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When/why did Gulenko become the God of Socionics, whose opinions dictate what's right or wrong? When much of what he has been doing lately is no good (eg. Model G, abandoning the two-subtype system, typing people incorrectly, giving too much importance to DCNH...)?
In socionics there is no big G but Gulenko (as,) haven't you heard? But mostly, it's because he's famous and people bandwagon with famous people regardless of how correct or incorrect their ideas are. Clearly what Gulenko has been doing is no good because you can call anyone you want an IEI-N if you started the conversation and they didn't, clearly a dominant type with more Se would start the conversation, even though people starting conversations on DCNH mostly just repel anyone who dislikes the undue emphasis on DCNH and that's NTR.