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    Default Wondering About My Type

    I posted this in the introduction section , but I think that this will be the correct category. I wanted to introduce myself and to ask for advices on typing. My name is Fanny . Iím a trans girl, and after experiencing different degrees of psychological shifts and revelantions in the past years , I was really wondering at this point what my type really is , and what my tendencies have to say about this .I think that after during this ongoing changing process many things feels a little imposed in my mind , like a superposition of attitudes, desires, and views.
    Recently I founded in the site some interesting set of question that can be useful for introducing myself , and if You found any north in regards to socionics typing I will gladly thank you so much .

    1. What kind of car do you drive, color, make, ,model, yearÖ kick ass stereo? I donít own a car, never learn how to drive .
    2. What's your hair color, hair style, eye color, skin tone etc..? Brown hair, curled, brown eyes, olive skin.
    3. Ethnicity? Latin
    4. Sexual orientation? (e.g. Lone Ranger, Giddy up cowboy, wham bam, thank you ma'am, all the above). A little confused in this regard. Mostly submissive , and passive , with wants for deep and intense energy in sexuality , a certain state of wildness and flux being dominated .
    5. Have you ever, been to church, black mass, a sporting event, a rave, Woodstock, head start class? Iíve been in church in my childhood , it leaved an estrange feeling on me , the rituality and sensory stimulus that accompany the ceremony . Iíve had some gruppie phase in relation to music, occasionally in raves , with some characterized state I enter in that contexts, like a decay in inhibition , being carried away dancing and engaging in excesses.
    6. Do you collect anything? Like what? (e.g. dolls, stamps, baseball cards, hand me down porn magsÖeeeew) I collected memories from little trips and day activities that I had with my grandfather, in certain point all of them disappear .
    7. Do you paint, write, draw, write your own music/lyrics, play an instrument, sing, dance? I have a sense of not been able to explore my qualities in art through life , like a latent state in this regard of my own qualities . I have some type of poetic quality in my being , writing in unordered ways poetry and journals . I like movement and itís relation to the energy states that I feel , some catalysis of moments . In this way I like some aspects of dancing and declaiming, without being able to put them to use in active ways .
    8. What are your sleep patterns (e.g. insomniac, dead to the world, early to bed, early to rise) I always lived at night from the point I left home . My cycles change gradually through the year but Iím mostly a night person , usually sleeping at day .
    9. What do you usually dream about? Nightmares? My dreams were always a very important part for trying to figure out what the world is, in general act like a continuation of day thoughts , mostly without narrative like a kind of reflective dreaming in which there is a continuation of mind patterns but also the possibility for seeing them in physical forms . For example a constant theme with labyrinths and hallways , patterns of nature , and elements intertwined . Like seeing some kind of flow of mind happening in different forms, they feel like eternity , and are very nightmarish in some ways. In my teen years I was mortuary afraid of sleeping suffering very vividly the moments previous to the start of this alternate perception , itís initial falling , the disappearance and the surge of mode of existence that felt so familiar and disimilar at the same time in relation to the conscious experience .
    10. What is your sexual style? (e.g. I put it on ya, give it to me baby, I'm super freaky). I always have problems for really expressing myself sexually , mostly I need to be in some way ravished or forcefully enter the situation in some ways , like being possessed by another person for then unleashing my inner desire . I lose control of myself in this way and in the past indulged in this .
    11. Who would your celebrity parents be? (e.g. Mother Teresa + James Dean =, Madonna + Lil Wayne =Ö choose as many as you like. Perhaps Medea and some type of nosferatu?
    12. Financial status? (e.g. my paper stacks so high when I look down on ya, all I see is the top of your head, skid row baby, now pass me that bottle, or anywhere in between.). Iím not very well for financially manage my life , but I have some willingness for going through difficulties and finding comfort , even without the support of figures In my life ,
    13. Any deep, dark secrets? I try to live in connection with the dark aspects of the mind , perhaps there is a continuos coming and going between wanting to retreat and cholerically advance . I needed freedom to be who I am , but at the same time there is a sense of dispersion always present . With time I managed to live with this too, but deep down I always feel an obliterated energy manifesting in different creative and destructive ways .
    14. If stranded on a desert island what three things would you need to survive? (e.g. my partner, my dog, my bible, my straightening iron, my vibrator) Perhaps itís a little corny , and surely I know that my survival skills in a practical ways are scarce , so I probably choose a partner , and that the decision of the other items rely on the better judgement of other person around this type of issues .
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    Beta NF. If not then Gamma SF but it would be quite weird

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