Are there any ways you can improve your relationship with your conflictors? If so, what are the ways you can improve them?

I personally feel like differing values leads to different expectations and values in your conflictors which leads to dissatisfaction and rift in relationship. I think one way to try to mitigate this is by recognizing their values and expectations and try to come out of your expectations and comfort zone to have a talk on how you want things to be, to what extent things can be compromised in relationship with your conflictor. I also feel like trying to trying a different approach to your conflictor might help with a compromise with your attitude and values and also this the idea (believing that) that YOUR conflictors are important that needs to exist in this society because they contribute some important things to your society which helps in prevailing the society.

Mutual recognition of values is important like how I mentioned above.

What are some of your ideas you guys think that can help anyone benefit to achieve a better relationship with their conflictor?