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    Default My best friend

    ... Who thinks he's INTp/ISTp

    I thought he was pretty interesting when I first noticed him in the library, talking to his friends about video games and animes. I wanted to contribute to the conversation, but we were unacquainted, so I kept my mouth shut and pretended to focus on whatever book I was holding. A year of observation passed before I was finally presented with an opportunity to approach him. After an awkward introduction, we hit it off with surprising ease, since we shared the same interests. Even so, I was still hesitant to approach him, so it was a good thing that he invited me to tag along every once in a while. As I interacted more with him, I found myself being able to talk to him about "everything and nothing".

    We became closer after I left the country for a few months, during which we communicated through email. I'd write him comparisons of the countries, as well as ridiculously opinionated essays on my previously cynical beliefs about love. At the time, I often feared and expected the early death of my relationships, so I'd also talk to him about trust. He's the only one to whom I talk about such matters, since he's never shunned them. After I got back, we started to spend more time around each other, so I felt less reluctant to approach him -- so much so that I'd keep myself from seeking him out because I was becoming too dependent on his presence. But I learned a lot about friendship because of him. I was often alone as a child, so I came to view friendship and laughter as superficial as I observed people (with much jealousy and loneliness, I must admit). After directly experiencing them for myself, I discovered the significance of the invisible bonds that I had failed to see from afar. Furthermore, my social circle widened as he introduce me to his friends, who warmed up to me once they saw that I wasn't as unfriendly as I looked

    He changes his mobile periodically, often asking me for my opinion just before he makes his purchase -- let it be by asking me to read reviews or by dragging me to mobile outlets. Apart from window-shopping together, we also wasted oodles of money playing Dance Dance Revolution. He is a bit judgmental at times, though; he once called a group of people "idiots" for playing video games instead of reading, and criticized a guy who was:

    1. "uneducated and stupid -- didn't graduate from high school"
    2. "a lazy bum who needs to get a job"
    3. "a parasite who lives on the welfare of others"
    4. "unhygienic"

    But he's never been critical of me. Sometimes I wonder if there's something wrong with his vision because he says "Aww, cute!" to the same things that my ESFj mother -- yes, she's ESFj -- finds offensive and atrocious. And he's only chided me once for treating someone like a servant.

    One thing we have in common is that we both feel "mentally dominated" when an ENFp friend of ours asks questions regarding Logic, or gives blunt criticism for grammatical incorrectness. We get along with her on the surface, but it's something that we find annoying. As such, I tend to add when I'm correcting him.

    Excerpt from his blog:
    Well, Esther was asking about whether or not I would update my blog soon, and yes, seeing as I have a bit of spare time, I thought I would.

    First of all, I must inform everyone, I found Misa's Album!!! It was the best day of my life. Well, sort of. I was rather overjoyed =D It has so many good songs. I love Misa. *luffles* I also have recently gotten into music by 이정현 (Lee Jung Hyon). I downloaded all of her albums. She does like Traditional Korean music with techno. A very interesting genre, I must say, and, I quite like it. Although, I still like Misa more =D Hehe. It actually came with the DVD ISO as well, which I thought was preeeeeetty cool, indeed. My music collection is ever expanding.

    Since my last entry, I have been on the Accutane for quite a while, and I must say, it is a seriously strong medication, with a list of side-effects as long as my arm, and let me tell you, I have a long arm. However, in the early stages, I had an allergic reaction. I had like, hives all over my body. It was quite itchy, and I discontinued taking it for a few days until it went away, and then I started again. No reaction, but, I think my body is building up a resistance against it, so I知 having to increase the dosage, which is going to make me feel like total crap, 'cause I知 also currently sick with an unknown virus, I suspect. I will find out tomorrow if it's treatable. The Accutane leaves me feeling sore and with a headache. It's a pretty bad feeling, but if it's going to help eliminate the acne, I値l make sacrifices. I have so many afflictions currently, though. Rather irritating.

    School is going pseudo-well. I have assignments currently piling up, and I知 getting worried. I really need to start doing something about them, but in my current ill state, I really don't have the motivation at all to do them. I have a Legal Studies assignment that is rather large, and we've been given the design brief for I.T.S, which is pretty worrying. I think I致e discovered that I really shouldn't have chosen I.T.S, as it's very creativity-based, and I知 not at all oriented that way, so I don't think I知 going to do very well on this one. I also feel that our assignment for English is imminent, which is an Epistolary Narrative. *gag* we did one last year, that wasn't too difficult, but this one is so much more...advanced, obviously. Stupid School. Stresses me out. Combined with work, it doesn't make a very good situation to be in, but at least when my availability goes through, it won't be so bad. I went home early from work tonight 'cause of my being sick. My voice is so nasally, ish terrible, and I was laughing too much, and I知 losing my voice now. *tear* I suppose no one will have to put up with my rambling if I do lose my voice, though .

    I must also inform everyone of my purchase of a Creative ZEN Vision:M. Search it on Google!! It's sooooo, like, ultra-technology. It can do all sorts of things, like, play XviD movies, as well as DivX 4 + 5, WMV, MPEG2 + 1, and other formats (I think Esther will envy me . I'm also waiting for my video cable to be shipped in, so then I can play all my movies on the TV. Hehehehe...that means lots of Anime!! ^^v Fun, fun. It's 30 GB, which is pretty good, but, it cost me $468, yes, this is a very large amount of money, but I wasn't going to go and buy something that will go out of date quickly, and I壇 had my eye on the ZEN Vision:M for quite a while, as I壇 seen it on some sites, so, I just bought it. Very impulsive, indeed. Not like me at all. I do enjoy spending money, though. I think I will go clothes shopping either tomorrow, or Sunday. One of the two. I really need to expand my wardrobe. If I went to an American School, I would have a very large wardrobe...but noooooo. Stupid Australian schooling system. I quite dislike it. But, I have to put up with it for now.

    Hmm. I did the school open day last Saturday! It was much fun. H and I did the Japanese section, with M and R. Of course Ms J had to put up a sign saying "Have you name written in Japanese!" so; I spent most of the time writing out names in Katakana on Hachimaki bands (the things they wear around their head during festivals). It was quite tiring, and attempting to write obscure Arabic names into Japanese was pretty difficult. But, there was some exciting things that did happen. This American lady with her family came in, and she could speak Japanese like, fluently, and her and her family had just come over from Osaka, so I thought that was really cool. Ms J had a chat with her for quite a long time. Interesting to see how many people from different countries actually live in Japan. We cooked Yakitori, which is where Hana was most of the time. Slaving over the ovens, . Poor thing. It was yummy though. We ended up feeding our faces on most of what was left over. None of the other stalls cooked anything; therefore, we were the best there. Seriouslyyyy, Ms J put so much effort into it!! I got to wear a Yukata as well; I thought I was preeeeeeeeetty cool. *coolface* I mean, I looked so Japanese with my Blonde hair and green eyes. Hana could have easily passed as a Jap girl. But, she still has that Korean-ness about her. Afterwards, I snuck up to GC with Mollu-nator*, and we went to the Coffee Club. We are the resident Coffee Connoisseurs of GC. I had a Mocha Frapp and Mollu-nator* had a Mango one. It was costly...but...when they brought it out, I almost had a fit. It was absolutely HUGE. For those who have eaten with me/watched me eat, know that I take forever to eat anything, and this took me such a long time. I felt as if I would never eat again. However, I did. I then was late for my bus, and seeing it was a weekend, you can only ever get to the City from GC, so I had to take the bus, and I had to walk up a huge hill, and then I had to go to work. It was awwwwful. I was really late for work. All those Hachimakis I made, (thanks to R & M), there were many people walking around with them tied around different places, so I felt satisfied that I was advertising Japanese. Too many students these days view Japanese as a subject that they just 'have' to do, and that they will drop ASAP. They should want to learn about its culture, its history. Not just Japan, other countries as well. M is really lacking motivation when it comes to Languages. *shakes fist*

    I think, that is enough. Esther wanted me to blog about my open day experience, which I have done ^^. No doubt she will say "I found __ mistakes", and I will correct them. GYAH. Why can't I produce English Essays this easily!!!! *shakes fists again in confusion*

    *Name has been changed.
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