Let's see if we can use socionics to help figure out who QAnon is! I'm betting it's someone close to Joshua Connor Moon and possibly something to do with David "Blood for the blood god" bin Myatt and O9A or a related group. If it's someone who isn't just completely a digital blank they can be found, and there's no chance they are a digital blank. I'd argue even if they were a digital blank hiding in a cave in Brazil with no birth certificate I could find them, it would just be a lot harder and amount to less.

After 18-Month Hiatus, New QAnon Posts Surface | ADL

Though this might be completely spurious, we already see a reference to "beginning the game" in the first post which reminds me of the Star Game of David Myatt. However, I think QAnon is almost certainly not him, just someone with similar aims to him, since when you look at all the terrorists, they are all getting their ideologies from these Satanic "blood for the blood god" types, which is also the kind of imagery you see on former 8chan owner and pedophile Joshua Moon's website KiwiFarms.