im writing this at 1 am my time so im just gonna goof

Hi! I'm theascended5th, and I am 17 this year. (Mentally I'm still 12, so please bear with me.) You might have heard from me on PDB or Discord or reddit using the letter ■ and generally being funny/annoying/moralising/excessively yapping about everything.

I've been digging through the socionics community on and off since 13 y/o. It has more than likely deeply impacted my brain chemistry and I know barely anything about any other type theory now. (I miiiiight have an abandoned account on here with barely anything on it... and I miiiiight have totally forgot what username I'd used to sign up... and I'm worried because this forum miiiiight have a no alts policy. I'd literally only had the alias "theascended5th" like last year I probably don't even remember most of the names I went by )

It's incredibly funny because even having been in the socionics community since 13 i still do not have the confidence around my own theory knowledge to type people (even myself) with confidence, proclaim said typings publicly and engage in typewars with people. People who'd been in socio for like 2 weeks are already able to do that. Ehh ig not all people are programmed to do those things. Honestly if I can't, I don't even know how I can contribute to socionics at all. :')

I enjoy singing, composing music, and worldbuilding. I especially enjoy bringing inanimate/theoretical things to life with my very never-going-to-be-complete projects. One of my projects, which I lovingly call the "Socioniverse", and which some of you might have heard of in my rambles on those platforms, is built around a continent where socionics is common knowledge and is codified in their society as a common identity category with equal significance to race and gender. The main idea is that there are 4 quadral-nations on the continent, and these quadral nations have struggles and characters who grapple with forces outside of their control. I will never actually finish writing it (have been wanting to since 13) because i keep RETCONNING EVERYTHING BEYOND THAT MAIN IDEA AND A COUPLE IMPORTANT CHARACTER RELATED PLOT POINTS.

i dont even know how these kinds of forums work or the cultural atmosphere here so bear with me if i make any mistake.