of the obtained training is troubled to frankly demonstrate his feelings, if it seems it, that this is improper, that his relations still insufficiently were determined, that it thus far still dissembles or re-plays, in it appear the most serious problems with their dualom. Since to Don Quixote, in view of his vulnerable ethics, it is necessary as soon as possible to be convinced of the fact that next to it the loving and devoted friend.

Protecting the interests of the close and dear person, the Dumases with the pleasure the beret to itself of the function of diplomat. His skill to establish contacts with the people magnificently is used, it is capable to sufficiently rapidly reconcile its duala with those surrounding. Don Quixote, in turn, this notes and receives with the appreciation. In the presence of the Dumases he always feels himself considerably more confident, at least because it feels himself protected.

Dumas without the efforts special for himself calms down Don Quixote, smooths out his ethical awkwardnesses and discrepancies, switches it to some neutral and removed themes. In the case of awkwardness the attention of public distracts from it. Moreover all this makes easily and naturally, than it creates to its dualu convenient situation for the contact and it helps it to feel itself well, pleasantly, it is comfortable.

Demonstrative benevolence of the Dumases - indispensable condition of its- sensory accordion, the basic prerequisite of his sensory program.