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    Post Hi.

    You can call me paper, thatís fine.

    Some random things about me:

    • I was first introduced to typology in 2016óspecifically to 16p. My current interests are Socionics and Psychosophy.
    • Iím not sure about my Socionics type, but Iím partially sure Iím a FxVx in Psychosophy.
    • I am generally perceived as appearing calmer and more self-controlled than I actually am but thatís just because I often forget in which part of my brain the emotional expression module is installed.
    • I have no coherent thoughts and my opinion about anything may change 0.12984793874 second after that opinion is formed, so might as well not bother at all.
    • But I do like reading other peopleís thoughts and continuously deepening my knowledge about things that piqued my interest.

    I hope joining this community will give me directions of where to start, clear up the fog in my brain, and show me who I really am.

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    Hey, welcome! I can relate to a lot that you’ve written here. I hope you have an enriching time on this website!

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