Hey there I was wondering if any of you could assist me in my search for what type I really am. Im 18 years old and I tested as a ENTJ and a REI in my Life-Career Planning Class. I have a few pictures on my www.myspace.com/05gti that could assist in the search for my type. I feel as though I am a INTJ more so than a ENTJ due to the fact I am very interested in what makes things work. I love to sit back and have a great conversation about anything with someone who is educated. I always feel the need to let people know how I feel and tell them everything I know. I love sharing information. Wow I am typing a lot of I's here, sorry about that. I love to have conversations with educated people such as my friends parents. Every adult I talk to at one time says "Man Zach you're a smart kid, you are really in tune with life." I like to hear that kind of stuff. I feel the need to help other people and make a difference in life just sometimes I cant find the drive to do this and I believe this is due to the fact that I habitually smoke marijuana as a past time with friends. I will be quitting soon enough though. I love to cook and that was pre-disposed since my parents owned a resturant and I am Italian! I love solving problems, thinking about the universe, making alaysis on people and the way they view things, having deep talks about stuff like religion, politics, beginning of time and so on. The career I wish to pursue in my life is either a Pharmacist or a BioMedical Researcher. I feel the saying "you get what you put in" and "you reap what you sow" are very true and I feel I need to give back to the Nation/World before I can take out of it. Such as myself becoming a surgeon in the Military or something like that. I just need some guidance for an unsure individual. I love to play computer games and I love computers. I built my own and one of my most favorite games is BattleField 2, so if anyone plays that LMK!!

My two favorite colors are Red and Green (IDK if that helps??)
I drive a VW.
I always want to be the best but have trouble capitalizing on that. Great plans but have trouble capitalizing on that also.