The point is things you don't like also have evolutionary benefits and they don't stop having those benefits just because little ol str8 suburban Dog of Danger dislikes them.

Obviously pedophilia/sex abuse still serves SOME function in the world- or Mother Nature would have completely wiped it out entirely already. I know that's what we would all like to do to pedos & rapists (and say things like that when we're trying to virtue signal) but again , the truth is higher than any of us.

I don't want to come across like I'm justifying pedophilia obviously, but I mean real intelligence has always been against morals like that and also not about following the Karen trends as well. It's not about being popular. Grabbing a pitchfork and saying you hate that type of people because of X is about being popular , or is sometimes a proper emotional reaction from people who were abused by a pedophile. Intelligence is being the guy or girl that ignores that, and does their own research to arrive at the conclusion even if the truth is gonna offend some ears.

Many of our research into gay animals was blocked because scientific experts kept projecting their own heterosexuality into it- it wasn't until recently they removed themselves from the equation and discovered the genetic links of homosexuality in the animal kingdom. Had to get over a lot of 'Ew yuck this is wrong' to study it accurately and without bias etc.

Arrogant people who think they are smart but aren't really smart- are quite dangerous (like Mama Ru taught us), so I guess at least your name is fitting.